Beyonce’s Tour Costumes… Up Close

A disgruntled fan, ticked off about the negative comments made about Beyonce’s choice of costumes for her tour, sent me these fabulous pics of several outfits she wears during her show. I will admit they look much better than the ones I posted here last week and I am actually loving the bejeweled leotard. It totally looks like something a Black Wonder Woman would wear… lol.

I don’t recall seeing any concert pics of Beyonce wearing this tangerine dress, but you have to admit, she is working it to death.

Several other costumes can be seen on pages 2, 3, 4 and 5.


  1. That leotard as you call it is absolutely hideous. I wasn’t sure until this very moment but now I know for sure that Tina designed these horrible costumes. Only the orange dress looks alright and I get the feeling that is couture.

  2. I think the clothes are meant to be over the top and very Las Vegas showgirl-ish. I think she is also channeling Tina Turner. It’s a concert, the clothes are suppose to grab your attention and be a little crazy. Cher is known for her crazy stage costumes. Bey will be remembered for hers too.

  3. Yes, they are supposed to be over the top and eye-catching, but they are so tacky. Personally, I don’t need this in a singer, music should stand on it’s on. That must be why fans rave about what a great “performer” she is. Maybe this is necessary.

    I can’t hate though, ugly costumes and all, the girl is getting paid!

  4. The leotard is ugly!

    The orange looks whorish!

    I like the last one.

  5. Where are the brown sistas in that pic with her and all those girls? She has 3 white girl and 3 “black” girls, but they looked mixed??? You telling me that it wasn’t brown or dark skinned sistas they tried out for here that couldn’t work and pop it like Beyonce can??? Leave it to Beyonce lol…first white girls were taking our men, know they are taking our positions as dancers on major tours! Next they’re weren’t be “light” skinned or “mixed” girls in the hip-hop videos, it will be white girls!! Especially since they are getting BUTT IMPLANTS NOW!

  6. I meant there won’t be light skinned, not they’re weren’t lol…its early!

  7. I think they look “WOW”. Yes very over the top is right! The pics are beautiful of Beyonce and of course the pics with the Dancers are like WOW! I’m in Aww and shock at the same time. But I like it. Love it. Go Bee!

  8. I think they’re okay to me, it’s just that I agree with one of the ladies here…how come there is no other brown or dark-skinned girl alongside her? πŸ™
    I think the costumes could’ve been better…but hey, I’m not the one designing them, right? 😐

  9. We all know how good Beyonce looks. In concert whether she was standing up there butt ass naked the girl is fierce on that stage. Yeah she has lights,costume changes and etc but that is why it’s called a concert. I don’t give a damn what you say that chick can sing and if you say she can’t you are lying to yourself. You go to her show and say she can’t sing you are a certified liar. I don’t give a damn what color her dancers are. Yall kill me with that dark skin girls get no love shit. If it was all dark sisters do light skin sisters have a right to get mad? Yall act like people can help they were born light or otherwise. Get you self esteem up and stop waiting to be validated by videos and magazines. You’re quick to holler about these things being degrading so why do you want to be chosen?

  10. ^^^^ ok? lol! were you the one that sent the pictures? lol! it’s not that serious!

    i don’t like anything except the orange freakum dress. but it’s a concert, the clothes supposed to be crazy looking. bee working it though!

  11. The leotard by itself doesn’t look good until you see her with the other girls in the picture on page 3. It is part of an ensemble and looks good together – not alone.

    Dang! That B, is one sexy lady! :bowdown:

  12. I take back the comment about not having brown/dark-skinned girls with her…just saw one of her videos, “Greenlight”

    …feeling salty, but please don’t rub it in janice πŸ™

  13. That glitter leotard is straight ugly. Yes Bey is good at what she does but her clothes ought to look better! Yuk!

  14. [quote comment=”11825″]^^^^ ok? lol! were you the one that sent the pictures? lol! it’s not that serious!

    i don’t like anything except the orange freakum dress. but it’s a concert, the clothes supposed to be crazy looking. bee working it though![/quote]
    trust i didn’t send the pictures. People always say it’s not that serious when they know what they are saying is some bullshit. Fall back!!!!!!

  15. Be-Ho will never make the money that Janet Jackson have. Janet Jackson is “REAL” “TALENT”.
    BE-HO, please stop coping / stealing other artist style and work. :iagree:

  16. Janice you must be light skinned or that comment wouldn’t have hit a nerve with you…I said that comment b/c I didn’t see any “sistas” in that pic that I could identify…I don’t care if they were light, brown, or dark skinned…as long as there were some “sistas” holding it down on that tour…I don’t know if those girls are red bones or mixed but I couldn’t tell…if they are light skinned “sistas”, cool, as long as they are representing for us black women. And my self and dottie just didn’t say “DARK SKINNED”, we said brown skinned as well…people sometimes we forget that we come in ALL colors, I would sometime like to see us ALL represented; not just the dark or just the light

    I made that comment about wanting to see “dark skinned” sistas and guess what? I’m not light or dark…I’m considered brown or caramel complexion lol

  17. I like the leotard and the orange dress myself. Beyonce and Janet are the only two people I would see in concert right now.

  18. Those guys are fine on the second pic. I forgot about Mary J she’s another I would go see. :koolaid:

  19. [quote comment=”11835″]I like the leotard and the orange dress myself. Beyonce and Janet are the only two people I would see in concert right now.[/quote]

    I agree! :hifive:

  20. Carmel my ass GTFOH. That comment shows just how jaded you are. :thumbsdown:

  21. OMG the dancer in pic number 5 looks gay (the guy). I betcha those dancers HATE their outfits πŸ˜†

  22. those outfits are all ugly. They look bland and too old for her.

  23. Those outfits are not ugly. They aren’t even that outrageous. Granted, the bathing suit thingy looks like something Mrs. Roper would have worn, but even it is passable. It was meant to be sexy and actually does look good in combination when seen with the other ladies. Some of you are just too harsh on this girl.

  24. LOLOLOL girl you funny…you know you need to have your own stand-up comedy special… :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  25. I’m not feeling the costumes but she has a beautiful body

  26. Sure, go find a post not about Beyonce and comment on it and in the future don’t comment on people you supposedly don’t want to talk about.

    The front page of this blog has stories about Janet Jackson, Ciara, Toccara, Tracey Edmunds, Ashanti and others. Yet you found the post about a person you don’t want to talk about and commented on it. Go figure πŸ™„

  27. Yall know chicks hating cause that girls body is banging. :lol2: Womem are so funny. I heard about this site at work and I told my buddies I was gonna go up here and see how bad chicks bash one another and what do you know when I seen the Beyonce post I went straight to it cause I knew there would be some bashing. I just want to let you women know whether Beyonce has on a brown paper bag at her concert me and all the brother were salivating. She’s sexy but not nasty. Who gives a damn about the damn rhinestones or some damn dancers, This chick is certified banger. :bowdown:

  28. OK the costumes look like a true Tina Knowles brain child. But it might look good under the lights. That one pic witht aht dancer is HORRIBLE. Both of them look fake. I don’t like that pic at all!

    But Dark sister your right her body is bangin!

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