Black Love: Michelle & Barack Obama

Regardless as to who you vote for this year – you’ve got to give Obama props for not only showing the world how strong and intelligent Black men are, but for images like these. A strong Black couple- supporting each other to the fullest!

For too many years we have been considered somewhat of a caricature to those watching from the outside. We’ve appeared materialistic, overly accessorized (bling), overly self medicated, overly sexed, violent and under-educated.

Thank you Obama and Michelle for putting your world on blast and letting folks know that there are many layers to Black folks. They now see that we all can’t be grouped in the small box the world has placed us in. ((Posted by Careyn on The Cocoa Lounge))

Tea_Honey from The CocoaLounge captioned this photo as well. I thought it was cute 😆

Michelle: My man! I’ve got his back and I’m PROUD of him!

Barack: My woman! She’s got my back and look everybody, she’s PROUD of me!


  1. I love Michelle and can’t see why she doesn’t get more love from sites run by Black women. That sister is BAD. :brownsista:

  2. OMG!! I was so waiting for an Obama post. Thanks stef. You know what, at first I was a bit hard on Michelle b/c she seemed a bit like a snobb and she looked “Ok”. But then I slapped myself on the wrist and said be happy for this strong man choosing another strong and “Positive” BLACK woman. (Not to mention a bit jealous as I happen to think Barack is so handsome) They are two great role models for Americans and African Americans and Barack certainly has my vote. Marriage has gotten a bad wrap and I feel these two can help people see the joy in it and inspire people to want to be true to one another! Kudos! STEPHANIE YOU ARE JUST SHOWING OFF LATELY WITH ALL THESE POSTS HUH??? :thumbsup:

  3. :iagree: she is a smart wonderful woman. She be backing her man up to the fullest. VOTE FOR OBAMA.

  4. Plenty of women are hard on other women who seem to be successful and have it all. And the reasons for their hate is always trivial 🙄

    Michelle is smart, articulate, loyal and not afraid to shower her man with affection 😆 They are a BEAUTIFUL couple and they (individually and as a couple) negate many of the stereotypes placed on Black Women, Black Men and Black Couples.

    They make the ancestors proud :bowdown:

  5. Des, you just love to start things don’t you, never mind the fact that I said, I totally support BOTH of them now. Tell me what is wrong with YOU why you seem to like to pick fights with people on this site. Is the reason for this TRIVIAL? 🙄

  6. Stop being so sensitive, Liyah 😆

    My comment wasn’t directed at you, in particular. Believe me, if it was I would have included your name in my post. I have read some ignorant statements about this couple, period, and I was just making a general statement. Everything is not always about you 😎

  7. Ahh Des and Liyah, I’m so glad you guys made up *wipes away tears of joy* 😆

    And thanks for the complement Liyah. I posted my Rihanna thread because of you. I was gonna hold off. Didn’t wanna give folks too much RiRi and then have to listen to them complain 😆


  9. thank you, brown sista.

    also, do you think relationships between african americans aremore equal? meaning they share more housework, childcare and household finances?

  10. Thank you for posting this. I love them as a couple and I’m so glad they are out there to show that we do have healthy relationships–we just don’t get those put out in the open as much as the “Jerry Springer” types.

    @ Iris, in my experience it depends on the couple. My first husband (who I married whenI was just 20 and pretty dumb to be honest) didn’t do any housework or share in that type of “women’s work”, but he was also from a different generation (12 years my senior). My husband now is very egalitarian, shares in the housework although we both work fulltime and is probably more of a “feminist” than I am. Depends on the couple.


  11. Iris, my husband and I share just about everything, housework, finances, things we buy for the house etc. We are pretty fair! However, mama taught me to “Always keep something aside for yourself” (like another bank account).

  12. :iagree: liyah lol. You never know when they going to pick up and leave lol. But im happy to see them together and happy. I think alot of couples need to be like them. GREAT ROLE MODELS.

  13. I agree! They are a wonderful power couple, that seem to have a loving supporting relationship. I would love for them to write a book on how two equally talented, equally driven, people make a relationship work! Since so many brothers don’t seem to be able handle to women that are their equal or that may be greater than them in turns of talent and of couse salary.

    I know that last sentence will make some brothers mad, but if the shoe fit where it!

  14. :iagree: Obama and Michelle make a strong black couple. Like Denzel and Pauletta, Will and Jada, they epitomize what the Black family can be with a little thing called “LOVE”. :thumbsup:

  15. I actually was not a huge supporter of Obama UNTIL I began to listen to and read articles about Michelle. I was impressed by her–and that made me think “hmmm..he must be a very smart man to have a wife like this.”. They both make me very proud. :banana: :banana: :banana:

  16. I love this beautiful couple and the photo. I wish them the best and I am glad that you posted this article. I got the opportunity to meet Michelle Obama a few weeks ago and she is a very intriguing and phenomenal woman. Barack and Michelle are blessed to have each other.:bowdown:

  17. I love this beautiful couple and the photo. I wish them the best and I am glad that you posted this article. I got the opportunity to meet Michelle Obama a few weeks ago and she is a very intriguing and phenomenal woman. Barack and Michelle are blessed to have each other. :bowdown:

  18. Behind every successful black man is a strong black woman! Love this couple!

  19. they represent on a real level now this is A POWER COUPLE they are actually doing something for their people!

  20. I can so see this family in the white house. Strong, loving, and classy black family. People dont realize that they have the power to change the look of this country for the better. 40 years ago we had to come in through the back, but now we running for president its a beautiful thing.

  21. I absolutely love the Obama’s. I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I initially didn’t really like Michelle. But then I started watching her and I realized that she’s smart, supportive, strong but not overpowering, IN SHAPE, hard working, successful, and THE BOMB! I’ve met quite a few “Michelle” and “Obama’s” in my life, and I’m just glad that the rest of America has been introduced to them.

    It’s good that White’s are seeing such a complete Black man and woman, but it’s so much better that Blacks are seeing them. It’s icing on the cake that they aren’t celebrities. Well, they weren’t at first. 😉

  22. It’s about time we start showing some love to in the black community. I really admire this photo, the meaning behind it says so much. This is a great example of how African American marriage should be. Keep the race going strong MR & Mrs. Obama; you most definitely have my VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yours Truely
    MoUnique Design

  23. I like both of them as well. It gives me hope that black love does exists. I have been doubtful about black love beacuse I have yet to see it with my own eyes. But that’s great for the Obama’s. I like seeing the affection that they show towards one another.

  24. It’s about time we feature black love between a black man and a black woman. I get so tired of seeing “A LOT” of my bother’s going vanilla because they dont’ want a strong black woman that’s going to push them and help motivate them. I also get sick and tired of my sista’s running to white men like they are the “Chosen One”. Like they are the answer to all of their problems. I see it in a lot of the videos by todays young rappers and singers where we are fighting and the brother is leaving and sista girl is on her own. See it in the commercials where the black woman is taking care of the family, no brother around or 2 white males 3 white females 1 sista and no brothers selling a soft drink or in some party scene. Wouldn’t it be something to see a black president with a black 1st lady and children in the white house? With no stereotypical images that come along with that scene? That would be one image I would be proud of. And maybe, just maybe it would bring back the “Black Love and Togetherness” we had so much of in the 70’s.

  25. P.S. Michelle did lose some cool points when she walked away after Stevie Wonder was finally helped back to his feet after he fell. She could have went back to make double sure he was ok instead of walking off with her arms up waving to the crowd. After all he was there “AS A BROTHA” to support them. Still have the love but, come on now…Ok, I’m done. 🙂

  26. I love them as individuals as well as a power couple. It’s great to see a good-looking successful African-American man choose a beautiful, intelligent “Chocalate Sista,” as a wife. I

  27. this is what needs to be seen more of.
    i grew up with this as an example, so when I got told how much black men & women hate eachother, I was always baffled.

    this is our american family.

  28. Like always I am a little late jumping in but I will offer My Two Cents (love the show BTW on BETJ). I pretty much agree with all the positive comments discussed about this couple. Although why would anyone think Michelle is a snob is beyond me. I am not suprised, that is how some people are, they expect you to be a certain way once you’ve obtained tremendous success and platform.

    One other thing, I am I the only person here who thing Barack is sexy?

  29. OK good, then I am not tripping. It would be good to have a fine president. Maybe I wont get as upset when those speeches interrupt my shows. 🙂

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