Sometimes Words Are Not Necessary


  1. Wow thanks for putting this up :bowdown:

    They are such a beautiful family. I’m so proud of Obama and Michelle,when they won the election that night I just cried, it was beautiful and Michelle has got to be the best example of a supportive wife that I’ve ever seen. She’s the bomb. This is what Black America has to get back to, the institution of family because so many of us don’t have it. Wow, I’m so proud of them. I needed to see that, thanks.

  2. I love the 2:36 mark where he is dancing in slo-mo on the Ellen Show. Barack’s love of his wife and children makes him sexy. I want to see this couple- this family- as much as possible for the next 8 years :thumbsup:

  3. Does anyone know who’s singing the song playing in background of the video?

  4. That video was so BEAUTIFUL, just like the song title “Beautiful” by Musiq Soulchild.
    I love and respect the First Family and the video made my eyes teary.

  5. Wonderful, Beautiful, Inspiring video!!!!!!!! :brownsista:

    The Obamas are truly an inspiration. I love that picture of them hugging at Grant Park on Election night. That pic really touches me.
    They are truly the new face of the Black family and an inspiration for other races and genders as well!

  6. I love this video!!!
    So beautiful, touching and inspiring! I love the Obamas and I cant wait to meet and marry my Barack!!!!

  7. :iagree: and thank you so much for posting this about the Obamas. I just enjoy looking at an example of love and family. It is just good to see that although everyone is not perfect and no marriage and family is without it’s issues, it does look like love conquerors all. Thanks again for this post and video.

  8. What I just love is how Barack gives all the credit to Michelle… now THAT! is a real man for you. :thumbsup:

  9. i love them….i hope all the black men are aware of this and will draw inspiration,i love the way she respects michelle and everyone in general….and i as a black woman is inspired by michelle,she reflects a beautiful spirit and she is so gracious….we have someone to look up to and i am proud of being a black woman.

  10. Beautiful, it makes me cry.. I have never seen the way a black couple interacts like that. Hopefully. I will have that connection

  11. He is so sexy. But for real….. This is black love at it’s finest. To all the men and women who have every been hurt, don’t give up true love is out there….it may not always come in a Tiffany Box, but it’s there!!

  12. I love how when he’s watching her speech he is swirling his wedding band. The man truly loves this woman. This is what real love looks like. This is what real love can do. The Family is a very empowering entity. God be the Glory.

  13. What lucky girls to be reared in such a household and what a lucky country to be led by the Obamas. They are absolutely beautiful, inspirational, loving and devine!

  14. beautiful, i hope my husband and i can have a family as gorgeous as that

  15. This video is just beautiful. I have to get that single by Musiq now. What a beautifula and loving family. They are inspiring love already :bowdown:

  16. Wow….almost made me shed a tear! i love to see Black families in that way-showing affection and such…lol.Keep it up Barack! I wanna see it on the White House lawn in 2009!

  17. Black love is such a beautiful thing. It feels good to see images like this. We don’t see them enough.

  18. Liyah

    you are beautiful for sayin’ that! Lots of us need to hear it.

  19. What was the name of the video?? it says its no longer available and i would love to see it

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