Big Janet Jackson News Coming Soon

JANET (140x140)

Janet Jackson Reunites with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

Janet Jackson is poised to make her return to the music scene, courtesy of longtime producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Fans have been praying for this miracle, and it seems the music gods are finally smiling down upon those of us who have worshipped at the alter of Miss Jackson since her third album, Control, burst on the scene back in 1986, selling over 6 million copies and becoming the singer’s most successful album to date.

Earlier this week Jam sent out a tweet linking to an article on Buzzfeed about Janet’s enormous contribution to today’s music landscape. Along with that link were these words “In anticipation of some exciting @JanetJackson news, let’s refresh our memories on her greatness.”

Jimmy didn’t give any further details, but did continue to tweet links to some of Janet’s most amazing performances, including her 1987 Grammy performance which saw the duo join the future legend on stage.

I’ve posted the clip below. Note the beautiful Whitney Houston giving Janet a standing ovation at the end.

Good times. Good times. *Memories*


  1. Yes Janet I think its safe to say that we all have missed Janet. There is a void right now for R&B/Pop music that everybody loves. I cannot wait.

  2. Mrs Jackson is in the house! I am really happy for Janet can’t wait for her new album. It’s been a while since I heard some good music ????.

  3. THE QUEEN OF POP, Janet Jackson, isn’t no original anybody. Janet Jackson is JANET JACKSON!! LEGEND, ICON, INNOVATOR, INSPIRATION. 2nd only to Tina Turner as the greatest female performer ever. My opinion. No person has to be reminded of Janet Jackson’s greatness as an artist unless they are an utter fool. Unfortunately, there are nuff out there, hence Jimmy’s tweet. My opinion. I have all Janet’s albums, movies & dvd’s, including Janet Jackson and Dream Street (her 1st & 2nd albums).

    The disrespect Janet has been showed since 2003, makes my stomach turn. Not to throw Jermaine Dupri (not blaming him at all) under a bus, but he didn’t do the best job in directing or managing her career (damita jo, 20 y.o. and Discipline – decent albums. not her best, but decent, particularly damita jo). It surely didn’t help that her record label, visual media & print publications, award shows, treated Janet like a leper.

    Janet is pure class and grace, and many female performers since 1986 has taken, borrowed or stolen from Miss Jackson.

    I am excited and sincerely hope that Janet completely and utterly slays when she comes back out. I will support every single thing she releases regardless. LIKE MICHAEL, I LOVE JANET FOREVER!!!!!!!

  4. Since Janet’s Control Album she hasn’t had anything less than Gold I’d say she has nothing to worry about plus she married a Billionaire AND she MJ’s Little Sister, not step, not, half but full blown Jackson!

  5. This is great news, Janet’s catalog is one of the absolute best and one of my faves, a few hot singles and new choreography would indeed be so nice! Madonna did it with her MDNA,that era of music was just outstanding! I would love a Janet Jackson concert DVD too. So excited, can’t wait!!!


    Okay that’s all I have. I’m excited for her. She has nothing left to prove to anyone. Already a legend and an icon but I am interested to see what she does next…the dance routines, the visuals, the sound, all of it.

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  8. Love love love Miss Jackson!!! Can’t wait for this. Just saw MJ’s Immortal Cirque du Soleil show – feeling some kinda Jackson way lately!!!

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