Billboard Reveals More Of Beyonce’s Goodies

The Beyonce Experience is once again about to overwhelm Americans and most of all- urban blogs. News about the singer has been coming fast and furious these last few days, so much so I am having trouble just keeping up. No sooner than I post one story, one pic or one performance- several more soon drop out of no where. Such is the case with Billboard Magazine’s latest article about Beyonce which states she will not only be dropping a new album this year, but a deluxe edition of that album as well, with bonus tracks. Also on the agenda is a 2009 world tour, which is slated to start overseas in the spring and wrap up stateside sometime during the summer.

Fans however will not have to wait that long to see a live performance of Beyonce’s new music because the singer will perform one of her new singles on November 6th at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Also on the schedule is an AOL Music Session which will be streamed live online. Beyonce also revealed that she has shot the video for both of her singles, If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies.

Finally, what would a Beyonce post be without pics? The singer was spotted in Miami Beach yesterday getting her fun ‘n sun on. No doubt she is enjoying her free time before the madness of promoting her new album sets in.


  1. I am very happy that she has time to enjoy herself…that is always good for the mind, body, and soul….hope she takes good care of herself

  2. Beyonce looks so relaxed. She deserve some rest time she works really hard.

  3. :noway:
    didn’t this broad just come off a world tour? she’s going to kill her fans with overexposure, all this hype for lackluster material, but i’m not a stan so i wouldn’t know!!

  4. her world tour ended a year ago….tell me who in their right mind take more than a year off when they enjoy what they are doing? :bowdown:

  5. Umm there’s no such thing as overexposure or too much Beyonce when it comes to her stans…thats why they’re called STANS! lol :loser:

  6. Anywaayyys…Bey looks great and so rested. She has really worked hard and deserves all the success that has come her way. I love that caftan she’s wearing in the first pic; she is too chic and fabulous for her own good. Now let me leave before the arguments begin.

  7. But it seems to me that the main writer for this blog is actually a Beyonce fan. I just think that’s cool since most bloggers try to make fun of her every chance they get. But I just want to say keep up the good work with Brownsista; it’s one of the few good black blogs out there.

  8. Thank you honey21. But actually, I am not a Beyonce fan. Never have been- probably never will be. Many ppl think I am simply because I post about her nicely. But I post that way about all Black women on this site. What I really am is a just a sista who loves and supports my fellow sistas. You’ll never catch me downing a Black woman on this site or calling them out their name- that’s just not me. I realize that when I elevate Black women on this site I elevate myself and the way we are seen in the world. I wish more sistas, especially those who blog, knew that. Thank you for supporting the site. You’ll never come here and be let down. :thumbsup:

  9. She looks over worked and tired. She does not look like she can be twenty anything. They are just draining the life out of her and it shows. She is going to start doing things that are bad for her to keep her energy.

  10. Actually as a reader that comes here quit often, I can tell by your choice of wording in the articles that you don’t particularly care for Beyonce. Although you have never called her out her name, there are times where I see a little bias in your wording. I am a fan off successful black women also, which is why I love reading your site. I applaud your efforts to be supportive to everyone, but I must be honest and at times your dislike for Beyonce does show through.

    With that said, this is your site so you can say whatever you want. I still love your site so … Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Steph, keep doing you. As for Beyonce her reign is about to begin (again). Everybody get ready for the ride! 😆

  12. How is it overexposure when she has not released an album in 2 years and Beyonce spent most of last year touring Europe.

  13. Beyonce doesnt need any of our money. Matter fact, let’s see her give some away to the working folks!!!! I dont plan on giving her my $12.99. We are in a recession and there are families who WISH they could afford to vacation in Miami.

    Give me a break! :brownsista:

  14. @EI: Everyone does not have to be a big Beyonce fan. Maybe the person who owns this site does not care Beyonce’s music. It’s not personal she just may not be a fan. I am not a fan. It’s nothing personal I just don’t care for her. As a black woman I am proud of her accomplishments I just don’t care for her performance nor her music. Sometimes some of her fans really scare me and I understand why she has a ton of security around her. Everyone is not holding their breath until the release of her cd.

    So just get over it and stop accusing people of things. The person who owns this site has never said anything disrespectful to my knowledge about anyone. She is always saying nice things about people even when sometimes they don’t deserve it. So I think you owe them an apology.

  15. anyway, beyonce is actually being honored in miami tonight

    “The stars will shine at the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 2008 Diamond Ball & Private Concert to benefit children’s healthcare. The Guest of Honor is international recording artist Beyoncé Knowles who will be inducted into Miami Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Hall of Fame for all that she has done for children.”

    i wish people would open their eyes and do a little more research on her as a person because she seems to be a very sweet normal human being who does lots of good with her time and money. most blogs only mention her music,candids and what her hair looks like. thats partially why some ignorant people make her out as a monster because of the owners of some blog sites decide not to mention anything telling. i wnt name any inparticular. they never shine light on her good deeds. anyhow i proud of bey. im a man and proud to be a beyonce stan. ive been since i was n high school, had her posters all on my walls. peace

  16. Did anyone see J-Hud’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel? That girl is losing more weight and wearing miniskirts. I ain’t mad at her. I went to the gym after that. She was my inspiration. 🙂

  17. ITS FUNNY as much charity work she does no one ever talks about it. She does alot of charity work and im happy she does not make a big deal trying to show the world she cares. She does not need to brodcast it.

  18. Beyonce looks free faced and relaxed! Great that she’s having some down time with her fam. Can’t wait for this era to begin with the album, tour, and movies! I tell you, it’s great to be a fan!

    :lol2: @ folks who claim not to care for Beyonce, but comment on every post about her!

  19. Why is she swimming with sunglasses on? I bet she is wearing that big gaudy ring too. SMDH! Ghetto fab to the max.

  20. Maybe she doesnt need to broadcast to you, but she can stand to spread the news to her fans, on her kindness. IF she does so much, which I doubt.

  21. Talulazoeapple: i saw that don’ t she look good? i hope she doesn’t go tocarra on us, she’ ll look weird without all the weight! but she is looking good! Girl i do not hit the gym what so ever i take a walk around the park everyday and that’ s about it , if i set foot in the gym i might become unfaithful Lmao

  22. I think she looks fabulous in these pictures. Very Miami. I am a fan, but I believe she should lay low for a minute. I like to actually miss an artist and wonder where she’s been and anticipate new music. Not so with Beyonce. She stays on her grind morning, noon and night…and while I can’t possibly be mad at that, it would be nice to get a break. Remember, she has been in the public’s eye non-stop since Destiny’s Child (1997-ish). I was reading a magazine the other day and was bombarded with two Beyonce ads on the same page! So, even when she doesn’t have a hit on the radio, you can count on seeing her image on tv, magazines and even when you walk through the cosmetics dept. at Target (Loreal). It can most definitely be overkill sometimes.

  23. She looks like she’s having a good time. It’s nice to get some rest and relaxation. I wish her all the best.

  24. Well, hopefully those who need a break from Ms. Beyone will find something else to do to occupy their time, and let us fans enjoy this new era in peace! :brownsista:

  25. @hidaya,

    how can you doubt her charity work when it’s been posted that she is being honored for the work she has done over the years, especially for children? not only that, she owns the survivor foundation which is still providing shelters for the people displaced by katrina; that’s actually separate from the youth center that she has for youths in houston also. she also works with the make a wish foundation where she meets with little kids who are really sick. hell, there was just a report about her making three little kids happy last week because she met with them. lets not also forget about all the work that she and bono did and continue to do in africa. you don’t know because people would much rather argue over how fake her weave is, how much she yells or how they are tired of her. the problem is that her good deeds are not broadcasted like her getting in some type of controversy is broadcasted. i loved the statement she made in her biography and i’m paraphrasing, “i do a lot of charity work but i don’t really talk about them because i like to do them for the RIGHT reasons.”

    here’s the link to the story with the little boy and a pic of bee with the boy

  26. I want to be Beyonce in my next life, lol. This woman generates so much buzz it’s incredible.

    Personally I thin you can not like her music but still give her props. She’s talented, a smart businesswoman and is close to her family. Can’t really hate on her for anything, not even the lacefronts.


  27. @ Bria I do agree that she does not look like she is in her twenties, but I wouldn’t say she looks over worked etc. But that’s just my opinion. I would like to see the whole bathing suit/Bikini, its looks like its nice

  28. oh god ! chick jst needs to rest we love u bey but u definetly killing ur self coz it looks like this gonna 2006 all over again !! :stop:

  29. seems to be a very sweet normal human being …………….yeah who shakes her derrie in her “house of dead wrong” in front of her daddy and kick two girls out of the group and didn’t have the “guts” to come out on her own…come on now..she is a fraud and so is her man… :booty: :booty:

  30. @Voice

    You are crazy, “i Might become unfaithful”. I usually do the walk but in th early morning I prefer the safety of the gym. She did motivate me to go though. I just need to stay motivated.

  31. Its great that she’s coming back and “hopefully” with a new sound..and without the 50lb wig!

    I just hope she doesn’t overexpose herself like last time. Too much of a good thing can get boring REAL fast!

  32. :stop: how can you say its great that she comes back and then end it with a negative…god if you ready for her music just say that and leave it at that

  33. Talulazoeapple
    Girl all these fine men???? i evxercice my eyes more than my muscles lmao 😀

    the world is not disneyland!!! or pink or anything fairy people don’t HAVE TO SAY ANY POSITIF if they don’ t want you what is your problem? what’ s wrong with you? do you know what freedom of speech is or do i need to demonstrate? and you people only concentrate on only the negatif yet you wanna give lessons? we have to say nice things to beyonce even if we don’ t see the neccessity by fear of you people killing urself aint that enough? people don’ t have time to stroke your bellies and sing your song its the real world and people do judge even you DEAL WITH IT or get out of it
    got it?

  34. Bria, with all due respect I don’t think there was anything disrespectful about what I said. I was able to voice my opinion and remain nice and complimentary to the author of this site at the same time. I gave her props on the site and the fact that she is elevating black women ( which i love). All I was doing was responding to her post and what i felt. I’m not a hateful person, and I took the time to choose my words very carefully so that I would not offend.

  35. Did someone said they would love to be her in there next life time give me a damn break. When it comes to her people goes crazy. That all i have to say lol. That comment right there do not want me to comment on B no more lol.

  36. I think Beyonce is great- I really do, but I would like to see some new faces in the music industry.

    November is going to be a crazy month with all the music powerhouses competing for CD sales. Its gonna be interesting to see who brings in more sales between Beyonce, Brittney Spears, Ciara, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole and JHud. I know I left some people out. Who did I miss?

  37. In my opinion, Beyonce Knowles somehow thinks she is the second coming of Michael Jackson.

  38. Cool pics, just can’t wait for some new music by her to come out!

    BTW that Jaszime Sullivan is the TRUTH!

  39. @EI: I don’t think I said you were being disrespectful. But I do notice that these people they call stans tend to think that eveyone should feel the way they feel about Beyonce. I personally don’t see what all the fuss is about and that is just me. And as far as this charity thing goes Kelly should have been right there with her because it is both of their charity. She should have said I can’t accept this award with out Kelly. Because if I am not mistaken Kelly is the one that actually does all the work. I sure there are people anticipating her next album, but, I don’t think she will dominate this time because there are so many people coming out with new albums. Maybe she should have waited to next year. Because she has some serious competition coming out this time.

  40. Beyonce Knowles is nothing but a whole lot of hype. She will never be in the same league or should be mentioned in the same category as Michael Jackson or the “pop star” herself Mrs. Madonna. You guys claim she is the hottest chick in the game and the queen, but that is only according the black media web sites. If you look at the white bloggers and web sites, they dog her big time. The hottest chick in the game is about to fizzle.

  41. B is guarded to the point that it comes off as her being very cold. That being said, I think with the way that people try to tear her down, she has every reason to be guarded. She is a hell of a performer and most definitely on her way to being an icon. Up there with Madonna, Janet, Cher, Patti, Diana, Tina…all the greats. I think she’s working so hard now, because she wants to retire by the age of 30 and start a family of her own. I wish her the best with that.

  42. Bria you are full of BS
    You just spew ish out of your :booty: LOL
    “She should have said I can’t accept this award with out Kelly. Because if I am not mistaken Kelly is the one that actually does all the work.”
    Where is your source woman??? How do you know Kelly actually does all the charity work that B is receiving this award for??? You are actually claiming she does NO charity whatsoever. Has it ever cross your mind that they may have INDEPENDENT charity work IN ADDITION to the work they have together?
    Woman you should think about a career in comedy! Also, for someone who has no interest in B, you sure check her out every chance you get. I like it LOL.

  43. Beyonce is on the cover of the up and coming issue of Essence magazine looking incredibly fierce. The article snippet online is entitled: “Beyonce Knowles Uncut” but reading from the excerpts I see nothing new, nothing different just the same-o, same-o. However, she does address her relationship with Jay, her marriage rather, saying how ‘real’ it really is. And I believe her! 😆 They just ‘fit’ together.

    Anyhoo, related but unrelated. Thought I’d throw some more positivity into the melee and add some additional irons to the fire that is the Beyonce Takeover up and coming. 😆

    And no, for the record, soooo not a stan; only a fan 🙂 Peace :brownsista:

  44. Beyonce is very robotic sometimes its scary. I wish all of this would have been paced instead of shoved in our faces so quickly, I mean she is already touring in about 5 months and releasing two songs on the same day followed by videos releasing back to back. I dont think Beyonce has to work so hard promoting, but it seems like she has to to stay relavant.
    I dont support people just because they are black….I use to really like Beyonce but along time ago when I heard her say on t.v. that she wrote “Emotions” I was floored because the Bee Gees wrote the song, and every since then she started saying she was writing songs when she wasnt, I got turned off to her image. I dont dislike Beyonce as a person because I dont know her as a person but I dislike “Sasha” her image.
    Also, Beyonce only gives money to charities not actually volunteer…..when was the last time we saw her giving time? and when she is not promoting something. Not to knock her but some people act like she is curing Cancer, HIV, or saving our economy. I dont really blame her its her fans who put her on this pedestal of her doing no wrong.

  45. Elle: she did brought some fo od to her church one time that’ s the only time i saw her do something besides being by jay-z’ s side when he does charity work but we did saw her at her church bringing some foods, its a big effort from her part considering she said that she couldn’t go to church anymore because she was too famous and people only took pictures of her and didn’t listen to the preacher so lets give her , her props .
    But you’ re right for the bee gees i actually have the song on my computer , but does it really matter who wrote it? If bey said she did then she did!

  46. @Dark Sista

    I do remember her giving out food with her pastor, but she was touring. I only brought this up because in other comments people was saying how charitable she is and I just wanted to know what has she done beside giving money.

  47. Yes, the Essence Mag cover is fierce! Can’t wait for the issue to come in the mail.

    FYI, Beyonce has done charity work with the Make A Wish Foundation that helps severely ill children. She has done charity work with the Save the Music Foundation which helps to keep music in our schools. She has done charity work for the Ronald McDonald House. She did charity work international for the World’s Children Aids Day.

  48. I didn’t know about her claiming to have written Emotions. But it wouldn’t surprise me because she said she wrote that Irreplaceable song. But, it turned out some other artist wrote it. Even if she co-wrote it, to say she wrote it is a misstatement. Things like that make me wonder what else is a falsehood coming out of this child’s mouth.

    Anyways, she looks feirce when she’s weaved and caked up w/ the makeup. But w/o, I’m sorry she’s just another regular pretty girl (nothing out of the ordinary).

    Sorry stans, I have to keep it real :lol2:

  49. but does it really matter who wrote it? If bey said she did then she did!

    sys who? 4 dlusional brownsistas grpies? how pleaz!

  50. so sick of beyoncess phony ass she aint all that to me her music is wack jazmine sullivan can sing way better than her i dont see no post on her beyonce is just a overworked fake concieted brad who just wants money thats it :booty:

  51. Popular greedy egotistical pop stars always drop deluxe albums

  52. Can’t stand Beyonce but I like some of her songs still which is why I’ll be downloading them for free

    @ Tinary

    Did you mean broad or brad? She might as well be called Brad as in Brad Pitt, another self-absorbed star who hides behind the facade of being an innocent humanitarian

  53. The hottest chicks in the game [in my opinion] are the ones who keep it real to themselves and their fans and are able to stay afloat at the same time. Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliott, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Madonna, Eve, Fantasia, Janet Jackson, Kelis, Jasmine Sullivan, Pink, Michelle Williams, & India Aire, Hill St. Soul, Ledisi, Monica, Amel Larrieux & Angie Stone

  54. Voice: says her groupies girl don’ t even start it with me before i kick you out of my dang house lool
    Goon: Limewire homie Lool
    Honey: :iagree:

  55. im so happy for bee! she deserves the vacay. :thumbsup:
    & i cannot wait for the tour to begin!!! her new singles are
    H O T T! :bowdown: :booty:

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