Black Women, Stop Financially Supporting Men Who Hate You


The Economic Consequences of Black Women Supporting Men Like Kodak Black

If it is one thing I have learned over the last decade of blogging, it is not to give attention to those who say things that are detrimental to my spirit or the spirit of black women in general. However, with rapper Kodak Black being the latest black man to use social media to let black women know how much he hates them, I decided to share with you all an article written by blogger Muslim Bushido.

I share this post because no doubt Kodak will issue an apology in the coming days once someone hips him to the fact that black women are probably some of his biggest supporters. In other words, the convicted felon and accused rapist won’t apologize because he didn’t mean it, of course he did. He will apologize once he realizes his finances are in danger. He will apologize once he realizes he doesn’t have black women to help him support his Becky, Mei Ling or Guadalupe.

I also share this article in the hope that the Pick Me brigade will read it and come to their senses. Supporting men like Kodak Black will not make him love or want you. He will never choose you. Financially supporting men like him will only lead to your financial ruin. Sistas, the money you spend creates generational effects. Your money has been creating heaven and hell for different groups of women. Right now, most black women are spending their money to create hell for themselves and heaven for generations of nonblack women.

Investing money into black males who give that money to nonblack girlfriends and wives does not lead to Black economic growth. Instead, it leads to generations of black women’s money being diverted away from Black people and transferred to nonblack women and these women’s nonblack communities.

Sistas, I ask that you take a moment out of your time, grab a cup of tea, and read these two articles I have linked below. Most of all, I ask that you do your due diligence before you spend another dime on some of these men. On a personal level, I don’t support black men with non-black-looking wives. Yeah, I said it and make no excuses for my choice.

We all know in the black community black men don’t view black women as status symbols, so when they get two pennies to rub together they run towards the lightest, brightest and whitest women they can find. For some of these men, they don’t even see this as hate or a problem. Just a choice. And just like they have a choice, so I do. And I choose not to spend my money on black men who think less of black women for no other reason than we look like them.

Article #1: Follow The Money And Resources Trail – Generations of BM Entertainers Transferring Wealth To Nonblack Women

Article #2: I’m Not Paying Becky’s Light Bill


  1. Love the Muslim Bushido blog. Used to read it a lot back in the day. I wish she’d update more.

    I suggest black women check out her whole site. She shares a lot of wonderful knowledge. Great articles and on point.

    As for Kodak Black, he’s a conquered black man and no loss to black women and girls.

    My heart goes out to young sistas however who are inundated with hate from men whose music they and their friends listen too.

    Black men are more lost than ever. Kodak is the product of two generations of black rappers tearing down black women in music. He’s a loss and better off dead. He shouldn’t be allowed to infect others with his hate.

  2. Under-educated and uncultured “Black” people are becoming more dangerous every moment to the black Diaspora. Where is the Revolution? Televised it is not and that is most unforgiving!
    To the person or or people responsible for enlightening black women on this subject…Thank YOU!!!

  3. The inmates are now running the asylum. And as sad as it sounds, I’m coming to realize that as a black woman, for my own survival and peace of mind, I must distance myself from my own people. The black community is a cancer upon the souls of black women and children. If I could give black women one piece of advice, it would be to RUN. Get away from low class black folks, and if at all possible, get out of the continental United States.

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