Watch: ‘A Night with Tamar Braxton’


With her ‘Love and War’ CD slated to be released on February 12th, singer Tamar Braxton continues to promote its title track, this time at a Billboard Live event in Chicago, Illinois.

After a spectacular start at #1 on the iTunes chart, I am sad to say that the song appears to have completely dropped out of the top 200.

Despite this drastic turn of events, ‘Love and War’ is still one the best R&B songs of 2012 and will surely see an upswing in sales once the video is released.

Until then, check out Tamar’s spectacular performance over the weekend. Her ‘Tamartians’ really turned out in force to show their support.


  1. Tamar’s having a blast! It’s nice to see people singing along, especially to a slow jam…music has always been a big part of the black experience…music that soothes our souls…we must bring back RnB!

  2. So excited. Love Tamar’s music. Not her attitude so much. She’s gonna have to bring that down by a thousand.

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