Billboard Mag Honors Beyonce

Lady Gaga & Beyonce Attend Women In Music LuncheonBeyonce Attends The Women In Music Luncheon

Beyonce was honored yesterday by Billboard Magazine with their “Woman of the Year” Award at their annual Women in Music luncheon. The singer was accompanied to the event by her parents, Mathew and Tina Knowles, as well as her former DC band mate Michelle Williams. Beyonce was introduced at the luncheon by Billboard’s Editorial Director Bill Werde and accepted her award by saying “I am luckiest woman in the world.” Beyonce was later interviewed by Gale King and when asked about future plans or goals, said only that she still wanted to win an Oscar.


  1. Beyonce loos Great, Love the Wig, Hopefully she has gotten rid of that horrendus and Dusty Wig she be sporting.

    Beyonce i wish u would not say u want an oscar, i know u do, but simple people are gonna try to down ur dreams, at least u still have some, not like other artists u walk around showing their goodies and catwalking the night away. But Beyonce even said the next !0 years, 10 years PEOPLE!!!! not NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    But she looks greats, and only thing i have to say negative is that Thing on the Left right their, Gaga, girl…Booo Bye!!!

  2. It’s a good thing she’s pretty cause she’s pretty clueless that her a$$ can’t act now and never wil and that she ain’t never….ever… getting an oscar. Find another dream Beyonce and stop acting. You suck. Your fake. Wake up and keep it real.

  3. How did she get Woman of the year. The average woman don’t shake their a$$ that much. What happened to Alicia, Kelly, Ashanti-who donates to her community countless times. What has she done except be selfish and steal people’s music and style. Did she even graduate high school because her interviews say she didn’t. Next time pick a woman we can look up to and who does womanly things.

  4. LMAO @ “still wanted to win an Oscar.” You go girl.

    If you want an Oscar, work towards receiving one Bey. An oscar is one of the highest honors and rewards in the film industry. Practice, master your acting skills and keep Keep your eyes on the prize.
    Bey totally deserve this “Woman of the Year” Award.

  5. “It’s a good thing she’s pretty cause she’s pretty clueless that her a$$ can’t act now and never wil and that she ain’t never….ever… getting an oscar. Find another dream Beyonce and stop acting. You suck. Your fake. Wake up and keep it real.”

    So immature

    “You suck. Your fake”

    You can care less about her acting, and u gave ur self up with that statement right their. U just dont like Beyonce and u saying she cant act EVER. First i will say that Beyonce is not that best actress, but she is definitly not the worst. Come on, Be serious and stop being BIASED and have a real opinion. If u dont think she can act, Okay, but She Fack and She suck tells Me, in my opinion, u are just some Random HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!who tries to knock down Beyonce. But i bet if ur favorite singer was to start anda acting and its a HOT MESS, u wont say a word…GROW UP PEOPLE and have a bewutiful Satuday…Love Ya

  6. I love B, and accepted that she is good at singing and being a great entertainer on stage. But wining an Oscar is another story. You can not be talented in everything , just do what you can do best.

    I still think she can not take it seriously.

  7. Bla
    blah blah

    Ciara won last year LOL.

    Notice how stiff Boring Bey looks in that photo with Gaga LOL

    Boring Bey will never win an OScar. Hollywood has spoken!!!!!!

    WOman of the YEar means exactly what? Boring Bey will take any and every award she can get to stay relevant.

    I can’t think of ONE thing she has done from the heart to deserve the honor. Everything from singing for Obama to Helping Hands has been about business and notice she only spoke about Obama when it was time to promote Obsessed where she wasn’t even the star.

    She’s an opportunist who can’t outselll her fist cd. She’s lame and washed up!

  8. “She’s an opportunist who can’t outselll her fist cd. She’s lame and washed up!”

    Excuse her first album “Destinys Child”, sold 142,000, Beyonce sold that more on her 4th Week, What are u talking about. If u mean DIL, u neva Know, She is At 4,700,000, already after 10 months, Her album is doing wonderful.

    I just love the comments, so funny, yall make me smile with your delusional outbursts!!!!!

  9. Wow… I don’t know why I read the comments here. It amazes me how people of color don’t understand the magnitude of “our” celebrities being in the spotlight and being recognised. Even worse, you crabs don’t understand the damage of your negativity. Must be miserable to walk around with these hateful sentiments for someone you will never meet or achieve the same success level of.

  10. typing on little laptop, so ill make it short.

    Glad Bey was honored for all the hardwork she has done over the year. I’m not sure why Ciara won last year, but to each its own.
    She looked good, better than she has been lately with that tour wig.
    Good on you, Bee.

  11. I think he means DIL@ LMAO. And it don’t matter if she does, because sales are going down period. Don’t even get distracted by this, this is a great honor for Beyonce. It has been a great era for her and I am glad for all the success and accolades she’s getting.

  12. Her hair looks better here than it has in some time. Congrats on her award.

  13. too bad this accomplishment is now overshadowed by her father’s latest much for the perfect knowles

  14. Beyonce looks great!
    Beyonce isn’t the best actress BUT she did a great job in cadillac records and dreamgirls, dont judge her on just pink panther, austin powers, obsessed etc.
    And lol at the people that says she’s washed up. Tell me if I’m wrong but haven’t people been sayin she’s washed up and irrelavent since destiny fulfilled???

  15. Why not judge her on Pink Panther, Austin Powers and Obsessed? WHY NOT?

    Obsessed did very well; probably on verge of being a cult classic so folk will remember her for that role.

    Her comedy features she did okay in; not the best acting ever but the roles didn’t call for that.

    I thought she did okay in her more dramatic roles but it’s so obvious she’s trying for an Oscar. Just flow naturally and put in some acting work. She should do indie features with auteur directors and screenwriters. Maybe step back from the blockbuster and go more for a smaller audience, as she did with the Cadillac feature…….but wait, the studio expected Cadillac to do great, though it didn’t. Still, in the smaller roles she better work at the craft of acting. Or maybe go to theater school (again) and just do plays. Something to cultivate her ‘ability’. Or whatever.

  16. @ kanyade
    I didn’t say she shouldn’t be judged on those roles because she should, but just not those roles alone, sry if u didn’t understand that. But i agree the movies that dont show in theaters or select theaters are usually seem like the ones actors when major awards in. And I think she should do Tyler Perry’s new movie with oprah, kimberly elise etc. I think it would be healthy for her and challenge her because EVERY actor/artist etc. I dont care who it is, needs to be challenged on their craft. But some people just hear her name and acting in the same sentence and need i say it hate a simple “I dont like her acting” would do but it goes WAY beyond that. And you and I both know she’s not the worst in hollywood but she’s def. not the best. I believe it’s something she can do if she’s works hard enough just like the halle’s and denzel’s they didn’t when oscars their first couple of movies and honestly I dont think you should unless your performance if UNBELIEVABLE.

  17. Beyonce’s the best, she really deserves that award and I hope she gets an Oscar. Dream big, work hard and win big! GO BEE

    BTW She looks gorgeous as usual

  18. @Gigi
    Werent you the same poster talking about Rihanna looked good and was a fashion icon by looking naked?

  19. smh @ gigi.. wat a effin hater.. just cuz u never heard of bey donating doesnt mean she didnt.. beyonce has donated money plenty of time.. @ you know who.lmaoo i was thinkin the same thing.. i knew her comment was gonna be full of hate as soon as i saw her name.. wat a loser.. gigi, girl u are one of the biggest hater in the world.. ur just pissy cuz it wasnt rih that won that award.. well be mad all u want cuz that will nevr happen..AHAHAHAHAH LMAOO @ UR DUMBA**

  20. @ 17150918,

    I hear you. 🙂

    *random* Carbon Copy was the first time I saw Denzel Washington. *completely random* LOL I used to LOVE that movie! *adds to Netflix* LOL

  21. @kanyade, In regards to the “indie films; amateur directors” I LOVE that idea! I think that would ultimately prove if she has the chops: stripped from it’s gloss & more of a “normal” set of circumstances. Indie films rly showcase talent, so if she’s serious about acting, that should be the next step for her. If she goes down in flames, well, that’s that lol

  22. Peyton...... Alicia Keys "The Element of Freedom" out in stores December 1!!!!!

    Congrats to Bey Bey, and GaGa well deserved by both. I love Beyonce and think she is beyond awesome. If she says she wants an Oscar, so that is her dream, some of you are so pathetic.

    And she looks amazing in that pic from head to toe. And I love GaGa hair like that.

    Again congrats to Beyonce and GaGa 🙂

  23. SHe still on that Oscar fantasy give it up!! Tho, i must admit i just saw some of Cadillac Record and she was kinda good, but not Oscar worthy yet, and if she ain’t by now, she neva will. But i was fairly impressed by her cadillac performance

  24. I would LOVE to see beyonce winning an oscar. BUT… I don’t want to see half the world commiting suicide over it, that would be devasting.

  25. What is so great about an Oscar.(Insert sarcasm) I hope she wins one soon, then what will their be left to conquer?!

  26. Congratulations to Gaga and Bee. Both had a wonderful year. As for the Oscar, she can win one. She can have one for best original soundtrack. Don’t forget that most of the time she sings the songs that feaure in her movies. Hasn’t she been nominated for Listen? Actually I think she’ll have one. I don’t know why…Like we say “Never say never”. Besides, I don’t understand how she is washed up. Maybe in the Black media and I’m not surprised there are always articles about her for nothing but her popularity has really increased in this era, everybody loves her and the mainstream media has nothing but positive things to say about her.

  27. @12345-naw, there is too many black actresses that slay Beyonce that didn’t get an Oscar yet (clear throat) Angela Basset, poor Halle had 2b treated like dog sh-t by a white man 2 get hers and we all know she had OScar worthy performance b4 that okay movie, who else? What’s that girl name from BAby boy and she got oscar nomionated- tiara, t-sumthin. but u get the point.
    C;mon B fans she dominates the music world but that Oscar thing-don’t hold ur breath. You just can’t be the best at errrything.

  28. why should she give up her dream of winning an oscar? she may not be the best actress, but if it’s her dream, she should BELIEVE in herself to make it happen. the reality is that it may NEVER happen, but if it’s her goal, she shouldn’t give it up. do you tell a kid who is strugglin in school to give up school? no, you tell them to keep studying and eventually, they’ll get better. not everyone is good at everything, but if she’s passionate about the work and really works towards that goal, why should she passed over?

    i don’t think she should be passed up for an oscar if she does an oscar worthy role just b/c other vets in the game has not won one. if that’s the case, new black actresses should not be winning an oscar anytime soon.

    congrats to her on the award. well deserved.

  29. Beyonce is really a beautiful girl who has really accomplished all that she has wanted in music so now she WANT TO CHALLENGE HERSELF AND MAY ONE DAY WIN AN OSCAR. what she is doing is showing and will prove to people that with hard work and dedication you can achieve your goals even when others doubt you.

    BTW, this girl donates so much money and spends quality time in hospitals for kids in the Make a Wish Foundation and her Survivor Foundation that it’s not funny. Anyone who believes Beyonce doesn’t give back is a fool.

    For those who don’t know why she is Billboard Woman of the Year let me help you out:

    4.7 million albums sold in 10 months, 6 top 40 hits from the SAME ALBUM NOT A RE-Released Album; VOTY MTV, BET and still counting; covered Vogue, sang for the President, Single Ladies is officially an ICONIC VIDEO with over 70 million views in less than a year and 93% sold out tour. Who else is messing with those stats? This is for a year, not her whole career btw.

  30. ok RU SERIOUS?
    alrite so it’s been a while huh?

    As I CLEARLY said in my above comment I totally agree there are better actresses ( in general) than beyonce that haven’t gotten oscars yet. Angela Basset is easily my favorite actress, to me she slays everyone, but she hasnt won one yet so that should make her want one that much more and work that much harder because she was nominated. That DOESN’T mean that it’s not meant to be just because you were that close and didn’t succeed. Like before destiny’s child was known as DC they lost star search, got dropped from records labels etc. but look at them know…superstars. so YES whoever hasn’t won an oscar and still wants one WORK and also acknowledge it because directors will hear you and maybe give you a chance and understand how hard you will work on THEIR movie to reach your goal.

  31. Can’t we just say congratulations to this young lady. Whether you agree if she deserves it or not to the people that made the decision she deserved it so let’s just say congrats.

  32. Even some of Hollywood’s great actors haven’t won an Oscar…ROFL

  33. @Nisha That’s because the greats probably do what they do because of their love and passion for the discipline of acting, not just to get an Oscar…they would do it even without the accolade of winning an Oscar, I’m sure.

  34. 1: Beyonce deserves this because she is very hardworking woman and a great entertainer, so what about her acting it’s still only the beginning she is talented, and has had a huge impact on music and pop culture in a positive way no matter what anyone says!

    2: Ciara won last year and she definately deserved it to, a hardworking entertainer/entrepeneur, dedicated, talented, a big impact on music….she revived contemp R&B and made it more mainstream…until she experimented with this new sound on FR!

    3. Hate it or love it when people look back in history on this award it will list Reba, Ciara & Beyonce as the first 3 women to recieve the award that is known for being based off talent, influence and impact in music, and hardwork! Give people credit when credit is due.

  35. @ NICOLE
    thats probably true but trust me 99% of actors would love to win major awards like an oscar just like music artist grammy’s etc. Like i said on another post oprah has been doing her show for over 20 years and could have been retired long ago, and yea I’m sure she really enjoys it 4rm the bottom of her heart but she also enjoys that 275 million every year dont let them fool you lol.

  36. she is still jealous of jennifer hudson winning. jennifer is one of the four black actress ever to win one. beyonce just wants one to say she has one.

  37. @ Mary
    I highly ddoubt she was jealous she was jealous when jennifer won you could tell when she hugged beyonce there was nothing but love there. And so what if she just wants one to…want it; it’s her goal in life and would make her feel like everything she’s worked hard for she’s finally succeeded.

  38. Like her singing but her acting is lukewarm at best. I think it’s okay to not have an Oscar. There is nothing wrong with music awards. I don’t care what anyone says – she can’t act her way out of a paperbag.

    She looks good though. Congrats!

  39. Beyonce does not do charity unless they are footing the bill for her concert/shows..

  40. ^^How do you know? This chick does plenty of charity work that many of you just don’t know about. She chooses not to talk about it because she wants to do it for the right reasons. And I can respect that.

  41. I agree with Nisha. All of the charity work that Beyonce endorses are charity organisations that pay for her concert bills. Even when she is endorsing L’Oreal and those fragrances, they sponsor her concerts. The only charity organisation that I can think of that doesn’t pay for her concerts is the Survivor charity organisation, but Kelly and Michelle and the rest of the Knowles are all part of that organisation.

  42. @ theComplex
    i couldn’t agree with you more, i really dont get some of the women on this blog 1 minute they are saying how we should emplower each other and the next we are bashing for rec an award.

  43. @12345- ok i can’t lie i don’t read all the comments b4hand just skim most times. Ok ok you are proving yourself more and more to be a Beyonce fan not Stan- lol

    @Mary- i don’t know about B being jealous of Jennifer, but i do get the feeling she wants one just to have one and not for the craft’s sake. Now, im not psychic but it just seems like an ego trip thing with her. She did say a comment after the Jhud thing that was funnystyle to me, but that’s another topic.
    Here are singers who crossed over and were obvious naturals on screen &played challenging parts-Aaliyah(that girl scared me in Queen of Damned) Queen latifah, sum1else- You can tell they are naturals and just use acting traing to fine tune the talent that is already there. Beyonce is gonna have to stop singing, shut errything down for awhile and focus is she wants it. Errytime she came out with a movie-there was an album around-NO, she isn’t nice like that on the big screen to juggle. That’s y i don’t think she is serious about acting, its just more spotlight.

  44. RUSerious, I actually think her doing the acting is more for recognition for what she does more production. That’s where I think Bey is going to make her mark. She has already produced the last two films she’s in and because she has star power, she has put herself in films.

    Secondly, anyone who uses Ivana Chubbuck(sp)as their acting coach is at least somewhat serious about their acting. She works hard at everything she does. Whether she has the talent, is up for discussion.

  45. (Insert sarcasm) Yeah, you’re right. She only does charity work when it benefits her.

    Beyonce Knowles has made a $4 million donation to the Phoenix House rehabilitation charity.

    Knowles visited the charity last year to research her role as Etta James (a Grammy Award winning singer who struggled through a life of addiction) in Cadillac Records, and was moved to tears after hearing the life stories of the reforming women there.

    Now Beyonce Knowles has gone the extra mile for the centre, really putting her money where her mouth is, donating her entire salary from the film to the Phoenix House charity.


    New York (PRWEB) June 30, 2009 — GEMS: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, the nation’s largest survivor-led organization serving American girls and young women who have experienced sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, is joining forces with Beyoncé Knowles, Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Sinead O’Connor, Mary J Blige, Katie Ford and women across America for its Girls Are Not for Sale ( campaign. Kicking off July 7th with the Netflix debut of the critically acclaimed Showtime documentary ‘Very Young Girls’, the campaign will use e-activism, live events, all-star artist collaborations and other initiatives to promote girls empowerment and education as critical tools in the fight against child traffickers and pimps who victimize between 100,000 and 300,000 American children and teens each year.

    “The girls of GEMS have emerged as powerful young leaders in this movement,” says Rachel Lloyd, Founder and Executive Director of GEMS. “They have successfully advocated for groundbreaking legislation to protect young victims in New York State, challenged misperceptions of survivors through ‘Very Young Girls’ and other media work, and every day, serve as peer support for girls who walk through GEMS’ doors. We are thrilled that they are gaining new allies in these smart and powerful women.”

    Grammy-winner Beyonce Knowles first learned about the girls of GEMS when she saw ‘Very Young Girls’ six months ago. “I don’t know how anyone could see that documentary and not want to help those young women,” says Knowles. “I didn’t want to just donate money, I wanted them to know that someone really cared about them. My time, my heart, my ears, and my voice are the biggest gifts I could think to give.”

    Shortly after seeing the film, Knowles asked to meet the girls personally. “I was scheduled to visit for two hours but I ended up staying five hours,” Knowles recalls. “I wanted to listen to every girl’s story and the stories were all so different. Some had been kidnapped, some lured by love and the promise of protection, some were 11 years old. I listened and I cried with the young ladies. I watched them dance. I heard them sing. I asked lots of questions. They were so open and so brave. They were very beautiful girls and very articulate.”

    Knowles pledged to help the girls reach a larger audience, and on July 24th, will host dozens of GEMS’ survivors at her concert at the IZOD Center in New Jersey. “I realized that they were no different than I am. If I grew up with some of the struggles and challenges they have had to deal with and live with every day, I could have possibly been them and vice versa. After hearing the shocking stories of what those young ladies have gone through, I want to use my voice to do what I can to bring awareness to this horrific sex trafficking that happens right here in America.”

    no I’m not a “stan” or whatever you call it beyonce is not perfect I dont see her as God or an angel I just see a very talented woman who works very hard and deserves all the success she’s been given.
    And the people that says beyonce only gets involved in organizations thats help out her tour are W-R-O-N-G.
    She gave her $4 million paycheck from cadillac records to drug addicts, she was inducted into the Miami’s Children Hall of Fame for her charity work, she builds housing for hurricane katrina victims should I go on????

  47. oh yea RUSERIOUS aaliyah was truly a natural in acting esp. in Romeo must die if she was still here I believe she might have an oscar.

  48. Peyton...... Alicia Keys "The Element of Freedom" out in stores December 1!!!!!


  49. her interview was cute and I just love her. I also just seen Ego video that chick is bad!

  50. She can not act period. She a great entertainer. That all i have to say.

  51. I don’t find her acting to be as bas as alot of you make it out to be. I liked Obsessed, and to me, she was really believable in Cadillac Records. I’m not gonna to into what I thought about her acting in The Pink Panther and other movies(it made me laugh).

    As for her charity work, I’m pretty sure I never heard of The Last Wish foundation sponsoring her tour or the Recreation Center that they paid for for their church, or the Survivor foundation, or GEMS, or Phoenix House sponsoring her tours.

    And Beyonce, keep reaching towards your dreams. I know plenty of women your age and older that have settled for being charity cases even though they were and still are FULL of potential.

  52. Lboog

    What would be left to conquer? A 3rd grade reading and comprehension level.

  53. She will never win that award. She is overrated. I be glad when someone come knock her off. Like she did JLO.

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