Black Don’t Crack

With the days getting a little bit warmer and the sun shining a little bit brighter, I decided to go shopping for sun block. Holding my sun block while waiting on line, I was asked by an older black woman in front of me, “Why are you buying sun block?” I answered, “Because I don’t want skin cancer…” I was given a disapproving look and was told, “Black don’t crack honey!” Hearing that made me think back to all the times I have heard that saying. I realized that many of us aren’t aware that we are susceptible to sun damage, which leads to skin cancer. Yes, our skin is beautiful and yes, our skin ages beautifully… but wake up call….we are still susceptible to sun damage! Reports show that Melanoma (a form of skin cancer) is yes, common in white people, but its riskier to black people because it’s more likely to go undetected. Its goes undetected because of the misinformed but accepted, common knowledge in our culture that we aren’t affected by the sun. Varying types of melanoma affect different ethnicities; the main problem is that we don’t take preventative measures. I suggest using sun block with at least SPF 30. Many moisturizers already have sun block protection, which makes life a whole lot easier.

Good Luck


  1. Sista.. are we related or what..I posted this on my FB page yesterday.. Tami McLean, check it out.. LMBO.. Maybe I need to come and owrk for you..

  2. Just because you don’t burn doesn’t mean you can’t get skin cancer. I have dark skin and I have been wearing sunscreen since high school which is probably why my skin doesn’t show dramatic signs of aging. I think any exposure to the suns rays is an opportunity for damage to your skin. Sun exposure is partially responsible for breaking down the collagen in your skin which creates wrinkles and it is also an opportunity for melanoma. I use SPF 15. I was told that an SPF of 30+ is really best for the fairest of skin and that anything higher than 15 for darker skin will only offer another 1% to 5% protection from the sun. and We may have more melanin but that does not make you immune to skin cancer. Black may not crack, but I am going to make sure that mine doesn’t by taking some precaution and applying a little sunscreen everyday.

  3. People are ignorant and need to be better educated on things like this. I am glad you chose it for a topic.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. I wear it because I hate having a farmer’s tan…you know where your lower arm is one color and your upper arm the other? I wear the highest SPF I can find (afford). The older I get the more I’m concerned about my skin and not just for vain reasons. I want to keep this face sans crow’s feet and laugh lines for as long as possible LOL

    Great write-up; I’ve recently begun a new treatment for my face and it’s working out swimmingly and doesn’t cost me much at all. I love home remedies!

  5. fabulous post. I just wish more black folk would realize that our melanin does not make up ‘superheroes’ when it comes to the sun and harmful rays. *sigh* hell, i’m dark skinned and trust me, i’ve been sunburned to the point of later having hives. it’s not cute believe me and i was wearing sunscreen at the time! i was also in trinidad, playing mas in a costume that left damn near 90% of my skin exposed but that’s another story, lol. either way… it pays to protect your skin!

  6. @ TX89, Baking soda mixed with a little water to exfoliate my face. I found it on YouTube. I do that, wash with soap and rinse, then moisturize and so far I can tell a difference. It’s supposed to help if you have large pores (which I have in certain areas (cheeks)) It’s supposed to help with the shrinkage/appearance. I love it. My skin looks clearer and smoother even without foundation. I forget the lady’s name, but she was Korean and had a couple other videos on face care. There’s another Asian lady named “Michelle Phan” on YouTube who suggest using a toothbrush (one of those cheap rotating ones) in combination with a facial scrub to help exfoliate. Basically, a cheap peel LOL she used some other stuff with it, but the costs to perform all are relatively cheap if not dirt cheap. If you find her page on YouTube you should be able to find the other lady with the Baking Soda scrub thingy 🙂 Good luck!

  7. And do you have oily skin??

    I really need a good moisturizer and sunblock, or one with both for my Oily skin.


  8. I swear by Carol’s Daughter products- the Face Butter is perfect, cause its made with natural ingredients..
    Black definitely won’t crack if you moisturize daily with it! lol

  9. Yes, I hear that all the time. Just cause some blacks may age differently, doesnt mean you shouldn’t protect your skin. No one is immune to getting skin cancer, no matter how much melanin you have

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