Beyonce’s Next Chapter

If you missed Beyoncé’s sit down interview with Oprah here is your chance to catch it. The 42 minute interview has hit the net and we have it for your viewing.

Check it out below.


  1. The only thing i really learned about this interview was that Oprah is a major stan. And i also like how Beyonce lights up when she talks about her daughter. I kind of wish this interview came after her documentary so that Beyonce could go into more detail with certain things. And because the interview was aired before her Doc. It seemed as if she didnt say much because she didnt want to spoil little details that were talked about in her documentary, Which was great by the way.

  2. I couldnt even watch the whole thing. She stuttered and hesitated so much. And it seemed like she was looking to the ceiling, the floor and all around the room for answers. Usually when ppl eyes dart around like that their lying. It was boring. Rihanna and jhuds were much more interesting and real.

  3. I definately agree with Sean. Oprah was really praising her to the point that it became annoying. Decent interview but I would not watch again.

  4. Loved it! Beyonce like many people sometimes feel nervous and people look around. what is wrong with that?

    Rihanna in her interview didnt look around as much and lied that she and Chris were not together because he has a girlfriend and she was actually SCREWING Karruche’s man.

    So just lay off of Beyonce and I think BLUE is sooo Cute, looks like both of them. Hope the haters were Finally happy to see Beyonce show herself pregnant in her 2nd and 3rd Trimester!

  5. Sean and Leyah I totally agree! Siren I was thinking the same thing about her body language and cutting the eyes and that it usually means that someone is lying. I am not a stan of no one but Rhianna and Jennifer Hudson definately presented better interviews by far. I think that’s why they are recieved better by people. Beyonce’s shyness and insecurity on opening up is something she is going to have to work on from within. It’s one thing to be private which I am but it’s another thing to have a hard time explaining and expressing yourself. What do you have to hide it can’t be that bad. Everyone is not out here to put you down. Some people just want to make that human connection!

  6. I am so sick of her! It is just too much now. What was the point of this when the movie came out the same weekend? She is never going to reveal but so much so this is all about stroking her ego. SMH.

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