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Black Blondes While doing my daily search for pictures of beautiful Brown Sistas, I came across pics of several women of color that really stood out to me.The first pic was of a now flaxen haired Cassie and if you can believe it-an even blonder Beyonce.Yes Bey has been blonde for years, but the color, along with her complexion, seem to be getting lighter everyday.The next few pics I came across were of Tyra Banks and Fantasia- who just recently went blonde.All of these images of women of color bleached to within an inch of their lives reminded me of an article I wrote some years ago on my personal blog about why so many of us choose to abandon our natural locks for goldie locks.

Now I don’t begrudge a sista the right to experiment with her look, but when our experiments always seem to take us as far from “Blackness” as possible we have got to ask ourselves why and be truthful in our answers.

Now unlike what I did on my blog, I will not say why I believe so many women of color go blonde, but rather I ask the audience here to give me your opinions.Do you think artists such as Beyonce, Eve, Mary J. Blige, Fantasia, and Tyra go extreme blonde as just a random beauty choice or do you think their is more to their decision to pick up the peroxide than is being said?

I look forward to your comments…

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  1. Black women have always had to adhere to the beauty standards set by the larger society and in this country that larger society is White folks.Even Whites themselves fall into this trick.Most White women who head to Hollywood go blonde or lighter not darker.Note those women who go everywhere with Hugh Hefner, they are the blondest women you have ever seen and their hair is as poorly bleached as Tyra’s is.

  2. Everybody wants to be a blonde for the attention it attracts.In this society those with blonde hair are considered the pinnacle or beauty and naturally everyone goes for that look which is the most coveted.

    I won’t begin to accuse every single woman who bleaches her hair of tryin to be White but I will say that they are trying to attain a look that this White society dictates as being BEST.

  3. Debra, is it just the color of the hair you’re referring to or a combination of their hair being blonde, permed and is more than likely a weave/wig/extensions?

    What do you think about black women with blonde dreadlocks? Are they too taking us far from blackness?

  4. I do not believe Fantasia, Beyonce or any of the other sistahs want to be White or even look like White women? White beauty is grossly exaggerated.They are hardly the finest women walking the planet.They are simply the beneficiaries of a racist system that puts everything White and White looking above everything Black and Black looking.Yes blonde hair is the preferred hair color in this and most European countries and that is also why most women aspire to have this hair color but I think that is as far as it goes.I don’t think any person of color would choose to be White because looks wise I don’t think any of us truly believe they are superior to us.Not even they believe that.

  5. Women seem to always be in search of something and this applies to all women of all races.Look at the amount of money White women spend on trying to look 25 forever.Black women drop billions of dollars a year on their hair and Asians are flocking to plastic surgeons to get theie eyes “fixed”.Society in general keeps women in a perpetual state of “wanting”.I feel for those women and Black women in general who always want what they don’t have.Black women are taught to desire long straight flowing hair and this is why they buy it by the billions and making it blonde is just icing on the cake.We can buy any type of hair we want but we always go for silky straight because we know that fitting into the Europeanized standard of beauty will get us so much farther than being out Black selves ever will.Beyonce, Kim, Eve and Mary are all symbols of Black self hatred, not pride.I think if each one of them could be all out white they would.We know this is true of Kim because she ruined what was an other wise beautiful Black face to look like a Barbie doll only to end up looking like a disfigured monster.

  6. [quote post=”1518″]but when our experiments always seem to take us as far from “Blackness”[/quote]
    You said it all right there and that collage of images of Beyonce and Little Kim is sobering. :bag:

  7. I don’t know where black women are going with this. I went natural for 4 yrs but had to return to the perm b/c it was just easier. As for the Blonde locks, I don’t think women in hollywood realize that gradual change that takes over them. My personal opinion is that I don’t like the blonde hair, I think it is too barbie doll & fake. I know your hair does not determine your level of blackness but the commnents above are correct, they need to ask themselves WHY? I belive Beyonce’s contract with covergirl requires that she keep that color.

  8. Yes I agree with the above comments but not all black women dye their hair to achieve the blonde white girl look some just choose to go blonde because the like the color of feel they need a change

  9. Beyonce looks nice with blonde hair but I like her a little darker I think Christina Milian is a beautiful, beautiful woman that can wear blonde or black and still look just as beautiful. Cassie needs to hang it up she looks funny with blonde hair. But Mary J Blige started the ball rolling with blonde hair (besides Salt N Pepa of course) back in the early 90’s.

  10. Blond looks o.k. on some black women depending on their complexion. A liter complected women like Beyonce or Monica obviously looks better than Fantasia or Mary J. I would rather see black women wearing black or brown hair or highlights as oppose to blond. Blond is not a good look for darker skined women it looks bad and it sends a bad message to white america about black women’s image of beauty.

  11. White folks are definitely laughing.One need only hit up all those White blogs to see what is being said about Beyonce’s blonde wig in particular.I think Dlisted or some other site has a close up of Beyonce’s wig and the comments from those Whites is very telling when it comes to what they think of us in general but also what they think of people like Beyonce and other women who go out of their way to have straight blonde weaves or wigs as opposed to something similar to their own texture.


    There is a lot of drama going back and forth about skin color, who’s black, who’s keeping it real, who’s trying to be white, Beyonce is selling out trying to be white bla bla bla!
    This whole thing with skin color and the perception of black people being ugly jet black with big wide noses and big pink lips, nappy kinky hair was started by white people as a way to degrade and dehumanize blacks. Their whole veiw of the black image was grossly over exaggerated, labeling us as coons, porch monkeys bufoons etc. This put us in a very negative light. Unfortunately some of us still carry that bagage with us today due to white america’s brain washing.

    It is really horrible the way white america has destroyed the preception of black beauty. I totally disagree with the notion that only white people have thin noses, lips and high cheek bones (features considered to be beautiful). What ever white person started that bull ish needs to go visit Africa and some of these other brown countries and take a long hard look. There are a lot of African races that have small features and beautiful bone structure. Super modle Iman is drop dead gorgeous who happens to be from South Africa. What about Angela Bassett, Naomi Campbell, Gabriell Union, Nia Long and the many other beautiful gorgeous, chocolate women who are natural looking and who are not of biracial decent and who have not under gone plastic surgery to get their beautiful features. Why can’t we celebrate beautiful black women rather than comparing ourselves to white women so much.

    It’s so sad that as black people we have adopted white america’s standard of beauty as our own. We think bright skin, thinner noses, lips and blond hair are better and more beautiful. And the black men don’t make it any easier for sistas. Look at all of the rap videos all you see is biracial or latino women. Yea, that’s right black men have been poisened to. These are black men, dark skined brothas born and raised in the hood celebrating the white man’s perception of beauty as their own. Look how Puff Daddy took talentless Cassey and gave her a record deal, and we know why because it damn sure wasn’t about talent, while poor Jennifer Hudson is just now getting a record deal. This is why a lot of black women have a distorted image of their own blackness.

    The white man has really screwed us up.


  14. straight blonde hair is a white woman feature,these black woman wearing these long blonde weaves down to their butts are absolutely falling prey to the white is beautiful than any other race especially black mentality. celebrities like beyonce know that they will be more accepted and embraced by the mainstream if they look more european,why do you think beyonce has been wearing that blonde hair since basically the begining of her career and has not changed it yet even though she looks just as good with dark hair,and let’s not get started on lil kim because she’s so full of self hatred it’s just absolutely sad. the same way we accuse some whites of trying to be black when they sit out in the sun all day to achieve a golden tan,or inject their lips with collagen to get a fuller look,the same can be said about black women wearing straight blonde weaves and blue contacts(yes i’ve seen sistas with blue contacts,some really darkskinned at that) i do realize that some blacks can have natural blue eyes or dirty blonde hair, but that is rare.blonde hair and blue eyes are generally european features. lets start embracing our beauty that god gave us,instead of feeding into the mentality that europeans are just the most beautiful people in the world because it’s just another way of keeping white superiority alive.

  15. Yes, it is a historical fact that white people have brainwashed us, as well as the world, into thinking that we are ugly or less than, simply because we are black. Although we are all aware of this, we all (and I mean we all) help to perpetuate this belief in some way shape or form. From anyhting we may create, watch, hear, say, joke about, gossip about, criticize, write, read, buy or to the way we raise our children.

    We must start with ourselves and then instill that positive image onto both our sons and daughters. When black mothers and fathers instill a sense of black pride into their children, they help to create a buffer for all the negative criticism and other isms they will face at the hands of others.

    Whenever or however we alter our natural state, we are saying to the world I don’t like that part of me. Harsh, right. But if you really think about it, it’s true. And believe it or not our alterations effect the way our sons and daughters see themselves.

    Beyonce’s image doesn’t bother or intimidate me because I am truly in love with my brown skin and natural twists. I understand and love me. Lamenting on someone else’s looks, whether good or bad is not good for us or our children, either. It is truly a reflection of how we see ourselves. I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion, but if you are obsessed with someone else’s looks, then it’s time to reflect.

    So let’s start with ourselves. What are you doing to ensure that the black woman’s natural beauty or your own natural beauty, for that matter, is being preserved?

  16. well we were asked what we thought of celebs like beyonce,tyra’s blonde tresses so we are giving our opinions about it,and there is nothing wrong with that, no one is intimadated or bothered for that matter about beyonce’s image,she is the one making a fool out of herself trying to fit into the europeans standard of beauty so she can be accepted and stay on top.

  17. what are we doing to make sure the black woman’s beauty is preserved? i can’t speak for anyone else but making sure i never wear or put on a blonde weave is number one on my list,and teaching my daughter at the tender age of 3 that she is beautiful just the way she is so when she grows up she will not feel like she has to be anyone else but a beautiful black woman!

  18. You are right lovely,

    And that’s where it starts teaching our children about black self beauty and stop comparing and judging ourselves by white america’s standard. And we also need to teach our black men how to embrace and love their black women as well.

    A lot of these rappers and singers have the power to change the perception of black beauty in videos. We got fools like kanye west saying “if it wasn’t for biracial woman there would be no video girls!” If thats any indication as to how messed up things are. He’s suppose to be intelligent saying stupid ish like that. Then we got lil kim looking like a damn clown with grey contacts and a horrible ass plastic surgery job. She really looks a fool! That’s the very reason why I don’t do contacts or blond hair.

    When we have black stars who are suppose to be paving the way for our generation giving in to this bull that leaves little hope for the rest of us. They’re the ones who are setting the trend for this superficial crap. Just like the idiots on t.v. with all of that gold and platinum mess in their mouth, bodies tattoed up looking stupid for the whole world to see but at the same time setting a trend for the young kids to follow. If we can impact the world with rap and r & b music we can definitely make a positive change for ourselves.

    Change starts with us.

  19. I don’t know why people get so uptight when it comes to a topic that involves Beyonce. THIS POST asked for our thoughts like lovely said. My goodness ALL are entitled to an opinion.

  20. It’s not so much about Beyonce, for some reason when her name comes up all of these skin color issues and black issues start coming into play. Accuasations of hate and jealousy start flying.

    I think that there are still a lot of color barriers and race issues that we’re struggling with as black people.

  21. Yes, I can certainly see that. I think people (namely fans) are so hipnotized by her beauty, that they give her a pass and excuse everything. Including the black blonde issue.


  23. DES…. you know what is funny to me? People like you that give whites the power to think that they can and will always brainwash the black community into doing something!
    You thought that you actually helped with your opinion……. didn’t you?
    Go ahead and admit to them….that black people are weak minded and get influenced by whatever they say!
    We definitely have to start with ourselves like you pointed out… start by changing the way you think!
    I am a dark-skin girl from the Islands and it wasn’t till I came to the United States that I understood that I was black. I have been discriminated against but…. by who?……by African American women! I wasn’t black enough because I spoke spanish….I wasn’t black enough because I could relate more with my spanish friends than them! People were offended at my college that I was always surrounded by people that had the same upbringing as I had. Same Arroz con Pollo, same Celia Cruz, same Noche Buena! Didn’t matter! I was just not black enough to them! It didn’t matter to me and I didn’t feel like giving a explanation… was a culture shock but that was it! They couldn’t celebrate a diverse black woman!
    People of my color around the WORLD has always been concerned with light skin and dark skin! And yeah let’s point fingers on the whites again! Because it’s a “historical” fact they preffered the light skin slave over the dark skin slave……let’s over look the fact that those were his actual kids…..check your history sweetie! And stop lamenting over some past due issue… something about it….let it go!

  24. I don’t have a problem with black women wearing blond hair and I don’t feel that they’re trying to be white or they’re brainwashed or they have issues. I understand the culture of black women changing our hair and hair color. I feel that blond looks better on some more than others.
    Truth be known as black women we have to wear hair colors that complement our complexion. And yes, blond hair and loud colors does look horrible on some black women depending on their complection and how they wear it.

  25. YOUKNOWWHO, I am not sure I understand what you’re tring to say here? Maybe, you should take a writing course, along with a media history, european history and african history course, or shut the F up!

  26. Did we not learn anything when India.Arie said “I am not my hair!” I mean we as black women get so caught up in something so inconsequential as hair. W:brownsista:e practically define ourselves by what’s on our heads instead of what’s in our heads. Maybe that’s the real problem.:brownsista:

  27. [quote comment=”2787″]Everybody wants to be a blonde for the attention it attracts.In this society those with blonde hair are considered the pinnacle or beauty and naturally everyone goes for that look which is the most coveted.

    I won’t begin to accuse every single woman who bleaches her hair of tryin to be White but I will say that they are trying to attain a look that this White society dictates as being BEST.[/quote]

  28. In regards to the note above, that is just not true, I wear my hair blond and I certainly do not want to be white nor do I enjoy long hair or attention.(I detest it). James Brown said it best (I am black and I am proud). I wear blond, just because I like it and it seems to bring my personality out more, since I am generally a very quite person and a loner, it makes me appear more outgoing and pleasant than I really am.

  29. First of all, many ethnic cultures are influenced by the dominant beauty standards of America. (For more information read basic sociology or anything about relating to ethnic studies). Second, in regards to black culture.. black women love to change their hair styles frequently.. That is just who we are and it is apart of our culture!!! Whether it is braids, weaves, or dyeing it a different color. Why do black women accept braids and dreadlocks, but hate on the weave. Putting on a weave is a very complicated process and it takes skill and technique just like any other black hair style. It just so happens that the end result is in line with American beauty norms. Black women should embrace our creativity and Stop trying to label everyone who doesn’t have a ‘natural’ hairstyle as someone who wants to be white. And Beyonce’s natural hair color is not black it is light brown, so what if she lightens it up a little. HER HAIR COLOR DOES NOT MAKE HER ETHNICITY!!! So just stop with all the hate. For some of us wearing a weave just happens to be easier than frying it every day curling and flat ironing, etc, etc… damn. And not all of us can rock the natural styles, either. And depending on the person it just maybe a better looking style for them.

    I can’t stand all of the hate sistas put on other sistas.:loser: Just get over it. Whatever works for you doesn’t always work for someone else. I am so tired of people telling me what is ‘black’ and what is not. If I speak proper English then I’m trying to be white. If I have my own fashion sense that is unique then I’m trying to dress white. If I wear a weave I hate my hair. If I hang around people from different cultures then I hate black people. If date someone who is white then I hate all black men. If I pursue higher education then I think I am all that. Sigh. it never ends

  30. If you are interested in reading more about the ordeals of black women and their appearance in society check out this book called Shifting: the Double lives of Black Women in America by Charisse Jones and Kumea Shorter- Gooden, Ph.D.

  31. Personally, I will never go blonde. And while I can hardly argue (since I can’t possibly know for sure) that some blacks change their hair color for the sake of the attainment of a white standard, us black women are known for being drawn to diversity in physical looks. Tyra has had dark hair as much as she has had blonde. Jeez, it is just a hair color. Why is being blonde ascribed to only white people? Why can’t it just be considered as wanting a temporary different look instead of self hate? And, if I have locks, if I dye it red, am I self hating? But if I dye it blonde, I am somehow brainwashed. Conclusion? Sometimes it is ONLY about hair. I have natural hair but sometimes, I put some tracks in to achieve a different look. So, when my hair is worn natural, I love myself, but when I put in tracks, I all of a sudden don’t? Give me a break.

    No matter how blonde a black woman is, she still looks black as hell to me. It doesn’t change a thing.

  32. Oh, and one more thing (since I’m on a roll)… we have never HAD to adhere to the beauty standards of whites. I see more white women trying to achieve the beauty standards of us. How about that? I don’t see black women walking around trying to get their butts flatter, wanting to be rake thin, and desiring thinner lips. I don’t know many black women who aren’t proud of their full curves. But everyone wants to lament on black women trying to be white. Huh??? Then again, it’s only us black women who have the issues. *rolling my eyes*

  33. India Irie has a song out about not being her hair, her skin but the soul within. I really relate to what she says in this song, because we are too quick to judge each other for what we choose to do with our hair. She asks the question, “Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?” My answer, “Obviously not.”

    We are a creative people experimenting not only with textures but colors throughout our history. So, if the sister with the dreadlocks wants to go blond, then I say, “Do your thing and enjoy it!” No one can know what’s going on under your hair until they take the time to talk with you.

    Those who want to rag on Tyra, Mary J. and so on. Well my question is “What have you done to assist African American women in their personal development that exceeds what Tyra and Mary J do everyday through their music, funding of academic programs for children, and promotion and support of black businesses?

    If such behaviors by these women are examples of self-loathing, then clearly there is something that I don’t get.

    I wear my hair in a short natural, and I for one am going platinum. Not because I want to look white or believe blond is better. It’s because my mostly silver locks add 15 years to my age and a platinum color would blend in better than brown or black with the new growth. I’m only in my early 40’s and have men 60+ winking at me while those my age think I am my son’s grandmother. Please!

    If one wants to say I’m hating on myself and mine because I choose platinum, then they have no clue.

  34. The natural consciousness of black people is forced to relate to a reality defined by the cultural prerequisites of white people (insane environment). The consequence is disorientation, maladjustments, anti-self and alien-self which creates a perceptual and emotional distortion, engaging in behaviors which deny one’s African identity.

    Opposition or alienation from one’s self is characterized by an active rejection of themselves and their natural ethnic dispositions; a people’s thoughts and actions are characterized by an overwhelming identification with the dominant/oppressive alien social group. As long as black people respond to and accept white reality we will never be able to see, think, feel and act in a fashion that affirms and protects our being.

    -Dr. Wade Nobles

  35. Statistically and globally, there are more brunettes than blondes, but if you wanna go blonde, hey, go blonde. Regardless of your race, going blonde damages your hair. Just look at Hugh Heffner’s girlfriends. Can you say damaged hair and touch up?


  36. I have short, natural hair that is platinum. I love my hair! The only maintenance required is the dye and a trip to my barber every couple of weeks. Is my hair damaged? I’m sure- but I would also cut off the blonde and let it grow in with it’s natual color should I decide to change the style. I did it because I wanted to stand out- I’m an extrovert and I like my style to represent my personality.

  37. I remember Mary J. Blige saying that in order to be successful you had to be a blonde in this business. What ever happened to just being talented? I certainly do not think that being a blonde makes you more successful no matter what business you are in. It would be nice for these black woman to admit that being a blonde is their personal choice, not because someone said to them that being a blonde would make them more appealing to the public. To answer the response of what have we done to help Black women….just being yourself if the best thing that we can do to help all Black women. That in itself says it all.

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