Beyonce’s Two New Singles Will Be…

Remember when The Dream told Billboard Magazine that dual first singles from Beyonce’s upcoming fifth album were ‘likely?’ Well, if rumors are to be believed, then ‘Twelve Roses’ and another single featuring Miguel titled ‘Rollercoaster,’ will be those singles.

As stated, this is all rumor and speculation, but with 2013 fast approaching, you knew it was only a matter of time before the goodies started leaking out.


#1 Twelve Roses
Furler, Hermansen, Eriksen, Beyonce

Pounding pop, mid-tempo ballad.

#2 Title (featuring male singer)
The Cataracs, The Stereotypes, Hit-Boy
Hollowell-Dhar, Singer-Vine, Beyonce

Electronic piece, features funky house breakdown.
PW’s writer noted it almost sounds like parody; well calculated, made with viral advertising and flash mobs in mind.

Y’all can thank me later, in few weeks.

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  1. I haven’t been excited for a Beyonce album since B’Day. I need a break from her. Like, a real break. Not those “I’m leaving for a year, but I’m making sure my name and face stays plastered on everything” breaks she’s been doing lately. I want her to be gone so long that I stop and say “Hey, whatever happened to Beyonce?!” Now THAT’S when I’ll be excited for her new material. *Sigh* I digress.

  2. ..and with this announcement, the sounds of a thousand, zillion thirsts have been quenched. go celebrate BeyHive 🙂

  3. All I Know is she better come with it…cause, I don’t want another I AM…SASHA FIERCE SHIT or That RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) PIECE OF SHIT

  4. YES! Cannot wait, the one w/Miguel I can just feel is going to be FIRE. PPL were saying on another site how Bey is just trying to work w/Sia NOW that Ri got the huge hit “Diamonds” however, it was mentioned WAY BEFORE anything came out about Ri’s Diamonds and that Ri had worked w/Sia it was reported Beyonce was already working w/her along w/Cataracs so that notion is a NO GO Either way I’m EXCITED

  5. I can’t wait to hear the new music. Im trying not to believe the rumors because their just that…rumors. But im excited to hear the song with Miguel.

  6. Its been kinda nice not seeing her … just sayin having the option to enter Bey’s World is good. Now she will be everywhere!

  7. not a fan, but i do like when she works with others so hoping that Miguel track is fire

  8. Yes!! I’m so ready for this! Beyonce does her best collabs with men, hence Love in This Club Pt.2, Until the End of Time Remix, So Amazing, The Closer I get to you>> All slayed!

  9. I dont know about this. I think fans going be a little disappointed. People say she going to slay but Rihanna album is terrible but she have a lot of mindless songs that will shit. Especially Pour It Up.. If she release that 2013 its a wrap..

  10. cant wait bey! rihanna is irrelevant, she is too busy running behind chrisB for sex!

  11. @ IDK, Because you don’t like ‘Unapologetic’ does not make it a terrible album. It’s a great album. I barely spent my money on Rihanna’s albums. @ OH YEAH!, Is that all you can come up with??? For someone to be irrelevant, they have to be at a point where noone care enough to bring up their name and know their whereabout and in this case you do, soooo……..

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