Beyonce’s SNL Performance+ News & Photo Shoot

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

According to Variety Beyonce is set to perform live at this year’s 11th. Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center concert. The event will be taped at the Art Deco Plaza in the heart of Manhattan and broadcast live on December 3rd, via NBC. This year’s show will be hosted by weather anchor Al Roker and other artists set to perform include Faith Hill, The Jonas Brothers and Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange Knowles. The two will also pair up again at the 2008 American Music Awards. Solange is scheduled to be a presenter, while Beyonce will be taking to the stage. Other Brown Sistas set to perform include Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and this year’s Queen of the Charts, Rihanna.

And in other BK news, the singer performed on Saturday Night Live last night. Video of her performances can be seen on page 2 and page 3, while her new “JC” photo shoot can be seen below.


  1. That’s not even a real comment. You might as well have written “FIRST”.

  2. yeah the snl performance was really good..happy to see the wind effect back with that beautiful hair…makes the performance more dramatic and i love it :thumbsup:

  3. oh yeah since beyonce has been back in the US
    #1 song: if i were a boy
    #1 Video: Single ladies
    #6 video: if i were a boy
    #6 album: dangerously in love (how long ago was that released?)
    # 8 album: i am…sasha fierce (pre-sales alone)

    and all getting higher every day! :booty:

  4. T :lol2: he SL skit was hilarious! :lol2: Beyonce looked fab and sounded great too!

  5. The Single Ladies performance was much better. The skit with Justin Timberlake was hilarious!! I hope for her tour, for which there will be one, she changes up the routine for Single Ladies after a while that routine will be boring.

  6. torya i understand it does seem like the way that she performs single ladies can get boring quick…i wouldnt mind her using a head mic and dancing the he!l out of that song! but we know beyonce likes to hold that mic so i donno we will see! im just happy she got that wind going nice and hard! :thumbsup:

  7. #6 album: dangerously in love (how long ago was that released?)
    Mario the album is specially selling for 4.99 and if we take in account that it is beyonce best album ill run and get it my dang self!

    The photoshoot is weird

    The skit was funny I love justin timberlake

    Matthew is expectinga mili a day so good luck to her!

  8. @voice,

    mathew didn’t say a mili. he said 700k-a mili. that’s how much they are expecting to sell based off of presales order.

    bee is such a beautiful woman and she was great on snl last night. i’m glad that she’s showing people more of her personality :thumbsup:

  9. Well it’ s beyonce the queen the greatest the goddess she will sell a mili the first week

  10. Oooooohh! That skit was pretty funny πŸ˜† .
    I think she showed some personality there, especially at the end when she was dancin’ very silly- Bey’s a funny gal.

    These damn photos though…. what is she doing?? Giving birth to camera’s and adopting photographers?? DAMN. The pix are cute I must say.

  11. Beyonce will likely sell a load of records because everybody was too dumb to challenge her. She didn’t have the buzz she had when she released her other albums…still people knew she would come through like a storm with the truly unbelievable performances and any promotional tour they might have come up with wouldn’t have been able to compare…The thing is, I doubt she’d have been able to sell even a third of what she’s likely to sell if someone else had dropped an album. If Kanye had released his record in the same week, she’d have been over. But I think it will sell well because she’s basically by her lonesome this go-round. And, again, greeeeeat performance! I still think she’s way overrated…especially her music which I can’t even remember at the moment…that’s a sign, huh? My mind goes to bootylicious but that isn’t even her – her as in solo – song… Her music is shitty… but she’ll probably sell 500K or so…and good for her. She’s better than the alternatives for sure..and by alternatives I mean other vapid pop toys.

  12. You know what? I skimmed the topic and caught the debate over sales…I replied to that and after the page loading again, tried to read the thread in it’s entirety and I couldn’t. Which suggest to me that other people will be sooo tired of Beyonce by the time this thing comes out Tuesday. They hired so many popular blogs to promote her and the way they’re going about it…someone suggested they might be trying to sabotage her… it’s like having garbage and metal shards shoved down your throat…because, again, Beyonce’s music sucks sacks…I am a straight woman…it’s only so much gyrating you can do before the choreography is lost on me… I’m not buying Beyonce’s record, period. The last record I was interested in was Adele’s and Beyonce is NO, NO, NO, NO Adele.

  13. Majah…would you care to add anything else?

    I like Beyonce because she is a young talented brown sista. She has a great voice and amazing performance each and every time. No other contemporary artist matches her. She is on top. I will be buying her cd, ( bought Adele’s too!)

  14. Loved SNL skit and performances! She performed flawlessly(of course) and the skit was hilarious. :thumbsup:

  15. everyone one needs to listen to ‘thats why you’re beautiful’ by beyonce and really pay attention to the lyrics and how she sings them…do it 2 or 3 times and really get the feel of what she is say…BEAUTIFUL

  16. The “Boy” performance was a little skittish. Her voice was sounding tired and too low. She almost lost that doubled sided tape and gave us a wardrobe malfunction.

    The “Single Ladies” was the bomb biggity! Loved it, her look, her voice and the dancing was CRAZY FRESH!!!

    The SKIT was ALL Justin Timberlake – “the dancers” were so damn funny. I loved it!

  17. KSH, I know! I saw that tape situation! I got real nervous! I couldn’t even pay attention to Bee anymore cuz I was prayin for that tape! Girl, you can’t be gettin all wild like that if yo stuff aint secure. πŸ™‚

  18. @Tanya yes it was justin was the one that made it really funny. It look like she was reading from cards lol but other then that it was a good skit.

  19. @Lady
    Yes Justin was hilarious…but in a crazy way even though it was just a skit that was the most natural I have ever seen Beyonce act. I guess her acting lessons are paying off..maybe? I guess her movie that is set to come out in December will let us know.

  20. I love Justin on SNL, especially his “gift” in a box song πŸ˜† ! I wish I’d seen this though, it looks really funny.

  21. @Tanya yes if u go see the movie let me know lol. But i see there other great actor and actress in the movie so i might go see it. I love me some Columbus Short lol. But i wait until i hear about it before i spend my hard earning money.

  22. Another great performance by Beyonce! She truly owns the stage! The SNL skit was tooo funny!

  23. While Justin Timberlake is a total douche, his grizzly-bear, Sasha-induced antics were PURE HILARITY.

    I love ‘that’ part about him; he isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself and I as a sometimes fan am not afraid to LAUGH AT HIM.


    Very cute skit. The performances I passed on. The Beyonce-World-Domination-Via-Internet-Blogs-and-Popular-Television-Shows is taking over. :brownsista:

  24. @Maja I understand where you’ re coming from
    I love music , Music as a whole i listen to legends like Patti labelle, to kids like Jonas Brothers (Love bug is so cute makes me feel 16 years old again) I listen to everything , I’ m the kind of person that need to listen to a song only once to determine if i like it or not, And trust me if a song have to grow on you , its not a good record to begin with, so you have to shove it down your throat until you love it, how many people hate “live your life” but find themselves fredoning the num numa part? You know? When i first heard if i was a boy I was probably the first person buying it on itunes and beyonce is not even my cup of tea musically but when you love music as a whole everyone has something that works for you, Ave maria is playing in my ipod too altought i think it is scandalous to incorporate such a classic religious saying, I tried to stop thinking too much [which is why she has so much fan when you stop thinking about the fundamentals rules of music you can start loving beyonce to death]and appreciate the song it was my second beyonce’ s records since Dangerously In love, My point is I listened to I am sasha fierce and it goes from good (iiwab,ave maria) to simple (broken hearted girl,) to unnecessary (sattelites) to plain old ridiculous (diva) But some people swears it is the best masterpiece ever so who are we to differ? Beside two music lovers?
    Did you say ADELE? loll nah no comparison possible, beyonce can be compared to people like britney spears and rihanna because she crushes both of them Lool but adele? :lol2: her fans don’ t even know who the hell adele is they are going to google her right about now and pretend they do but you already know Loool

    Lol the pictures look great , the skit was funny, good beyonce performance

  25. DAMN!this chick is truly the baddest singer out there! tell me who can perform like her! she is an icon and on her way to legendary status! haters will definately argue otherwise but who cares! i have my album already! comes out eariler in australia! its damn hot! her best effort yet! :bowdown:

  26. best performer currently! simply breath taking! i am so getting my copy of i am sasha! :thumbsup:

  27. this is my gurl! she tore that stage apart!i am loving all her new songs!i am excited !cant wait till tomorrow!

  28. @ Dark Sista….YES, Adele is AWESOME. And Yes, the stan-nation probably don’t even know who she is and how awesome she is, her songwriting, musicality and artistry.


  29. her performances always puts all other to shame! also haters have to agree she s always on fire on stage !happy the QUEEN IS BACK! :bowdown:

  30. i laughed so hard! props to bee and justin! they killed me! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  31. bey simply rocks! i got my cd and its awesome! among the best ballads today! radio is my shit! the beat is stuck in my head! :bowdown:

  32. i am feeling smash into you! her vocals soar in to your heart! simply amazing! watch out! QUEEN BEE IS TRULY BACK!

  33. @ Dark Sista

    I consider myself a part of Bey stan nation, but as stated above I also bought Adele’s cd. Once again, that is like comparing apples and orange. I appreciate the artistry of both ladies, and love the both. Once again as stated above, I like Bey because she’s vocally killing all of her competition and puts in a good performance each and every time. She sings well, dances her ass off, and gives a 110%. It’s one thing to constantly proclaim your disdain for Bey, but please don’t try to back it up with generalizations. :brownsista:

  34. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: She is truly the Queen at what she does, theres nobody else likeher. Shes in a league of her own. And I will be getting that Album!

  35. bee LOVES adele too. adele did an interview where she said she went to the bathroom and cried when jay told her that bee was a huge fan of hers. it was quite cute actually. oh and bee said it herself too. she had a Q&A and they asked her adele or estelle and she said it was hard but she chose adele cause she loves estelle but looooovvvvveeesss adele. her words not mine

  36. @majah, that’s your opinion. But she still can out perform and out sing who ever you throw up in her face. Though she’s not on that level just us crazy people on these sites. Their is another major group coming out at the same time. Beyonce has a great following so she will sale great…True artist with Talent do…She’s growing and it showed in the new CD she is giving to all on this one, country, rock, r&b, pop even some rap in here. Just cause some want her in the box dont mean she has to br or stay there.

    Beyonce did, SNL, AOL and TRL back to back but could you tell by her performace? No!

  37. beyonce did aol sessions!!! single ladies performance was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire. im in love

  38. all of them were fire but i love to see my baby in somethn tight and skimpy :bowdown:

  39. the AOL sessions were hot. don’t you guys think that IIWAB was her best performance yet? that rendition of me, myself and i & irreplaceable trumps all over the ones she did on tour and single ladies was FIERCE. the woman just keeps getting better and better with each performance

  40. Bored, you’re right. She did all of that back to back and that alone is amazing. That’s not to say there aren’t talent out there also and probably can’t do the same thing. But the thing, with Bey doing what she is doing, that sets a standard for others as performers. To work hard on their craft and get better and better. What’s wrong with that?

  41. Hands down, Beyonce is the best artist of her time :bowdown:

    GO GIRL :hifive:

    And it doesn’t hurt that she is a natural beauty with a banGING BOD!

  42. :hifive: Hi kanyade How are you?

    Lola: You do realize that “stan” is a negative word right? You do realize that a stan is a crazy obsess fan most likely to harm himself and others in the sole purpose to defend their idol? Want an advice? Don’ t consider yourself that sister and put the emphasis on it πŸ™‚ it’ s pitiful
    and you can’ t tell me what i can and cannot do for we all have our experiences and if most people i met that love beyonce are simple minded, empty and very very young either mentally or physiologically, then as ignorant as it is, unconsciously i will generalize one way or another , okay? and if you don’ t like me “constantly proclaiming my disdain”, next time you see my name on top of a post don’ t read me and don’ t address me i will not lose sleep over it as you can see i do not “stan” and i have all my mental capacity πŸ™‚ :brownsista:

  43. Yall had to say that adele cried for beyonce so either way it comes back down to the fact that everyone “cries” for her lmaooo yall funny as hell go buy 5 copies tomorow i heard everyone saying that yall better make that 1 million a week if not the “haters” won’ t let you hear the end of it!
    @ dark sista: I’ m sorry Mey but britney’ s new album is so hot once it drops it’ s going to be like beyoncerihanna who? It’ s a done deal britney is the ish and u know she black πŸ˜† blacker than them too πŸ™„ πŸ™ :noway: :lol2:

  44. @Majah what you said explains alot now. I liked this blog before because it wasn’t Beyonce everyday, but, now that you said they have paid of some popular blogs that explains why there are nine posts in a row of Beyonce. I do think it is going into over kill and will turn a lot of people off.

    These are hard times and people tend to like things that feeds the soul during hard times. People want to hear songs that will tell them it’s okay. I predict this cd will be #1 for one week and then will fall off the charts soon after that. The music scene is changing and she is not changing with it. She will always have her core fans, but, for the most part people will move on. That is just the music game. You are hot while you are hot and then when you are not you will move on.

  45. You are hot while you are hot and then when you are not you will move on. :iagree:

    Lol unless your name is alicia keys πŸ˜†

  46. @ Majah
    If she wants to set a record with sales in the first week then that will probably be all the time she has to do it because Kanye’s album comes out the following week on the 25th.

    The Billboard review of her album mentioned that the Sasha side didn’t break any new ground but provided radio-ready dance tracks. The other side they said was a much-welcomed stretch with the power ballads.

  47. @ Dark Sista

    Stan is as overused as hater. It is commonly used as a retort by disgruntled individuals against fans of an artist. The term is used loosely, as I’m sure no one is harming themselves or others up in here. You are right generalized statements exude ignorance. Judging from that run-on sentence, it was silly of me to expect more. Don’t worry, I won’t do it again. :brownsista:

  48. Beyonce is the best!!! She represent 80 millions last year :bowdown:

    @ dark sista i would hate to get in a fight with you your mean as hell πŸ™ was all of that necessary?
    I hate when people use their knowledge and intelligence to insult and put down others :thumbsdown: and yes i’ m a bey’ s stan and i’ m 19 not that young!but so what we still love her, and in our book she is still the sh@t if you don’ t like it then that’ s on you, tomorow i’ m getting 3 copies one for my car one for my house and one for my office and there is nothing no one can say about that

    @ Lola but please don’t try to back it up with generalizations.

    @koko =Hater :hater:

    @Voice britney is not hotter then bey :hater:

  49. @Bria I agree with you and I think this site is becoming the Beyonce Brown Sista and that suck. For example when Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Queen Latifah “all brown sistas” was all on Oprah we didnt see a blog for them but as soon as over kill Beyonce goes on her show there is a blog for her. Stephanie what’s up with that? I thought your site was all Brown Sista not Beyonce 24 7.

  50. Tanya has posted 3 or 4 times but is complaining about too much Beyonce.

  51. damn girls will hate! beyonce is a powerful and amazing performer!i got my album just now! i am rocking RADIO out! i am in love!

  52. beyonce was workin it out at AOL. i am speechless!flawless! i am soon to get my album! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  53. A DIVA IS A FEMALE VERSON OF A HUSTLER! love DIVA! thats my anthem n0w!

  54. she looked amazimg at aol with that cute tiny outfit! other singers now will have step up their game coz QUEEN BEE killed that performance! :bowdown:

  55. best singer in my opionion. no other artist can kill a performance live like that! plus i love the ballads of i am sasha!they are timeless! GO BEE :thumbsup:

  56. yes beyonce is an amazing performer, no doubt about that.

    For the :hater: s who will not be getting the album, who cares? U wont be missed!!!

    Single ladies is also available on itunes to day.

  57. :stop:

    yall need to back down this site is doing very well with post…beyonce is back and of course there will be alot of posts about her…its a blog site and whole always gets the most comments? beyonce…if you dont like it then dont ever comment maybe then there will be less comments and then she wont be the hot topic and then there wouldnt be as many post about her…its the blog site owner responsibility to post topics that will strick the majority’s interest if you notice when steph actually post something other than beyonce it gets what? 15 comments (other then select few and ex. righanna or someone like that)

    get over it people she is back and there is nothing you can do about it…its funny how at midnight im in walmart to get three albums (no they not all for me they are gifts for others) and there is about 6 other people all asking where they can find the beyonce album…im sure she will seell big she never flopps and probably never will :booty:

  58. @mario yes she back but with some kiddie music like come on. Her first album was the most mature album eva. Yes i will not knock her perform because yes she can tear up a show i seen her when was was with destiny child. My daugther was a big fan not any more my baby girl is 13. But i was dissappoint with her this time around.

  59. @Lola: Good πŸ™‚

    @Amelekia I was not talking to none of you children but to majah, and i was agreeing with her/him [Lool].
    It’s your right to agree or disagree with me,but If you take it upon yourself to answer to me and have the nerve to take cheap and barely slick shots at me, “constantly proclaim your disdain for beyonce So not only do you stalk me enough to know how much i do such and such but you have the balls to call me a hater , then don’ t cry your eyes out after you hear what i have to say, Because i sure take responsibilities for my words if you can’ t , don’ t!
    you all hear me ?

    Good Now if you don’ t like what Dark sista has to say, Ignore me,Like i have been ignoring some bloggers Trust it will only make my blogging hours and yours Nicer, I hate Having those confrontations with People especially online it’ s pitiful, and being pregnant, I’ m most likely to step on you and you don’ t want that πŸ™‚ and girl you’ re only buying 3 copies? You need 3 more, one for your ipod,one for your living room and one for the hell of it, The goal is a million the first week get to work ! :noway: 3 copies only? How lazy! :bag:

    Oh and Amelekia Nice name by the way

    MOva:I hope you’ re right πŸ™‚

    Mario : [im sure she will seell big she never flopps and probably never will]

    You’ re 100% Right!

  60. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: πŸ™„

    Now that the comedy of improper English is over:


    I said the exact same thing in another blog. Folks are quick to say they are tired of Bey, it’s overkill, but in reality they are the ones that keep it coming. Bey posts always get the most comments on every blog, so that is bringing in more $$$ for the bloggers. The ads provide revenue….more clicks equal more money. Simple.

  61. @Mario: I personally would post only one comment and keep on moving but you always touch some fans’ s nerves with what you say and that start some drama, i could say the same if you don’ t like what someone says about beyonce don’ t answer if they don’ t get any answer they won’ t post back and if they do they are psychos and its shame on them, but if you want to answer and go back and forth you can’ t say”if you don’ t like it don’ t post on it” cuz i’ m sure i cn find post where all r yall are criticizing πŸ˜†

    @Lola :Who has the improper english :lol2: i wanna see a e-cat fight πŸ™„
    and honestly bloggers are getting money whether we click on a beyonce post or not they’ re getting money just by us opening the page so that was irrelevant , but i agree with you on generalization like when people say those that don’t like beyonce are insecure, poor or some it’ s ridiculous and it is ignorant

    Nah seriously yall no one cant point th finger at nobody cuz we are all guilty of what we accuse othrs 1 way or another

  62. voice like i said…people complain that there are a million posts about beyonce in one week on a blog site and like i said the owner of the site will continue if it is a hot topic. you know who make it a hot topic…the people that complain about her or her music…if the beyonce fans that post here just said they liked something it wouldnt be a hot topic…but u will continue to see her name on blogs because all the people that have something to say about her or her music will keep her around…its your fault so dont complain about it

  63. People Beyonce is a brand a corporation in a sense so she didn’t personally take home $80 million her brand to home that money. And artisist always strech their earnings just a little. They tell Forbes what they make and they take it at their word. They probably do a little research just to make sure it’s not crazy. But she personally did not put $80 million in her bank account. It is still great money, but, after she paid everything and everyone and taxes she probably put about 20 million in her pocket. Which I would take in a heart beat. But let’s stop over exxagerrating when it comes to this woman. She with DC or by herself did not sell 15o million albums. Because if she did Mariah and Whitney would not still be the top 1 & 2 selling females of all time. Let’s get real people. Beyonce does her things but I think it is time to put things in perspective.

  64. I didn’t mean to be a catalyst for personal negativity here… It’s just my opinion. I comment on Beyonce from time to time..and it seems that you HAVE TO say so much because a simple “I don’t like it” won’t suffice. It’s essentially what celebrity is today, blind worship…Don’t mean to go too far into other things because it isn’t that serious…just explaining the sort of thing you consciously come against when you say something like “overrated” or “I’ll pass” (two things I’d say but for this really astonishing tendency most Beyonce fans have to demand explanations). Sooo, you find yourself going all around the world, trying to explain away possible attacks BEFORE they’re even levelled…it’s quite weird! And what is this topic about, again? Ahh, Beyonce’s SNL performance. I think she did an AMAZING job…the Single Ladies performance was HOT but, come on, the song’s utter rubbish. I can dance to a McDonald’s commercial (I can and have!) but that doesn’t mean it’s worth buying…So, I didn’t get the album today…

  65. Oh, somebody mentioned Adele is a huge Beyonce/DC fan. She is! She’s said so! She also obviously likes twinkies…that doesn’t mean she’d recommend eating them over salads, now does it? Adele’s the healthy salad to Beyonce’s saccarhine twinkie. πŸ™‚ Plus, the British tend to favor everyone – perhaps it’s because they honestly believe in concepts like “Queen” hahahah Kelly sells records there. And Kelis, Mya, Sisqo, Amerie…Not insulting them, just saying!

  66. Y’all she killed the performances on 106 & Park today! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: She has been on the money with these live performances! No one owns the stage like Beyonce!

  67. @ Bria :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: Why do you care????? Anyway, she was still the top earning female artist know matther how you add, subtract, multiply or divide it!

  68. @Dark sista: Elle parle de toi deh, peux etre qu’ elle vas poster en disant ton nom :lol2:
    @Mario whatever did you buy your ten copies?
    @Bria: Agreed
    @Majah: Agreed

  69. i beg t differ! i think this her most mature album to date! LADY IS JUST A HATER! this album shown her amazing vocals that has matured so much from b day! plus there more mature , powerful ballads! beyonce has proven again she is still at the top! i bought mine today! i am loving it! first album of bee i actually bought and i am impressed!

  70. :iagree: i agree! there songs that shown maturity in there! love her voice! among the best ever! plus she killed 106 and park!i am blown away! if iwere a boy is the best song of the year! watch out! i hear GRAMMY SEASON!

  71. killer album! i got mine! i was dissapointed with ushers, mariah carey but bee simply has hot tracks all in one cd! i see many tracks as singles! HALO is personal fav! :bowdown:

  72. people are critizing as if there are professional experts! i on other hand love her new album! sales will show next week too!I BOUGHT THE DELUXE EDITION!bee was clever to change her sound and take risks with cd! 4441: SINGLE LADIES JUST SHOT TO NUMDER 1 at itunes top 100 songs replacing if i were a boy to second position! haters peace out! GO BEE! :bowdown:

  73. @ Dark Sista — Oh :stop: ! Its funny that you’re attacking the kid like some playground bully but you’re the one ranting about maturity and common sense! Your English is terrible – pregnant or not, you know better! Voertsek (get away)from here if u dnt know how to address pple properly, sis man!

    Personally I LOVE Beyonce, not for her ; lyrical content but for everything else. She said it herself, she’s a PERFORMER and THAT SHE IS! She tops them all on that! Knowing that (that she is striving to be the best PERFORMER out there) how much sense does it make to compare her to people who are known for putting all their effort into their LYRICAL content.
    Seriously, are we going to start comparing her to JILL SCOTT now?!

  74. Lol @ Gugu
    ndegologo fa mamien {Don’ t jump into a strange water with both legs} Did you read Lola’ s post? Or did someone called you to the rescue and you jumped in here? I am In no way shape or form a So far she was the assailant ,once again people cannot handle anyone’ s opinion about their idols and they want to throw cheap insults , I was not talking to her to bully her in the first place and she made the choice to answer to me and to be rude at that , so don’ t call me anything, Sure i don’ t take my time to spell check or use proper grammar with people that don’ t deserve it but terrible? My feelings are very hurt especially coming from you i have known you for such a long time and now this? πŸ™ i’ m upset

    “Voertsek (get away)from here if u dnt know how to address pple properly”
    :lol2: The internet is a crazy place .

    @Voice: I wish she would, I wish she would even think about it, Je vais la chercher et la tabasser, Don’ t act like you don’t know me :lol2:

  75. @ Dark Sista Is expecting twins Again :
    voertsek? wat language is that which u speak?
    i know we use that in south africa and it means the same thing…

  76. @Gugu: Here on brownsista ppl dnt jump into fight that don’ t concern them, that’ s looking for trouble, and stephanie dnt like people that look for trouble i read the entire post be4 comenting and i know her fans feel like people have to lke her or at least like smthing about her Lola started it darksis said that she could bet beyonce fans didnt know adele all lola had to say was i know her bought er cd and you’ re wrong bt no she wnt on and on abt how dark sis is always talkn bout beyonce, nw she go call ppl to defend her? where u from we neva seen u in here?n u only posted here she the one that called you? or r u her? that’ s sad man if u cn call out someone get ready for them to strike back if u dnt wnt to fight or argue jst stfu,she lucky it wsn’ t me cuz i wuld have find a way to track her ass and ask her questions face to face, then slap her ass down looool JK JK :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    not but honestly if you dont wnt to be bullied or fcked up then dont dsrspct no one

    @Ds :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  77. @Darksista: πŸ™„ I’m not recuing anyone, neither am I attacking OR defending anyone. What I was referring to was your reply to the 19-yr old, not Lola.
    [QUOTE: My feelings are very hurt especially coming from you i have known you for such a long time and now this? i’ m upset] Are u being sarcastic.
    Also, your standard of English should not be determined by whether or not you’re trying to impress anyone –it reflects on YOU in the end. I don’t think my standard of English (or anything) should be changed just coz I’m spking to so-and-so. You know what tho? That’s just me, God gave us free will for a reason.

    @gayonce: Yeah, its the same word. My family is South African– I’m from Zimbabwe tho. I speak Ndebele (its the same as Zulu but I’m sure u already know that).

  78. @Gayonce: You have to ask Gugu for that i was quoting her,
    I personally speak,Lingala [Congo],French,Arabic dialect from lebanon,Agni, Baoule, Dioula, Kroumen and ebrie {Languages from the ivory coast},You’ re from south africa uh? Still live there?

    Lol :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: @ Gugu I didn’ t even finish reading your comment i stopped at the first sentence,Amelekia the “19 years old” whose real name is Melissa-Yao Is my “beyonce obsessed” COUSIN, My mother’ s younger brother’ s last daughter πŸ™‚ Ne te jette pas dans ce que tu ne connais pas :brownsista:
    again I repeat you are ” jumping in a strange water with both legs”. “Amelekia” Is actually my mother’ s name we’ re from Ivory coast :brownsista:

  79. @kee how im a hater because i said i did not like this album. Did you see me give her point as far as she a great performer. Please im not a bandwagon jumper if you get my dift. She did not do good on this album. Not mature for me wow. Im far from a hater i give prop when it due and this is not the one im giving. It funny how when u say one thing you do not like about a person it could be non famous person. Someone have to be a hater. Beyonce doing her thing period but this one project i do not like from her. If you go back and read what i wrote but u read what u want to read and call me a hater.

  80. Lady don’ t trip baby , Go to and Barnes and noble and read the review for the album,
    the fans are going to be upset until the sales comes out next week and they announced that “i am….” sold 950.000 Copies the first week, then whatever you say will just be “Your opinion” Don’ t get mad.

  81. @ Darksista: If that’s the case; my mistake then. I just found your manner of addressing the others rather disrespectful, and you wld’ve understood me better if u read the entire comment. No harm done I guess? Good to know ur African too tho.

  82. @dark sista thank when it come to that word im far from it. But like u said it is what it is.

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