Blackout: 2014 Billboard Music Awards


The 2014 Billboard Music Awards aired last night, and to no one’s surprise, Justin Timberlake swept the event, taking home a total of seven statuettes.

Other big winners included Robin Thicke, who won four wards and Imagine Dragons (who?), who took home five.

Here is an interesting tidbit from last night’s show: No black artist took home a single award for their own song. T.I. and Pharrell may have technically won four awards, but those came via their feature on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” single.

Same for Nelly, who walked away with an award for Top Country Song thanks to his appearance on Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” single.

As previously reported, Billboard made sweeping changes to the way they tabulate R&B/Rap hits, changes that saw both categories dominated in 2013 by white pop acts.

Last year the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart was topped by white pop acts 44 out of 52 weeks, including 37 straight weeks where it was topped by either Robin Thicke or Macklmore & Ryan.

On an unrelated note, how on Earth is Jennifer Lopez considered a musical icon? Her contribution to music has been a big fat 0? Who has she influenced when she herself was nothing but a Janet Jackson clone, with fewer hits. The fact that she is the first female to be given this award is beyond laughable and a slap in the face to true icons like Janet Jackson, Madonna and presently… Beyonce.


  1. I’ve never really respected this award show.

    I love the imagine dragons!!! Great album

  2. its all album and single sales not talent. also “happy” was the 1st black artist song to top the charts top 100 in a year or more. we not requesting the songs. we not buying the music. bootleg does not count.

  3. also since beyonce put out her album hopefully it will be some color next year in the award pool. also Happy should win a award too.

  4. JLo bought that award. If any impact she has made on the music scene it is visually. She’s a fashionista and can work a camera/photoshoot, but that’s about it. The award might have made more sense had she had a successful, chart-topping season with her latest record release, but alas, no.

    I’m pretty much done with all of these award shows. I recognize the shows, the “trophies” for what they really are—or what they have become—a status symbol. That’s it. I could release a song of me cracking walnuts and it could be on the charts for thirty weeks straight, but what is it really worth? Is it real, true musicality? Nah. It’s just me crackin’ nuts and I get the award from Billboard because I “dominated” the charts for so long.

    And yes, I agree that Beyonce should qualify above JLo in this instance for this type of award.

    All of it is just odd.

    I won’t comment on the hologram of Michael.

  5. Unfortunately, I watched some of that terrible award show. As for the black representation, there was John Legend singing songs to his Asian wife, Robin Thicke singing a “I am sorry” song to his “black wife”, who thankfully was not in the audience to show her shame, Jason Derulo auditioning for the hip hop cirque du soleil, while conveniently forgetting to sing, and the greatest artist/entertainer of all time who has been deceased for almost 5 years performing via hologram. You had 2 beautiful sista’s presenting in Kelly and Nicki Minaj, and you had JLO winning the first ever ICON award. Not a great night for black folks, however in some ways we did it to ourselves. We don’t support “our” artists as we should. The record labels and some black record men, don’t push R&B and demand it has a place. And we know the rest……!

  6. What kind of bs was on last night! Jlo getting an icon award???? Hmmmm I have to agree with the nut cracking comment! Lololol

    Jlo is more of a entertainer then a singer. Her voice can break glass in one note.

    Lololol yes she lip syncs, but thx god cause if she gave it her all. She would take down a building lololol.

    Last night was more like a whiteout! Ridiculous we need to support our sistas !

    For example the amazing Mrs Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey they would of brought down the house but hell naa today’s music industry are hypocrites. We need to support I can’t stress that enough! I’ll be picking up the new MC album at the end of the month I hope you all do as well!

  7. Ohh ya btw where’s Janet Jackson’s award she is well deserving then any other person on that stage!!

  8. One more thing I forgot to mention. If it wasn’t for ppl liking pitbull jlo would be hanging by a thread…..

  9. These award shows are a joke. Why would I waste, minutes of my life away, that I can`t get back? I am also befuddled by J-LO receiving an icon award. In my opinion,
    part of what makes an icon, is having a disinct, unique style and being an unbelievable talent. I think the word icon is thrown around too loosely.

    By my comments, it`s easy to realize that I didn`t watch this award show. However, I did see the promos a couple of times. One thing that really makes me ill is the continued usage of Michael`s image and likeness. I really wish that his mother had control over his likeness and estate to prevent this kind of expolitation. I consider this to be the ultimate disrespect.

    When Mike was still with us, the media crucified him, now that he`s gone there`s all this show of respect and adoration, HYPRCRITES!
    If Mike could come back right now and rejoin us in the flesh it would be business as usual. These same HYPOCRITES would once again resort to bashing and denouncing him. Mike was an unbelievable talent, with no rival. Regardless of all imatators, they come up extremely lacking and should cease from trying to enter his real. Nothing but wannabes.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!


  10. Imagine dragons are great! Good music is good music. African Americans are justifiably colour obsessed but sometimes u need to chill.

  11. As for the sudden adoration of Michael Jackson…I’ll begin…. First of all his new Album Xscape is amazing in my opinion (considering that’s all we have left). It goes without notice that it is promoted so much and all posthumous releases of MJ because Michael’s family has absolutely no control or significant monetary gain. It will go to his children, when they reach of age. Sorry, to point out the media is happy about that as his children don’t resemble him in anyway. I said that last point with love. I am a die hard MJ fan and always have been and always will be. He is without any equivocation the Greatest singer, artist, entertainer EVER. No human being in my generation. Born into the golden 80’s has touched the world like MJ. When he was alive, especially towards the end, people particularly the media treated him like a leper. ONLY because he is gone people “media” are concerned with his children, money, music, career, legacy, etc.. MJ now has endorsements, tribute’s and the hottest producers in the game working with his vocals. Lets not forget before MJ died he didn’t have Timbaland wanting to bend over back words to produce his whole album. L.A. Reid, didn’t rush to sign Mike although conversations ensued, and as an executive see to it his ICON status was where it should be.. However seeming he is deceased everyone (only some) seem to think they treated MJ fairly, and are graveling to work with his scraps. I still remember before MJ died the media was devouring him everyday in the paper, as the lead up to his This Is it concert, was fast approaching. I remember hyperventilating every time I read an article or MJ’s name was flashed across the screen. I sensed the media’s ferocious appetite to kill Mike with bad press. Now Mike did a lot to himself, and I am not negating that but the hypocrisy of the Media and some former fans, now fans can’t bring back Mike..

    We as black people can sometimes do our best to discredit our own artists. Instead of steadfastly embracing them while they are here, we sometimes embrace them in death.

    The medias crucifixion of Mike’s character, almost succeeded, and only in death he has some redemption.

    Now the media has vowed never to have another MJ. They trash Usher, in reference to Justin. They only allow a BK or Rihanna to thrive (of course it’s their hard work as well). They vilified Whitney, even in death…

    And what the media couldn’t finish with Michael, they have moved on to his sister Janet Jackson, an absolute ICON.

    We have to do like others do and support others yes, but also OUR OWN. Or else our music, which has brought us through so much will slowly go away, like jazz and rock…

  12. True Dat True Dat @ KIM I couldn’t of said it better.

  13. It’s because black celebrities have sold out black music. Timbland put all his effort into Justin Timberfake, Ursher put all his money/promotion into Justin Bebier instead of another young black male talent, T.I. spending time/money to groom funky looking Izzy, etc., etc.

  14. Okay. I just wanna take the time to step up on this here soapbox.

    That was not a hologram. Before I even was old enough to grasp technology and science I would see it on tv shows what a hologram was supposed to be. A standalone natural moving recreation of someone or something or some place. What they did was have a video of some stranger who looked like he tried, just a little bit, to look like Michael performing that wack song. What it reminded me of was old school computer games that had little video stories in between that would play. The imposters face didn’t sync with the song at times. He’d freeze like a glitch at times and no it wasn’t because of his moves he was trying hard to do but a literal glitch/pause in movement. The dancing wasn’t buttery smooth and full of power, conviction and fevah like Michael’s moves are.

    From what I understand the dancers were supposed to be wearing ancient attire. I don’t understand which ancient civilization they are borrowing from. But it didn’t match the set and outfit and whole feel of the impersonator’s set. It just didn’t flow. Whoever had something to do with it could have come more correct than that.

    But you know L.A. Reid with his Vaseline lips was smacking and pursing them pleased as whoa knowing he is getting money from this. That was trash and those despicable money grubbers know it. If they repeated what they did at the trash iHeart Radio award show again I would have responded to that a bit differently than with this. No matter what I just can’t get on board with this Michael stuff. Majority of these people that are having a hand in “his” stuff nowadays were people that weren’t trying to work with him and people that he wanted nothing to do with. The rest of them clearly stopped having his interests at heart a long time ago if they ever did. But, I see they are now finally happy that they can control him in death and use and abuse him and his image they way they know damn well they couldn’t whilst he was still alive. All these producers could have reached out but never did now they have documentaries and are giving interviews talking some bullship and this being the dream collabo. You can’t collab with someone who has passed and isn’t even apart of the experience Ridiculous.

    The fact that they had Beyonce with a photoshopped hair piece on the album cover was more than dishonourable.

    I haven’t listened to the first posthumous album and I won’t be listening to this one. Plus “Xscape” the sang has been out since Michael was alive.

    This whole thing hurts my feelings…..ya woulda thought I knew the man personally. But I knew him as a part of my childhood, my adulthood and this that they are doing now is total bullship.

  15. oh and P.S. Kelly Rowland looked really pretty.

  16. …umm I’m pretty sure my first comment is gone.

    what happened here?

  17. Kelly Rowland looked so beautiful, CONFIDENT, healthy and happy! May God continue to bless her!!! Nicki Minaj looks great out of costume!!!

    When I saw Luda hosting, I knew it was going to be a whiteout. This has been in the works for awhile, beginning with gansta rap and the domination of visual artists versus artists who were both! I’m always amazed at how many mainstream artists I see thriving in the business without being household names. We all relate to music differently, so white genres are allowed to survive and thrive, but their fans actually buy their music, attend their shows and come to festivals to see them, we don’t, not so much. It sometimes makes me cringe when I see the face of R&B transform before my very eyes and traditional R&B artistry erased in exchanged for an occasional hip hop R&B joint or feature, sadly!

    We lost the European catwalks to the supermodels, we lost contemporary jazz to Boney James and Chris Botti (love both, but still), Fox won the bidding war to a record company drama circa late 80s or 1990s because today there’s only the likes of Live Nation and 360 artists, why Jennifer Lopez could easily get the icon award. American Idol had a lot to do with it, too. She still sells magazine covers representing Latinos (iconic) and they have great purchasing power. But, it’s also sad that they’re only three or four top ranking Latinas in the industry. But, they do circulate their dollars in their own community and have plenty of Spanish speaking networks, so they thrive. The divide is about the money.

  18. Unity is the message and the lack thereof is the cause of our erasure in so many aspects, PLEASE WATCH the Lottery of Birth documentary, if you haven’t already…what we’re seeing is of design and engineering! Circumstances will help us evolve and overcome, eventually…history shows that we always do! PHENOMENAL PEOPLE…why the world mimic everything we do, even Nielsen says we create pop culture and set trends, but as long as a few of us arrive, get the gold, we live vicariously through them, we celebrate the greatest performers whether it’s mega-pastors over mega-churches or mega-superstars or mega-politicians or mega-activists, mega-authors or mega-students from selected enrollment schools, mega-fashionistas online, in our hoods, churches and on the block or job…we celebrate who has accomplished the most (still, a few) while we’re being erased!

  19. the last black female to hit number one is rihanna diamond. to show how things change with all the airplay beyonce drunk on love got it still have not hit number one. now you have to get airplay,sales and video stream to get a number one

  20. I saw Lorde album was nominated in the rock category which part of that album is rock? I bet if you remove lorde name from that album and put rihanna it would only get nominated in the RNB category

  21. That is why we have to support great artist and stop comparing every one to Beyoncé cause guess what? She is all we have left now.

  22. I think next year cuz this year ( 2013 ) most of the rnb & hip hop how were on the hot 100 were by white artist .
    Rnb ( Except Bey , Rih , Chris ) don’t really sell mainstream , rap sell more than Rnb cuz white people really love rap, they are the one buyin every rapper album .

    And Beyonce already got a Millenium Awards at the Billboard in 2011 , Michelle Obama was also part of the tribute so Jlo doen’t got nothing better than Bey .

  23. First I am African American.
    Our music sucks: from surfboarding and on… we don’t make quality nothing anymore!!!!!!! If I can’t listen to it with my child in the car I’m not buying it period!!!!!
    Toni Braxton, Alexander Oneal, to name just two of many are missed. This day and age the nastier the better the sales, whatever. I don’t buy crap music!!!!!!

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