Black Barbie

Last year, Italian Vogue surprised the fashion world with it’s all Black issue. This year, they’re doing it again, only this time with Black Barbie playing the starring role.

Take a peek!


  1. the 1 in the silver dress is Diana Ross 2 me. 🙂 and the blonde one gives me Naomi Campbell. lol


  3. I hope they sell the magazine in the U.S. like they did last year. It was a frenzy to find them, but I got my copy!

  4. *shrugs* black is beautiful all the time. I’m gonna flip out about a once a year thing.

  5. do you know if this issue would be available for purchase in the states?

  6. Whatever, the Barbies don’t have natural hair. Barbie is STILL telling little Black girls that they are DEFICIENT because they are not born with straight hair.

    Straightening your hair is a personal choice: when you are an ADULT.

    CHILDREN must be shielded from these stupid ideas that straight hair is better, more professional, or prettier.

    As long as Black Barbie dolls have straight hair, I ain’t buying. God knows there are enough negative unwanted elements floating about in this world that I should use my own hands and my own money to start the brainwashing process on my child.

    God forbid.

  7. Mattel knows exactly what they are doing.

    Why is it that the Barbies they feature in these once-in-fifty-years fashion spreads have natural hair, but the Barbies that they put on the shelves that young Black girls look at every day have straight hair??

    Why can’t they put ONLY the natural haired Black Barbies on the shelves and bring out the straight-haired Black Barbies from the vault once every half century.

    I promise you if they did that this world would be a better place for Black girls by even that much.

  8. Rihanna will be featured in this addition, hence why she shaved her hair.

  9. I am a Barbie collector and there are some black Barbies with natural hair. Check out Byron Lars Collection. The problem is we as African American do not purchase these dolls. I have the Urban Hipster Barbie and a friend stated she was not attracted because she was too dark, but she is stunning to me. Also

  10. @MissSapphire: Oh, I’m aware that there are natural haired Barbies in the collections. I just wondered WHY they didn’t put the natural haired ones on the shelves.

    Thanks for giving me insight about some of the attitudes of African Americans towards these dolls with natural hair.

    I guess if the target market (African Americans) reject these dolls with natural hair then they can’t exactly stock them since they don’t seem to be selling.

    It’s a tragedy, that’s what it is.

    P.S. it looks like the rest of your comment was cut off.

  11. Straight hair, kinky hair, light skin, dark skin, & ALL shade in between. Does it really matter? The point of this post is to show that SOMEONE out there thinks what we ALREADY know, that Black IS beautiful. The magazine is featuring a spread of nothing but BLACK barbies, when have we ever seen that? Surely not in the states. Heck your lucky if you can even find a decent looking Black Barbie anywhere especially depending on what part of the country you are in. You can’t even get a American mag outside of Ebony, Essence, & Jet, to feature a majority of Black ppl let alone the dolls. NO it may not be EVERYTHING, but @ least it’s something. I have notice that Italian Vogue seems to luv the beauty of Black ppl, it’ s a very good look for a mag like Vogue( even if it is Italian) to promote our different hues & show our beauty.

  12. Yay for black barbie but still No no no we should NOT be grateful for a once a year issue. Once a year black issue thing should not be a big deal like I said not when black is beautiful all the time every year even if it’s not as what’s hot in in outside of magazines. At least it’s something sound so……sad to me. It doesn’t need to be everything either it should be a lot more FREQUENT. Then i’ll be impressed.

  13. @Ebz202

    It is what it is.. no you don’t have to do back flips( and not saying that I have either), but @ least ur being acknowledged. Yea it’s sad, but that’s the world we live in. No it’s not year round now, but whose to say it won’t be? I have seen quite a bit of threads on this site dealing w/ Italian Vogue & the times that it has been featured it has been a Black woman on the cover. I think some times we get caught up w/ wanting it all RIGHT then & there,but knowing the strife that we( Black ppl) went thru & STILL go thru it won’t happen over nite. Many years ago who ever thought we would have a Black pres, but here we are in 2009 w/ a Black Pres. You have to remember that we are STILL the main target of racism & so the climb will always be slow for most of us. YES we have always known that Black is beautiful, but OTHERS are just now seeing it & it will take them sometime to come full circle & shake their old habits of thinking when it comes to what is “beautiful”. ANY progress is success.Once you get that piece of success, you continue to think of ways to expand it until you have reached your goal. You have to see the light @ the end of the tunnel b/c if not you will drive yourself in sane

  14. It’s not that I don’t see the light but I don’t think a big deal should be made out if it really or that they get I dunno hyped up or whatever because ookkaaayy they’re doing this once a year thing now I mean they aren’t still really doing it much other than the black issue so part me is like so what at A black issue. I just don’t….feel moved…it’s like a black issue *shrugs* yay? lol Still…if they were doing it more often I’d feel grateful about BEING ACKNOWLEDGED by them. I DO NOT in any way want what i’m saying confused with the want or need of instant gratification….I know progress takes time but Italian Vogue can do MUCH BETTER no?

  15. Them AND other international AND American magazines other than some of the ones you already name. Dang we need that edit option back lol.

  16. @Ebz202

    Well honestly Italian Vogue IS doing better than most, like I said I have seen quite of few covers & spreads by them that show Black women in s tastefut light. And as I have said, no I don’t it’s something to do back flips over & I don’t think it should be hyped. But I have seen others on the tread nic picking about this & that is wrong w/ this issue. As for teh acknowledgement, well call me whateva LOL, but as a Black woman in a very racist world, I’ll take any positive acknowledegment about my hues & etc. B/c I know that if I stay on my grind, they will HAVE to give me more. I guess u can say I am not too proud to beg when it comes to stuff like that. Also I was making the point that I see that a lot of ppl on the tread wanna nick pick about all the lil things. I mean if they REALLY wanted to do us dirty & be racist, they could had ladies in a sambo outfit doing a jig LOL. So yea I am grateful, knowing what we have gone thru, ANY lil bit helps & like I said, keep pushing & we WILL get more =)

  17. ok excuse my typos I see there is a lot LOL. YES we need the “edit” button back

    I don’t THINK* it’s


  18. @Eb202

    Now that I think about it I wouldn’t call it “acknowledgdement” persay, but I suppose it would be showing the world that Black women are MORE than big booty girls on a video. No we don’t need their “acknowledgement” b/c we know who we are & what we stand for. But the fact that they are showing postive imagery of us out there in the world (YES we have mags that do that, but how often does anyone outside the Black community pick up a Essence? LOL)

  19. I’m not just talking about spreads though….. this supposed to be a big deal black issue has me like okay, the more I think about it hmmm it might be them making the big deal because I don’t see them doing this for anyone else that’s well another reason why I might have a gripe with this so far BLACK ISSUE. They hmmm eh might’ve gotten some props from me if they’d done this for others too. If they’d more of these all black issues i’d be like cool but it’s a year later since the first black issue. And it’s not like I don’t the positive light that bw get when we get it I dunno just feel like well took you long enough. Oh noooooo at a sambo outfit lol it’d be on i’d find the cheapest flight um to their HQ at start a protest.And some might be nitpicking but little things do add up.

  20. And another thing if they want to in the positive movement for showing the entire world out beauty and range in our hues and features they should be actively pointing out or making a call out to you know other international mags and to their U.S. counterpart about doing a black issue too….that can’t be asking for too much…I mean since this is Italian vogue’s 2nd time around. If they really want to help that is seeing as though they are positions to show the world what’s hot and beautiful and all that good stuff. I know if you want change be the change but other than pictures in an all-black issue once a year they can do a little more.

  21. @EbZ202

    EXACTLY.. that’s what I am sayin LOL. Lil things do add up. NO u may not have it all now, but 1 day u will. NO u don’t have to settle. It is ONLY right that we KEEP pushin for better. I understand that we may see things that we don’t like & etc, but REALLY y burned down a ATTEMPT(sp?) for something better LOL. Rome wasn’t built over nite. But YES that’s ALL I am saying. I agree w/ you, eventually I hope that the mag will KEEP pushin for better when it comes to how they showcase us. But I am NOT gonna shoot them down either as they TRY. That is all LOL.

  22. True, but whose to say that they haven’t made those calls to other mags & they turned the ideas down b/c THEY( the other mags) just don’t get it.

  23. *re-reading my posts* ….. do I give off the impression I’m putting them down or that they should be? -_o. Hmmmm I hope not.

  24. Meh it’s possible *nods* I’d like to think they were pretty influential though….being the Italian counterparts to our Vogue. Isn’t Vogue supposed to be a big deal in the fashion w/e lol world?

  25. @Ebz202

    ummmm well yea & then no LOL. But DEF not like SOME of the others.Which is y I am saying”shooting them down” b/c I got the feeling from the other commenters( I could be wrong & if so forgive me) that it HAD to be ALL or nothing. However I get the idea that u are somewhat perturbed by this. And not just w/ this mag, but the idea of what they have done in general.

    YES Vogue IS a big deal, but if I am correct I believe that the American Headquarters is @ the helm of the franchise.

  26. Well def not trying to shoot the black issue they did this year and last year down not at all and def tried not to make it look that way because again that’s not what I wanna do but given their position in the fashion world and world of beauty i’m like before anyone does back flips or makes it like one of the best things since sliced bread or freaks out again like when they did the first issue I just wanna SNAP my fingers and be like wait a minute it’s been a year since the last ok this is the 2nd one by them okkkayyy … it’s all that together. To an extent yeah I am perturbed but I also think………..nice. While i’m not hard to please i’m not really won over or impressed easily I guess. But yeah i’m like ok it’s just well they’ve been doing this black issue what about others beauties that are misrepresented in this world where though it’s not that white the euro standard is still what prevails? I guess I might not be as “whateva” if they did an asian issue, latin issue, arab issue so on.

    That makes me go what the hello even more then if Vogue is the big cheese. Italian Vogue already has an IN.

  27. Wasnt beyonce gracing Italian Vogue a couple of mnths back? the hair raising issue well Naomi, Tyra,Iman,Beyonce,Abena Ayivor,kelly rowland,etc all these women have one thing in common they wear weaves so dnt shoot the italian vogue its only representing the real nature of black women with an xpection of Alek Wek well she looks like a beautiful sculpture

  28. @ Blame It On Tha Rain …. Trueness (made up a word real quick). Yeah we don’t need any more King, or Black Men’s or w/e other mags show all that. And lol…. how many of us in the Black community DO pick up an Essence? I actually don’t see many people picking up any type of magazines when I shop or reading them if I take a metrobus or ride the subway.

  29. Yeah the Black Barbie thing is cute, that is unless you happen to be a Black fashion model. They aren’t going to have to pay Barbie and the Black models aren’t going to get paid either because the Black Barbies got the job.

    Instead of Italian Vogue doing these Black women models are separate but equal issues why don’t they require that some of the advertisements feature Black models. That would make a difference.

  30. Just seen the photos on and it was really nice. they have black barbies of all colors and hair type.

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