Blaming The Victim: “Those Island Women”

Rihanna A few days ago myself and Fashionista101 were discussing the trend that seems to be taking shape in the wake of the brutal attack Rihanna is reported to have been dealt by her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown. Up until now, image wise, Rihanna was known as a pretty average chick. I never heard her referred to as bitchy, catty or fesisty- until after this Sunday’s attack- and all in an attempt in my opinion, to blame her for what happened. Rarely was Rihanna’s hailing from the Caribbean even mentioned in most articles about her. Yes, it has been reported that the singer was from Barbados, but never have her native roots been used against her in a negative way and never has she been considered a “wild and unruly woman”- that is until now.

Few if any people seem to be holding Chris accountable for his actions on Sunday night. Rihanna has been accused of ‘setting him off” by giving him herpes (yeah right), being jealous of his female fans, and just “mouthing off” too much.

The most evil however of all the tricks being used to keep Chris accountability free is the idea being put out there that (Black) Island women are evil loud mouths who are too aggressive and simply don’t know their place. Simply put, had Rihanna just STFU when Chris probably told her to- she wouldn’t have a busted lip, bloody nose and those darn bite marks.

And sadly, it is Black websites and bloggers who are making these excuses for Chris, while trying to tarnish Rihanna in the process. Luckily, not all blogs are following this trend. Brown Sista clearly is not and sista site Afrobella is speaking out against this evil as well.


  1. Yay the smileys are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!! :koolaid: Ok, back to the topic!

    I’ve read that Rihanna actually does have a mean streak, and has hit Chris before. I’ve read that she is very jealous, and I’ve read that she can be bitchy(before this incident). Who knows if any of this is true? There are only two people that know what happened throughout their relationship and that night.

    I’m really tired of this whole fiasco. Everyday, I hear/read new stories, rumors, speculations from new unverified sources. Statements are being retracted due to this. I visit a lot of blogs daily, and I’m seeing mixed opinions on the matter. I am reserving my judgement until all the facts/truth is out-if we ever get it, that is.

  2. stephanie what is more sad is the fact that the majority of people who made attempts to defend that woman beater are black women smh…..i find it interesting that black people will literally cry when they are victims of racism and discrimination but yet practice the same thing, i`m not surprised at all…maybe this is new to you but growing up in new york i witness black people on more occasions that i can count making derogatory remarks about africans..smh talk about being lost!

  3. @lola

    you`re not making any sense, so if you`re bitchy, have a meanstreak and jealous, does that justify the fact that i should literally assault you if you were my girlfriend??

  4. this is crazy!!!! :noway: so what if she was bitchy and had a meanstreak that does not give chris the right to hit her and giver her a bloody nose etc he’s such an idiot and i refuse to listen to any of his songs i hope he goes down for this

  5. It is a sad state of affairs but it has and always will be a double standard when it comes to women in the USA and maybe abroad. But it is like being raped. People put the blame on the woman’s clothes or her actions as if she deserved it. No one deserves to get hit or pushed or the likes. Men do have the privilege of being held unaccountable for their actions and yes, it is we women who allow them to do it. They can cheat, don’t pay their bills, run off and do what they want and we will run behind them as if they are the best thing since peanut and jelly on toasted butter bread. I don’t blame RiRi because I am a survivor of domestic violence and things have not changed since it happened to me back in the 80’s. Still a double standard perpetrated by men and women alike.

  6. I fully agree with what Lola said. It’s funny because as I was reading the post I was thinking “where have yall been”. I thought it was well know that Rhianna is known to have a “bitchy” extremely arrogant attitude. I heard it being discussed by Charlamagne on the Wendy Williams show over a year ago. That’s why I’ve never been a fan of hers. Well that and the fact that I dont’ think she’s talented…she’s just “trendy”. Now with that being said, I don’t think that she or any woman deserves to be abused. If Chris assaulted her he needs to be dealt with. I don’t know what happened between them. I wasn’t there, but the truth always comes to light and at that point who ever is guilty will have to answer to God.

  7. I’m an Island girl (Dominican) and yes, I have a temper and am strong-willed. I’m not even gonna say that I’ve never hit a guy before when he acted like a stone cold ass. BUT, regardless of what, there is NEVER an excuse for a man to beat a woman up the way Chris ‘allegedly’ did Rihanna. It pisses me off when people are like ‘Chris is so young. He just reacted to Rihanna’s crazy ass’ etc., etc. Let me say this: I don’t care if Breezy was 105 yrs. old. He grew up in an abusive home (We all saw him on Tyra talking about it), so he alreayd knew how effd up it is to abuse a woman. Now I feel like he’s a big fat liar….

  8. Oh and as far as the “Island girl” comments go. That’s all news to me. Most of the West Indian women I know are very even tempered compared to us American women. Some of the American men that I know prefer to date them because they tend to be more submissive than us loud mouth Yankee women.

  9. Hmmmmm….I haven’t read anything like this. Chris seems to be the new plague and Rhianna is the victim at all of the sites I’ve been reading, unless you are referring to comments on message boards. In that case, stupid people are unfortunately sold computers right along with sensible people. So you take the bad with the good. Chris needs to be ashamed of himself. This will destroy everything he has worked hard for in the same way as the nip slip sent Janets plummeting and the steroids knocked Barry Bonds out of the ballpark. :brownsista:

  10. @ Oliver

    My comments regarding what I had read about Rihanna being mean and bitchy, were in response to Stephanie saying she had never heard this.

    To answer your question, no these characteristics do not qualify a female for an assault. Did I say that in my comment, because I didn’t think I did?

    Necole B!tchie has done two great posts(yesterday and today) on the holes and different variations of this incident so far. For this reason, I am waiting to draw conclusions until I hear from both camps, because as of now, we have heard from neither.

  11. @lola

    well guess what at this point, there is nothing to hear, if chris looser hadnt done anything wrong, dont you think his folks will be all over the place now denying all of this, get a clue he is done….because he did it, even his stepfather says he isnt talk about the writing being on the wall

  12. I’m an Island woman (haitan) and we are actually more submissive than americans. We are very strong minded but I dont know many that would put their hands on a man. However, all islands girls are different so I cant say that Rihanna wouldnt do it.

    She is the victim point blank. I think Chris needs to pay for what he did and should seek help. I dont wish him anything bad for his career cause i think he is a very talented young man, but I just wish he would publicly aknowledge his wrong doing and apologize as well.
    I will continue to pray for the both of them and hopefully they can move on with their lives and put the hole ordeal behing them.

  13. @ Oliver

    Do you honestly think his stepfather is a credible source??? :noway: He took pleasure in beating his mother!!! He’s a) looking for his two minutes of fame b) pissed he hasn’t been able to enjoy the gravy train

    I just find it might funny that neither Rihanna or CB’s camps have come out to speak about the incident. Rihanna’s injuries and what/how it happened change from day to day. In all truth, we don’t know wtf happened!

  14. Hi everyone,

    Really now if she was suuuuch a bitch and had that terrible mean streak in her why didnt he just dump her rude a**? If he is such a gentleman why didnt he walk away from her a long time ago instead of letting things get to a point where he lands up giving her a serious smackdown? Regardless of what happened, the fact is he beat on a woman – it doesnt matter even if she was snapping gum and saying something about his mama – he knocked her lights out and there’s evidence.

    I find it strange that there are women out there who would acutally defend a young man who beats women, it makes you wonder how we as women view ourselves and each other.

    “When you strike a manyou’ve struck the nation, but when you strike a woman you’ve struck a rock!”

    Hang in there RiRi you’re going to come out SOLID!

  15. Thank you so much Stephany I doubt that if 50 cent had hit ciara or jay z beyonce, people would stick up for them, However let’ s all blame the island girl, those island girls are so fast, those island girls are so such and such, it’ s a effin sad day in American where black on black crime is condone as long as the victim is not USA black, It’ s a sad day, Karma is one…

  16. @lola

    i dont know exactly what you`re trying to say, but i ask this again if chris brown is so innocent why is nobody saying it? either him or an attorney? lol
    actually nobody wants to hear what he has to say…..i`m just curious to know if he has a high school diploma at all? beacause even at fast food today you need one!
    radios across the country are not playing his silly jams anymore, he has already 2 endorsements….so at this point his only hope is to have a reality show 5 yrs from on vh1 titled “ where are they now???“

  17. Even if Rihanna started the fight or hit Chris first that still does not justify him being a much stronger man taking is fist and repeatedly punching her in the face and choking her until she passes out, that took some kind of rage to inflict those kinds of injuries on someone..Chris could have defended himself without beating her the way he did, or he should have just simply put her out of the car.

    Dumb move Chris, really dumb move.


  18. @ Oliver

    All I’m trying to say, is I am not condemning until I hear wtf really happened.

    The case was sent back to the LAPD from the DA’s office, so obviously it’s holey

  19. @lola

    and all i`m trying to say is coming from a woman that is the dumbest thing to do, because at this point she`s the one with the bruises not him and that speaks volume about women like i mean if thats your daughter,niece,friend,cousin would you have waited to know what happened…hmmm then you wonder why men dont respect you

  20. @ Oliver

    *sigh* I get respect from men, and I also respect them. I read Chris has bruises too, so what’s your point?

    There are 3 sides to this store, his, hers, and the truth. I’m not taking either side, because I don’t know the truth, so you’re telling me I’m wrong for that? Why argue with me because of it?

  21. I have seen her give Jay a look Beyonce has never given to a Jay’s dogs before.

    Like I said before it is hard to tell, all I know of Rihanna is that she is a lady I was eating my breakfast and there she is with he bloomers on and prancing with an umbrella.

    These days it is hard to know these people because the pr department is projecting an image which the public has to swallow. All I know is that Rihanna has one great media machine. Obviouslly, the Bodyguards were not doing the right thing because they should have been there to clear up the mess quitely if not intervened.

    Chris Brown does not look like a wife beater, so people are always going to let him pff the hook. If he was a thug like Shuge Knight the public would have been calling for the electric chair.

    Plus there have always been instances of wife beating, which have been covered up, take Miles Davis wives. Did you see any of them in court? No, plus Miles Davis was the original gangster rapper, he traded on the “Prince Of Darkness”- That is why he told everyone that he beat his wives up.

    This thing just goes to prove that image has won over substance.

    I would have have thought Island girls we notorious in the states given, how tough some of the girls coming straight out of Compton are? Someone need to tell gangsters that women are not b…. It is a sign that Islie girls are laying down their feet. Do not mess with the Big Island girls, that is Jamaica. You can mess with the ones from the smaller islands ( yeah right)…….

  22. As I cruise around blog land, I am finding some disturbing views about domestic violence from alot of young people. This story is bringing out the closet woman beaters..”men” who think it is okay to “choke a b!tch” if she gets out of line or “pops off @ the mouth.” The worst part is that there are women out there who seem to agree with this craziness. I sincerely hope that something good comes from this story in the end. Maybe a real dialogue can open up and get people talking, because the real problem is that people are NOT talking about it because there is still such a stigma atached to both men and women who are involved.

  23. Funny, because I’m from the Caribbean & white people and everyone else I meet are always telling me how blacks from the Caribbean are so different from blacks in the US. I’m so sick of (black men too) them telling me how black females from the US are aggressive & loud, while Caribbean women are nice, well mannered & knows how to take care of their men. I even had a black college professor who said that “it is obvious that the slave masters trained the blacks from the Caribbean to be more polite & less aggressive”. I’m always getting the: YOU ARE NOT BLACK, YOU ARE FROM THE CARIBBEAN or you are a DIFFERENT TYPE OF BLACK BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. And yes, it true some of us do have a temper, but we also know when dealing with a man when to shut up & back off.

  24. Steph, thank you so much for saying this :thumbsup: . I was just saying to my co-worker all the horrible things I was reading on the internet and some people where even bold enough to say that Rhianna probably deserved it and I thought the world was going crazy. Some so called celebrities are coming out with their support for CB and never once even mentioning Rhianna or expressing concern about her well being and I am like when is it ever ok to talk about supporting someone who just brutalized someone. I am so glad that there are still some people who are not acting like what happened is ok and that beating a woman is ok. It is never right for a man to hit a woman or vice versa, in most cases a man is stronger than a woman and can really hurt a woman. He appearently beat that poor girl and then just ran off and left her. I can just imagine how she felt during the whole ordeal. I am a woman and a strong Jamaican woman at that and I say :noway: does a woman ever deserve to be beat even if a man claims she is a so called b***h or loud mouth…just walk away man if it gets to be too much just walk away.

    Also as someone else pointed out..I was so upset to see that a lot of black women seemed ok with what happened and blamed Rhianna.. i just don’t get it.

  25. The only two people that know what really went down were Chris and RiRI. Like I said yesterday, you should NEVER let ANYONE have that much control over your emotions to where you strike or kill someone. ANYONE! If the two of them were fighting, then they both need to deal with their anger issues. I think that the both of their careers are in jeopardy right now. There are a lot of people who feel sorry for RiRi, but their are also those that are supporting Chris. My heart goes out to the both of them because they are in the public eye and everyone is waiting to see how they will deal with this. There are so young and to have something like this happen is such a shame.

  26. He should been a better man and not hitting her. Just should have walk away or just got out the car and left. No man should hit a woman unless it life or death.

  27. I was born and raised in St.Thomas(United States Virgin Islands). First of all, it depends on which island one is refering to being that each island has their own culture. Caribbean women are often strong willed but that does that mean that we deserved to be “smacked around”

    As for a man should NEVER hit a woman- I disagree. I have 7 brothers all younger than me. I noticed growing up that parents all taught their kids that. I remember vividly going to the hospital to visit my bro after a young lady bit him and as result he needed sitches. She had also hit him over and over again all in the name of an “”unassigned seat”. no one should raise their hands to another human being and not expect consequences. NO ONE!! we(females) ask for equality but then decide which cases it should apply too.

    In the case of Rihanna and CHris I am waiting to hear the real story. nothing seems to be the truth yet, and really and truly we may never get it. every day i read different stories so until i get a consistant story i will hold my opinion.

  28. @Tai

    I agree with you! Men should NOT hit women and women should NOT hit men! I agree totally! Violence is violence.

  29. No one knows what went down in that car and Im sure he doesn’t think it’s cool to hit a woman considering his mother was a victim of domestic violence. It’s never okay for a man to hit a woman or beat a woman, but like I said no one knows the truth but the ones involved. Now can we keep it real… women we sometimes like to physically challenge our men who are much bigger and stronger than us, thinking “oh he had better not hit me cause im a woman!”. Im sorry but when you push someone to their breaking point, getting up in his face, smacking him in the head, destroying his property, scratching him all up, grabbing on him and ripping up his clothes…im sorry he just might get mad enough to hit you…real hard and depending on what else has happened to him that day he may take that out on you too. Im not exonerating Chris at all, but im just saying keep it real. If it were a woman beating her man then it’s justified. As grown folks we should have a good enough command of the English language to verbally handle disputes…or enough maturity to simply walk away.

  30. whut i dont understand is why is there a double standard?????? im not saying that chris brown was justified in doing what he did to her, if in fact he did, but y isnt rihanna’s actions being questioned? what if she threw the first punches? Both parties are responsible in what happened and rihanna should also be reprimanded for the pat she played in it. True according to reports she was badly injured but i dont think its fair for chris to solely to blame. Everyone would be calling chris a punk if rihanna beat his ass and he ran and told the cops…..

  31. This is what gets me… folks have been saying she was too clingy and too jealous and that’s why their relationship stalled and untimately fail… people are also using her supposed clinginess and jealous as the reasons why this situation happened but here’s my take….

    If Rihanna was too clingy and/or jealous what was Chris? People complained that she followed him everywhere and never gave him room to breathe… but where were these same people when Chris followed her on the Glow In The Dark Tour, when he was with her when she had spot performances overseas, when he was on the sidelines she had photoshoots and video shoots…. where were these people who complained about her clinginess when there were photos after photos of Chris following Rihanna everywhere? So if she was clingy and too possessive what was he?

    I’ve seen alot of posts faulting Rihanna and attempting to justify what was done and as much asI like Chris I can find no justification. I can somewhat understand if she was hitting him and he hit her back once in response but the multiple injuries that have been described…. 🙁 🙁 🙁 It’s a sad sad situation and while I can’t excuse his actions I still feel sorry for him… his career was in the position to take of in ways he never thought imaginable and because of his actions I don’t think all of the successes that was about to come him will ever completely come again. Yes in time this whole situation will pass and he will again go on with his career but it won’t be all that could have been. He will forever be labeled and have the stigma of an abuser no matter what he does… and that’s pretty sad….

    I wasn’t going to post this but Rihanna’s video Take A Bow came on and I felt so unbelievibly sad. I think it’s pretty obvious that I am a Rihanna fan but I seeing so many pics and videos of the two of them together seemingly happy and in love I could not help but root for their coupledom. It was young love and we have all experienced that at one time and you could not help but go awww…. I was never one to think that their relationship was put together as a publicity stunt. Hell them being apart is more what the record labels wanted but they were together nonetheless… I liked that and I rooted for it to continue and grow stronger but this situation has all but destroyed that and it’s sad.

    I like both Chris and Rihanna and they both are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope they both can come through this as better people…

  32. @Lola said when have you read that Rhianna choked Chris unil he was unconcious? When have you read that she left bruises that were horrific on him? There are more than two people who know what happened that nite. There are the two that was involved the one who called the police, the actual police who said her bruises were horrific, and the hospital staff that took care of her. Oh and then there is here mother who has to see her baby hurt like that. That is the problem in the hip-hop world now. The men treat the women like they are nothing and we all just smile along as we accept their music. Even dance to it and buy it. How many times have rape charges been brought against some rappers. Or how many times have you heard of the women getting abused on those videos. What we should do as women of color is stop giving them a pass to disrespect us. We should be marching and petitioning these record labels to stop degrading us.

    The reason everyone is taking his side is because his side is the only one speaking now. We have to stand up for our little sisters and let them know that this type of treatment will not be accepted. If this was one of this little white starlets those white women would be out their pickiting the record company until they dropped him. We should be doing the same thing.

  33. It makes me sick, when I read all the comments that bloggers and people are saying about Rihanna. People are saying she deserves it, I would hit her too, are you kidding me? I grew up in the Caribbean seeing my mother been physically abuse by my step-dad and I currently work with youths and adults who are traumatized by domestic abuse. I took a stand from a child that no man would hit me nor would I hit man and thank God it never happened. I now have a daughter and the comments that these little girls are making about Rihanna disturbs me, our society is so screwed. I now have to answer questions from young women on a daily basis about the Chris and Rihanna saga.

  34. im sorry, but i dont have to stand up for anything if i dont know whats going on……that makes no sense to me! how can anyone choose sides when we dont know what happened?? Lola- i get what you are saying and agree. I think that everyone is jumping to conclusions without the FACTS about the situation.

  35. Stephanie,
    I totally agree with you! I can’t condone Chris hitting Rihanna because she allegedly “mouthed off”. That’s like saying Rihanna deserved to be beat up. Like she ‘asked for it’. IMO, that’s foolishness.
    Chris Brown alone is responsible for his actions, and it’s sad he chose the wrong one.

  36. Rihanna has been hated every since she came from her island and redefined standards of beauty, People are happy that she got hurt, because the little island girl that can’ t sing is stealing the spotlight of black america’ s “hottests” Chick, How sad is that ?


    Well, females in general are jealous of each other, but there’s more to this blame the victim rage that’s storming the internet. I think a lot of the trash talkers are Beyonce fans who don’t like the fact Rihanna is an international superstar and they are gloating because now the once perfect, fashionista icon, is not unscathed in the industry. But this situated in the facts favor Rihanna only helps her career and puts her in the position to help other FEMALES in volatile relationships. Secondly, and we got that lightskinned, hazel eye factor to consider as well, but more importantly females tend to be enablers of abusive men, so go figure. My theories could be flawed, you don’t have to agree, but please respect them. Thanks

  38. Oops, meant to say but in this situation, if the facts favor Rihanna…

  39. THis bothers me because not matter what she did, he did not have to stick around and beat her so badly. Im offended that people even say “We dont know the whole story”, I dont need to hear the whole story if the cops are stating that she was beaten up and has many contusions…..I mean how can we excuse Chris?



  41. I agree with Tai and Tiffany.
    Once again I think the GOLDEN RULE should be followed for EVERYONE.

  42. Some females are enablers of abusive men.
    Some of those same blaming females are themselves suffering in silence while their mates beat their asses. So it’s easy for them to condone and justify a so-called man hitting a woman. BUT THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!! NOT ONE!!!!

  43. @Dark Sista

    I remember a while ago an ex assistant of Beyonce’s came out and said Jay pushes on Beyonce and man handles her but no one believes it because its Beyonce. I dont put anything past celebs they dont live a normal life, they are more prone to be violent, or confused about things. Just because someone looks nice and seems like they have the perfect life, they may not have…..we never know what goes on behind closed doors. Halle Berry was getting beat for years from Wesley and David Justice and no one would not have expected because she is beautiful and an actress.

  44. @ bee

    First Rih had a black eye, then she had contusions, missing teeth, bite marks, bruises, now she was choked and unconscious. I keep reading a different story on her injuries. In all truths, we don’t know wtf her injuries are!!! In all truths, we don’t wtf happened. No one is talking, but the media, and they keep changing it up every day.

    At first the media said Chris was charged with assault using a deadly weapon, then media retracted that. Currently, Chris is charged with threats, correct? If she was choked until she passed out, and he left the scene(I read all this as well) wouldn’t that constitute more charges, like attempted murder, perhaps? Where are the rest of the charges? Why was the case sent back to the LAPD from the DA’s office for more evidence?

    and wtf does Beyonce have to do with any of this?

  45. i think A FEW PEOPLE are spinning this on riri because of her admission that she has a hot temper and she once smashed her brother in the face with a glass bottle.

    Personally, i think it’s a little premature to take sides. no one knows exactly what happened. everyone is speaking out based on speculation and i would much rather have authentic proof before putting a tag like “woman beater” on chris. i am by no means a chris fan (never have been actually), but if the DA is sending the case back to the LAPD, that means they don’t have enough evidence to charge him with what they want to charge him with. if she was that badly bruised, why is he only being charged with “threats?” the whole situation is so bizarre to me. i would hope that chris did not do what the media is saying he did because if he did it then NO rihanna SHOULD NOT be blamed. there is no reason to punch and give a woman bruises. no woman deserves to be beaten even if they are supposedly hot tempered! if she was working his nerves that badly, you walk away or you break up. you don’t try to teach a lesson by beating her.

  46. THis is why I come here people are more mature and not taking up for a man who beat up a woman, the other sites have me sick at this point because young people really are saying “Chris I still love you, she deserved it”. I feel for some people because they truely are ignorant. :loser:

  47. Also, lets not forget that the cops didnt mention his injuries which most likely he has none except for the bruise on his knuckles from beating her so badly. The cops knows what happened, the witnesses knows what happened, so people besides the two knows what happened. The cops are stating the pictures are devastating this isnt something the media made up, the cops were on the news here in L.A.. I dont need to know what happened if she is beat up!

  48. @kenny,

    if the pics are devastating, why charge him with only threats? i just don’t get that part of the equation. the LAPD supposedly has this overwhelming evidence of pics and proof, but they can’t charge him with domestic voilence or something more thanVERBALLY communicating threats? with the way the media is saying she is badly hurt, he SHOULD be charged with more than threats. also, if they have this overwhelming evidence of a badly bruised face, passed out, choke, unconcious, why is the DA sending the case back to the LAPD? that means that the DA doesn’t have enough to go on or the DA really wants to stick it to him. i’m going to go with the DA is sending it back to the LAPD because they don’t have anymore evidence to charge him with anything else. it’s been THREE days. if she’s that badly hurt and that is all the LAPD has charged him with, then clearly someone is not doing their job

  49. Domestic abuse either way is wrong and no one deserves it. Although, I always say that we have to make sure that we are not putting ourselves into situations that could bring on the possibility of something bad happening to us. You have to know your environment and those you hang around. I am pretty sure this was not the first time that either one of them has shown some form of anger toward each other. Both will need some counseling after this. I am hoping that this has become an opportunity to talk with teens about Domestic Violence.

  50. :hifive: wohoo! That’s all I’m saying…bottom line…it’s too many holes, and not adding up. Ish has to make sense for me to go along with it.

    So as a fan of both artists, I’ll wait until more concrete evidence/statements are brought forth.

  51. LOL LOLA you’re killin ’em. I agree with everything you’re saying. You know B’s name can’t be left out of a post. People are obsessed with her…stans, fans and haters.

  52. @ Always yours: I am telling you it’ s a sad day, all those 13-17 years old happy their “man” is single not even caring that he could go to jail for what he did, smh at them, Rihanna is going to have a come back stronger than britney’ s if she cry while performing a song like rehab it’ s a wrap

    @everyone: If chris had slapped rihanna then waited right there for the police i would have been suspicious of the entire story, but he fled the scene and the police report rihanna badly beaten and bruised, seems to me like he def attacked her furthermore, I think Chris was just jealous of the atention rihanna received over him because let’ s face it she is bigger than him in the industry Typical black men that can’ t stand their women being more successful than them , But because it’ s a foreign woman people are happy hopping she goes back to barbados and never comes back…Wrong she is here to stay ….

    @ whoever said it Please Please stop finding excuse for Chris brown or try to “bail him out”the only way that chris could be charged with attempted murder and more charges is if rihanna is pressing the charges, which i really don’ t believe she is , I wouldn’ t neither but that is another debate, the state can only prosecute him with charges considered dangerous to the public i.e :Criminal threats, if she is not pressing charges the least she can do is tell them her side of the story and move on with her life !

  53. If Rihanna had a strong, consistent father or father figure in her life, Chris Brown would have had second thoughts about raising his hand.

    It’s much easier for a man to abuse a woman when there’s no threat of another male.

    This is a nightmare for both families.

  54. @ Katrina

    My eyes literally bugged out when I read her name in one of the comments!!! I mean really, WTF???? I mean, seriously???

    Now, photoshopped pics of Rihanna’s injuries are circling the net! Ish is getting out of hand, and folks are getting crazy! Why would anyone do such a thing?

  55. ^^^Because they don’t have anything better to do than stir up contraversy in other people’s lives.

  56. Kenny: No matter how much i can’ t stand someone if anything happened to her i would be so upset just as upset and pissed off as i am for rihanna because we are all women,
    and i agree on her fans being happy about rihanna’ s misfortune that just makes me SMH because tomorrow is never promised if someone had told me rihanna was going to get attacked by chris brown out of all people i would have never believed it, so them partying for someone’ s demise is hilarious i hope for their asses nothing happens to their queen 🙂

  57. Why did he leave her on the scene? he probably thought she was dead and ran away out of panic and fear,he chocked her until she was unconscious,chris could have killed riri and i think they are investigating attempted murder and want to charge him with concrete evidence thats why there is this huge delay,he was killing her,how can you choke a woman or any human being for that matter?

  58. Lizz : Get out of my head , i tought the exact same thing, why did he leave? i would have stayed right there and let them know what happened and why it happenned, and even after i get arrested i would still say my side of the story, besides evidences doesn’ t lie, and i think he beat her out of jealousy, that’ s the only reason why i see him jeopardizing his career, the only thing i know for sure is that Chris is in love with rihanna, unfortunately some people don’ t know how to love right

  59. “If” he did what they are saying he did to Rihanna – no matter where she comes from he should have not touched her unless she had weapon or something on him. I just can not condone him putting his hands on her.

    The thing that bothers me is that more people are outraged about Chris Brown than they are the pervert that is RKelly – Mr Pissy. I wish there was outrage at radio stations and such at the Pissy man like it is now.

    Anytime a woman is abused we should be outraged.

    Anytime a child is abused we should be even MORE outraged.

  60. If the relationship was not going right, Chris should have broke it off and moved on.

    If Rhianna physically attached him first, Chris should have told her he would call the police, walk away and make plans to end all contact with her.

    Physical abuse to the extent reported seems out of control. What might have happened if he had a weapon. It is always uncalled for.

    Abuse happens everywhere and no one deserve it. Island women tend to be more quite than those in the USA, so the abuse might have been going on longer than we know. As blacks we have so much dividing us, don’t let our geography be another issue to cause contention among us. Let us focus on how we lift each other. Hopefully Chris gets help, apologize to Rhianna, her family and his fans and find a way to give back for the mess he made. If he does this, we should be ready to support him. It is sad that they will never perform together again, I really loved them together.

  61. This case is full of stereotypes, so I’m not surprise the latest one is “Rihanna is wild and unruly because she’s from the Caribbean”. We’ve all heard she’s an exotic woman. The conclusion here by some is she needed to be tame. Hence, beat up by Chris Brown/ any other male. This rationalization is plain wrong and ignorant. Stereotypes of any kind is wrong, unfair and untrue. However, Stephanie if we are going to argue stereotypes here, why not argue about stereotypes place on both parties. I’ve also read Chris Brown abuses Rihanna because he is a Black man. Black men are beasts, savages, a threat, and they need to be put under control. Isn’t that also an untrue and unfair stereotype? Because I recognize these stereotypical claims for what they are, I no longer get worked up over them.

    I don’t believe Rihanna is being to refered to as bitchy, catty or fesisty” SOLELY in an attempt to blame her for what allegedly happened between Chris Brown and her. The bad girl image the label and her created, which led her huge success, definately play a role in these perceptions [In addition to outsiders’ ignorant stereotypes of Caribbean women]. Things that are good for you and your career could also be bad. Therefore, you cannot say it’s SOLELY because they are trying to blame her for Chris’ alleged assault.

    The media is running wild with this case because they have an ulterior motive, money. I doubt they care about anything else. One minute you hear one thing from their “sources” and the next minute you hear another thing which totally contradicts the first. As a result, his sponsers and radio stations are getting nervous, and they start dropping his behind and stop playing his music BEFORE his day in court. I find that ridiculous. I want Chris to have a fair trial. In addition, If he is guilty, I want his punishment to fit his crime. I want both Rihanna and Chris Brown to find justice. I wish Rihanna a speedy recovery. I’m comforted that her grandmother advises the public not to worry too much; she’s fine and well. Domestic abuse sometimes lead to death. I’m not even a big fan of them. This is about making sure their civil rights are not violated. The best thing Chris can do for himself right now is stay mute because ANYTHING he says will be use against him in the court of law. He already loses in the court of public opinion without a trial.

    I also want to emphasis there is no justification for Chris’ alledge assault on Rihanna if it is proven true. Evenif Rihanna is wild, unrully, bitchy, jealous, and she has STDs, these still do not NOT justify these alleged assault on her. Chris could have terminated their relationship if Rihanna wasn’t his cup of tea. He could have walked away from the entire situation. If he wanted to fight, he could have pick somebody who measured up to him both physically and mentally. To pick on anybody who does not measure up would only prove he is a coward who needs to be punished. There are NO excuses if these accusations are true.

  62. Lizz, thank you so much; I agree with you. If what Chris did to RiRi wasn’t that bad, then why did he flee the scene? Can any one of you who are blaming RiRi answer that question for you please?

  63. Smooth thug :someone actually had the nerve to play the race card on chris running away saying he ran because he is a black man

  64. STEPHANIE I DISAGREE WITH U! the reason why people are saying so many negative things on the internet about Rihanna is because on TV (E News, Daily 10, Access Hollywood, ET) everyone has taken Rihanna’s side without even knowing the entire story.

    An for your information their is a rumor going around that they actually broke up 2 weeks ago, both their camps wanted them to keep a good healthy image for the public……..IF YOU THINK IM LYING LOOK AT THE PICTURES AT THE CLIVE DAVIS GRAMMY PARTY WHERE RIHANNA IS HUGGIN UP ON CHRIS BROWN AND CHRIS BROWN LOOKS AS THOUGH HE’S TIRED OF HER.

    the reason why no one is buying into rihanna’s little ‘innocent’ act is because ppl tend to defend the woman. As I always say just because your a woman doesn’t give u the right to hit a man just because YOU THINK he’s not gonna get hit back and as a matter of fact, i think that this ass woopin was good for her……maybe it humbled her down a bit and made her realise that she isn’t special just because shes light skin with green eyes

  65. Adding my two cents….I agree with Lola. Let me first say that I don’t agree with anyone being abused in a relationship be it male or female. I get tired of everyone saying “I don’t care what she did, you should never hit a woman”. So, is it okay if she was beating on him first……..just because she’s a woman, he shouldn’t hit back? I don’t know of anyone who would just let someone smack them around. I am a survivor of physical abuse myself, however, I never hit him…would never dream of doing so because it’s just not that serious to me and I respected him as my husband. But, I feel like if a woman is big enough to stand up and hit someone she should be ready to get hit as well. Again, I don’t agree with violence or abuse in a relationship but let’s be fair. Bottom line is no one knows what happened except the two of them. So, for people to say I’ll never listen to or play his music again is a bit crazy to me ( and I’m not a fan of his….probably his biggest critic, her either for that matter) because no one knows the facts.

  66. maybe it humbled her down a bit and made her realise that she isn’t special just because shes light skin with green eyes

    :bag: on us all :bag:

  67. Hmmm…….I won’t speculate. These 70+ posts are enough for me. LOL. I will say that this entire situation is unfortunate and just sad…for BOTH OF THEM.







  69. I totally agree with Luxe ,Bee ,Voice,and alwaysyours . I don’t care what Rihanna did Chris should have never hit her, there is no excuse for him. I am so distgusted by the people who say she deserved it, are you serious? No one deserves anything like that.Chris should have walked away. An for some reason i feel the only reason people are taking chris’s side is because its Rihanna.And i don’t need to know what exactly happened but i do know chris did something wrong becuase why did he run?and why hasn’t he defended himself. So for me to know that he hit her is enough. Hopefully he will apologize to rihanna,her family,and the public. And i hope they forgive each ohther. I pray for the both of them and wish them the best. But i hope Rihanna will find the strength to move on . And hopefully this makes her stronger. It’s sad for me to hear about people being abused no matter what nationality,race,gender or age. ‘This is just sad…

  70. From alot of these comments it saddens me to know that there are a lot of abused women of color out here. Have we been so disrespected in our communities that we now find justification for a man to treat us bad. Block all of the other crapt out of your mind and put yourself in her place. Or for the men imagine your sister, wife, mother, cousin, or any other female that you are close to in her place. On a dark road and maybe they get into an argument with their mate and it gets heated. Then next thing you know you are or for the men the women in your life are literally fighting for their lives. This woman had bite marks on her arms and fingers. That means he was on top of her and she was trying to defend herself and he was completley in a rage and began bititing her with the very things she was defending herself with.

    Now ladies and gentlemen imagine having to be there an explain all of this to some strange men in uniforms. Imagine having to have your mother see you like that. Now magnify that times ten because you are going through this in public where everyone is talking about it on the news and blogs. You have to hear this on the radio, television, and computer. This is probably humiliating, embarrising, and scary to her. To think that someone you love because you don’t just stop loving a person can beat you down like an animal. So before we are so quick to say that someone deserves to be bitten put yourself in their place and imagine how those bite marks would feel on you. This person has rage issues and I am sure that this is not the first time he has went off like this. He probably needed counseling a long time ago.

  71. every story i’ve heard has been believeable and in every one i see it as it really just got out of hand…there have never been any reports before so i say she put herself in a mans place and he lost control. niether were right both were wrong in their part and its just unfortunate that their relationship and careers are being effected. in reality that situation can happen and a couple can sit down with a preacher or family and break up or make up and promise to never do together or never do it and this relationship has ran its course. because we all talk about it and the media they can’t take a natural healing course…i feel bad for them both and pray that people will soften their hearts and allow them to have their dreams inspite of their personal relationship!!! PERSONAL!!!!

  72. Whatever happens Chris brown never did and will never have a penny of my money, he won’ t have my respect neither and since i’ m sure he does not give a crap i’ m cool with it, Rihanna I love her, But her and i know it’ s not the first time he beat her and My respect goes down also for her, I hope both of them can just move on from it, grow up and just be fine. I know chris have been calling her like crazy and rih hasn’ t picked up the calls, I hope all goes well with them, and i really don’ t want Chris to go to jail I think Life will deal with him just as hard…

    and the one that brought up the light skin thing really need to buy some self esteem and this is coming from Dark Sista

  73. Women are truly vicious! Like that actress i forgot her name said Women seem to always blame other women. “Oh she had it coming”. That why it is so easy not to befriend women cause we all are true evil Bitches in a way. A men should never hit a women, end of stroy watch some lifetime movies ladies.

    Chris Brown is over that the end of it. He is 19 and has yet to put out a statement defening himself cause of his hip-hop boys. Is chris a hip-trash now!!!!!!!

    Not a big fan of Rihanna but as a Brownsista i have her back if this is all true..

  74. Still won’t comment on the incident but I agree that no woman should be beaten. If you don’t like her, then dump her.

    As far as the stereotype of “Island girls”, I have found those that I met in college were outwardly mellow but definitely had an opinion. I think the bitchy stereotype may have come from those ” Trinidad girls vs. the world” rants that a few Trini teens posted on YouTube.

  75. I am soooooooooooo glad that someone has spoken out on this. As it has been stated @ this time there is only speculation about what went down between the two individuals involved, but what I have been seeing is ppl blaming Rhianna. Now I can’t say one way or another b/c I don’t have all the info, BUT IF Chris did hit Rhianna b/c she was mouthy are whatevea he is str8 out wrong for that, cowards hit women. I know there are SOME women out there who do try to tempt a man to hit them or just to see what the guy may do, try to push his buttons. HOWEVER, when that type of situation goes down the man NEEDS to walk away & leave the woman alone for good b/c when you come against those types of incidents it can ONLY lead to bad.

    There is no reason to put ur hands on another person if it is not life threatening. The blaming & finger pointing & saying “she deserved it” is just down right ridiculous & sad. And of course it would be coming from the Black commuinty… go figure. And the trip part about it is that it is BLACK WOMEN who are the ones who are screaming it the loudest, no wonder so many of our sistas are stuck in abusive homes & think it’s “love” when he smacks her across the face or punches her in the mouth & knocks out her teeth. Any how they NEED to get to the bottom of this b/c it is only getting worse in the court of public opinion, which for these 2 where it REALLY counts & can HURT most b/c the public is what has brought them this far.

  76. I heard they BOTH have mean streaks. Perhaps Rihanna was a bit jealous, that doesn’t represent an insecurity about SELF it represents an insecurity about THE REALTIONSHIP!! As a woman, I know we can provoke with our mouths, but men should leave right away b/c once you start reacting it’s hard to stop, it gets good to you. I’m not trying to be funny about it either. Once you start to hit someone that you are really pissed at, it’s hard to stop. I’ve seen It!!!!


  78. It’s something how two people I don’t know personally, I’m so concerned for these past couple of days. Guess that’s that kind human spirit. Anywho, I’m really praying for both of them and this situation they are in.
    No matter what… Chris never should’ve laid a harmful hand on Rihanna- point blank.
    Geez, I just hate this for both of them and I’m just wishing them the best soon and for the future.

  79. yeah people always talking bad about black women
    I just don’t care anymore because it has always been like that
    and if you knew what kind of lives these haters were having you would understand
    if something bad happens to you they will turn it against you and say that it’s all your fault
    you gotta be strong in this crazy world
    a lot of people thinks that by degrading someone else they’ll feel better and be seen better
    they’re lying to themselves and to fools

  80. wow wow wow. i was watching the grammys waiting for rihanna to perform and she never did. then the next day i hear all of this foolishness.

    if what we are hearing in the media is true, regardless if she is a hothead and “pushed” him to it, or he is a hothead too and lost his temper, whatever…this is all such a shame. they might both be agressive towards each other, but that is no excuse. I dont think we will know what “really” happened for a while. who knows, this is probably not the first time they got physical with each other. we dont know what happens behind closed doors, with ANY COUPLE, celeb or not.

    i know he must be kicking himself for not only what happened physically, but what is happening and GOING TO happen to his career. dang. he has either been dropped or suspended from all his ads. and rihanna was surrounded and nurtured by big music names, (Jay, timbaland, kanye etc) so like it has been quoted in more than one media forum, “he is a walking dead man.” i think his career is over. if not forever, then for a VERY LONG TIME. his hairs might be gray by then.

    i know she is probably so embarrassed and hurt that all of this came out. but who knows, maybe this was a good time for it to be public, who knows what may have happened the “next time”. for some women, the next time is the LAST TIME.

    bad things happen so that lessons will be learned and precautions will be taken. hopefully this will show young girls and boys that you have to respect each other and learn how to express yourself without being physical. maybe this has helped a few women (and men) that have been going through abusive/volatile/aggressive relationships to finally speak out and/or just leave that person. i hope when the smoke clears, this rihanna/chris story will have helped everyone in some way.

  81. @ LOLA







  82. Yes, like Chris wasnt infatuated with her… WTF. Wherever she was, he was and vice versa. They met each others families, went on holiday together. Only black people would find some way to justify this and all this ‘wait for the facts ‘ is not a good enough excuse to try and ameliorate the situation We should wait for the facts but thus far we do’ know’ that.
    1) They had an argument in the car, they pulled over and it escalated
    2) an altercation occurred leaving Rihanna injured
    3) somone phoned the police
    4) He fled the scene
    5)He handed himself in and paid bail after being charged
    6) He was released and is now in hiding
    7) Rihanna went to hospital for her injuries
    8) He’s due in court next month

    Now whatever the nature of their relationship, we dont know cos of all these reports. The above is not good. Period. saying ‘Maybe she said this and maybe she did that and perhaps this and perhaps that’ and the rest is also not good. I blame the internet, if i want to see something more concrete, I’ll watch the news even if its tenuous.
    There are three sides, but he broke the law. He shouldve been man enough to walk away from the situation especially after all those tales he told about his abusive upbringing.

    . I refuse to look thru the gossip sites and read any comments. Black people want all the equality but these same black people ( women) are finding ways to defend him.
    :thumbsdown: :noway:

    If this was your female relative or ur best girlfriend and her bf, what would u be saying. Thats why people( E News, Daily ten, radio stations, papers etc) are pitying Rihanna. I’m not seeing their superstar status, but people. What if this was someone high like Barack Obama on Michelle,the same thing applies, what would you say… oh she’s a strong black woman, she’s a fierce one and she should know her place instead of mouthing off… WTF

    I’m done

  83. i find it sad that no one is pointing out that in america, teenage domestic violence has been on the rise and ri-ri and chris would fit right in that scenario. whatever happened hopefully she will be okay.

  84. Stephanie,

    I am glad you guys put this thread out there. I too was getting sick of the comments that I was reading, (some coming from this site) about how Rihanna deserved what she got. The most appalling part, (and I’m pretty sure someone already said this), was that most of the negative comments came from Black women. This just proves why more than half of all new domestic violence cases involve black women. If we defend this type of behavior who knows what we take in the privacy of our own homes? The sad thing is when you go to other white blogs, like or, most of the commentary there defends Rihanna. It’s just sad when our own people are the ones who bring us down. I know that its hard for a black man, and naturally we want to defend him whenever the media comes down hard on him, however, we need to look at this situation for what it is, and this young man needs to be held responsible for his actions. Point blank.

    Again, I want to thank you for putting out what needed to be said. I used to be a faithful reader to real popular black blogs like but after seeing their apparent attempts to slander Rihanna I have been completely turned off. Thank you for so much for not partaking in the anti-Rihanna campaign.

  85. @Lola

    your logic is disappointing. Regardless of what you’ve read, or what rihanna is like, or what we know for a fact about what went down that night…violence by any party in this sort of dating situation is wrong. It is a matter of social injustice, it is oppressive, it denies people the right to freedoms we should all be entitled to like safety, freedom from the threat to violence and unprovoked attacks.

    That violence occurred here, its existence in our media consciousness and our searching for excuses to understand and justify it only add to the notion that sometimes violence is legitimate. I.e. she hit him first, she has a bad attitude or some of the much meaner comments circulating on the web. Nothing justifies her hitting him or him hitting her. Full stop. Leave it alone. The high frequency of violence in our society makes us forget how wrong and morally reprehensible it is and that ultimately it is a face of oppression suffered in the majority by those of less power, that means disproportionately women, people of colour, immigrants, gay men, lesbians and other such groups live under the threat of violence far more than others. Hence it affects us all whether or not we are the direct victim

    Anyway, im preaching. sorry

  86. It is sad that this happen, but no one has the right to hit someone she may have hit him first.Because of the another woman calledhis phone. She is just as wrong as he is. If he was cheating on her, she should have stopped being with him. And moved on

  87. @ Voice:
    I don’t think that you’re trying to say that my comment was a racial one, but just in case, no, my comment wasn’t intended to be racial in any way. I just merely brought up that issue to show that I feel that Chris Brown isn’t as innocent as some have made him out to be… if he didn’t do to RiRi what he’s being accused of, then why did he flee? He had RiRi in a choke hold to the point where RiRi passed out. He paniced and left the area. That is all I meant by my comment. Special note: the other day I read in the New York Daily News that Chris Brown had been taking Kung Fu lessons at one time. So he would know how to strike in a way that it causes maximum injury.

  88. Well, most commenters I’ve seen on most blogs are dogging Chris out big time … so I haven’t seen any of this “blame the victim” rhetoric. I know it is out there though. Personally, I think it’s too early to speak on either one of them because we don’t know anything. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

  89. Woop: U spoke it

    Smooth: nah baby i was answering your question on why he fled teh scene, someone told me it’ s because he is a young black man in LA like justifying it

  90. Well I read before this incident that she was controlling and used to hit him…maybe she hit him one too many times and he just sanpped in the heat of an arguement….but either way we dont know what happened so we dont need to judge them. However I do find it odd that if she is so beaten up, y havent there been any real pics to verify that. Y hasnt she come forth to show that she is truly a victim? Although I dont want to judge because we dont know the facts, I think that they just got into a big arguement that turned physical and they both were throwin blows. Rihanna doesnt look like some weak chick 2 just get beat up. i think she is sitting back and letting this get outta hand because she doesnt wanna break up and is miking this for all the sympathy and publicity she can because she knows its over now and is mad…if she is a victim, she needs to come foward and show it. But since all the media is siding up with her shes just sitting back and letting this happen and its not cool! She aint been hospitalized long term or anything so I think shes just sitting somewhere mad cause its over, not cause shes so beat up and battered that she cant show her face…watch and see!!

  91. And all this talk about kung fu and stuff, its just ridiculous!! And he choked until she passed out…WE DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! This is upsetting becuz these r 2 young black artists trying to do good for themselves and we as black people arent supporting them right…especially Chris as a black man, he needs all the support he can get until its proven that hes guilty!!U know black men hardly ever get second chances and that the book is usually thrown at them severely!! We dont know if he really took Kung Fu or anything…until they come out and say something…we need to not call him or her names or ruin their careers!

  92. Thank u brown sista for restoring my faith that there are some sane black female run blogs left.

    He hit her. Its wrong. Period.
    All these people saying nasty unprintable things about a woman that was treated for injuries are PR wise simply making things worse for Chris.

    If I were him Id ask them to shut the fuck up and stop sinking my career any further.

    big up to afrobella… hicktownpress for remaining sane.

  93. aaaannnnd I saw the statement on MTV from Chris Browns sister and stylist…

    They simply said Chris is not a violent person and that they both really love each other… Very tame and gaurded statement from people very close to both parties…

    No crap like oh Rhianna hits him, or clings, or gave him herpes, or follows him all the time, or mouths off…

    but of course all these self appointed defendants know and love Chris Brown more than his own sister.

    *loud kissing of teef*

  94. When I was reading the posts on Essence and BET this morning I wanted to SCREAM!!!

    I didn’t see anything derogatory about Rihanna being from the Islands, but to read the EXCUSES other black women were trying to make for Chris Brown’s behavior made my blood boil! I know we all love our black men, but we CAN NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEM WHEN THEY ARE IN THE WRONG. There is no excuse for a man losing his temper in an argument and hitting a woman! No excuse!

    I hope people will not let this teachable moment get by without sitting down with their children to talk about domestic violence and unacceptable behavior.

    The police are saying Rihanna’s injuries are HORRIFIC!!! What kind of man hits a woman, chokes her out, then runs away and leaves her for dead??!!! He left her in that car for dead! And I am so PROUD of Rihanna for cooperating with the police and not trying to sweep this under the rug. This is a story that needs to be told so that other young people will hopefully learn something.

  95. I know I said I wouldnt come back to read this but I ‘accidently’ clicked on it. I love this site and Afrobella. Right on Pam with the kissing of the teef. We aint saying Chris is the devil incarnate but that he was WRONG. no ifs and buts. Unless she came at him with a gun, a blade, a monkey wrench, 6 inch fake nails, her 5 inch Christian Louboutins or 4 lbs of weave he (or any man) can restrain her and defend himself all he likes.

    I can imagine these same women are defending him and black men who are applauding him would say that if a woman who was dressed in sexy clothes at a club and was dancing in a sexy way with her girlfriends etc and then on the way home was gang raped because she was ‘asking for it’ , ‘she deserved it’ for teasing them or ‘i’d hit that, dont care what the b*tch says’. WTF. One should be wary and cautious in these situations, of course, but to say they had it coming :noway:

    Just ask yourself : If ur man assaults u when u ‘piss him off’ or u nag/mouth off at him for whatever reason( looking at that Vibe magazine, drinking with the boys etc) and u just allow it, then thats not a really healthy relationship, is it?

    Right , now i’m really done on this subject. In other news, the US stimulus package was passed by the Senate, another Obama cabinet pick has quit, Iran’s premier Ahmadinejad is thinkin about opening talks with the US and Spain beat England 1-0 in a friendly in Seville with a rather fantastic goal from Villa.

    Good day


  96. People need to stop accusing, and stay out of their business.
    There are two sides to every story, and they were the only two their, they are the only ones that know what happened and why. So I’m not pointing my finger or taking sides with neither.

    I’m against a man hitting a woman, but if he is defending his self, that’s different.

    @ Woop, you make intresting points, but rape is totally different. If someone is attacking you, you HAVE to defend yourself, but no matter what, you don’t HAVE to rape anyone. There is no excuse for that one.

  97. @ p1tey1
    I don’t think everyone is just trying to take up for him because he’s Chris Brown. It’s just the fact that when there is domestic violence, the men are always the one to get the dirty looks. Women are abusive too, as silly as it might sound, lots of men put up with azz whoopins.

    I also think people side with Chris because Rihanna has been seen and been reported violent as well. She also didn’t want to cooperate with the police. Is she hiding something?

  98. :iagree: However, no one really knows the cause for such a reaction. In now way, his actions are excussed. Most blogs and such are out for the publicity. I admire your stand on the ethics of the situation. I don’t think that he should have beat her up, but I can understand the anger if she did “burn” him. That disease is life long like AIDS. If I were a man I would have shaken the mess out of the girl.

  99. Ok i hate starting sentences of with i heard and i usually stop listening to people when they start off with i heard, But i heard rihanna saw a text message on chris’s phone from another girl and started to hit him and i guess that’s when chris snapped, BUT that still doesn’t give chris the right to hit her, yes she was wrong for hitting him if that’s what happened,but he should have stopped the car and put her out not beat the heck out of her . He made a bad choice he is a man and she is a woman….He was just wrong for that..

  100. Just because she is from the island dont mean nothing.
    I feel really sad for anyone who’s a condoner violence this situation is sad.
    I have a Jamaican father he does do wild things just like any other human.

  101. I’m not for Rihanna I’m not for Chris either


  102. I still love Chris Brown regardless…Like Ive been saying there are 2 sides to a story and I heard an audio today from Chris’s aunt saying that its ridiculous how folks are treating him and that he is very devestated about the situation, she said Chris can not talk about his side just yet, and that when we all hear his side it will all be different. She was in tears and said that Chris would never put his hands on Rih FOR NO REASON, there both kids and Chris is still a loving kid anyone would tell you that. I still think its Rihanna’s fault some how and I need to hear his side to really have a clear view of the big picture….sorry thats just MY OPINION

  103. :brownsista: I am so thankful that the court of public opinion does not count for convictions nor exonerations! Nor does it have much bearing for discerning the real truth of the matter. And, it’s amazing how we are so involved in these people’s lives, and yet, they don’t pay any of our bills. The story is sad on all accounts: break up of a couple (not a marriage, mind you), reputations destroyed, and the glimpse of the ugly face of sexism for which our people can never seem to escape. In domestic violence, there is no such thing as a victim (man or woman) deserving a beat down attributing from one being too mouthy. If all of us subscribed to the thought that an individual cannot, and should not, practice self-control when facing certain circumstances, the majority of us would be in prison or deceased. It takes an even stronger man, or woman, to simply walk away from perceived provocation. This has happened to my uncle who walked away from his physically abusive wife before he could attempt to hurt her himself. While the situation is sad for both sides, I am disturbed to read other sista’s comments that a woman somehow deserves the violence that occurred. We may all deserve to be beat if that is the case, but no one else has the right to place their hands on you. I have been stressing that fact to a girls’ group I serve as a mentor to as healthy self-esteem seems to be missing in too many of our sistas. This should be taught to young sistas from both men and women. My dad taught me that no man is to ever lay his hands on me violently for any reason. Our society has devalued black women for far too long that even our own men and women have bought into it and continue to warmly welcome its ugly little head, even in situations like this one. This idea that black women are less deserving of respect and justice dates back to Slavery. Sadly, someone of our brothers and sistas still maintain that slavery mentality. It’s beyond time for us to change our perception of our sistas. We still think that we’re just booty-shaking, neck-rolling, ignorant, “nappy-headed” h** who deserve less than humane and respectful treatment. But, as long as we preserve this notion that deserve less than, then we will continue to accept violence of all forms as sanctions we somehow deserve simply for being black women. Sometimes when I am in Court, opposing counsel (usually a white male between 40 & 60) will completely undermine my ability to fight him by assuming I am hard to get along with, will roll my neck, and will somehow be ill-prepared for trial as if it’s not my place to be there to begin with. However, most are shocked when they lose the case, and to a smiling face, no less.

    Regarding the rape comment, an 11-year old African American girl, in Milwaukee, was gang-raped by 20 black men and boys, about three years back. Many comments from other sistas were “she knew what she was doing”, and somehow it was her fault, a child, that she was raped. Since many of our sistas think so-low of ourselves, the perception is that this 11-year-old brought about this situation herself. Now of course, if she were raped by white men, then she’s a child again in our eyes. The underlying message is the same: black women are not worthy and deserving of the same respect that we give to our brothers or what our counter-parts receive. If we can’t stand by each other, who will stand for us?

  104. @ Dylan

    My logic is simply: we really don’t know what happened. I will wait to place blame or judgment, until both parties release official statements, court documents, or at least speak on it. I am not going allow this media circus to misconstrue the truth for me.

    I do agree, that physical violence is wrong, male or female. :brownsista:

  105. All the women out their know if it was a woman it’s ok for another woman to kick your ass, but if it’s a man you can’t do shit.
    Men are’nt suppose to hit women Chris had a right to defend his self but not beat her down like that.

  106. BiBi, thank you for your wise words; I couldn’t have done better myself. Jenaki, I’m having a hard time with your logic. You say that “Chris had a right to defend his self… “. Uh, Chris also had the right to turn around and walk away from the situation too.

  107. some people are so pitiful and i wish you and your family to go throught abuse and see how you feel when the victim gets blame by idiot like you and i’ m talking to FAKE talk
    and bibi I AGREE with every thing you said

  108. Hey, there is no question that Chris Brown was dead wrong to beat Rhianna. He went way too far. But the reality of life is that people provoke people into a rage of violence. I think Chris should pay for his brutal actions, but Rhianna must not get away scot free. She is to blame for provoking Chris to do something he has not done to any other woman. And yes, Rhianna is a foreigner. She most likely did and said things that made Chris snap. Those Island women can be crazy.

  109. Gee: You are ignorant, and if you would travel and experience other cultures you’ ll have more respect, hope the women in your life don’ t provoke anyone until they leave them for dead… Idiocy damn shame, i’ m so proud to be from where i’ m from, Yall need help!!!!

    Bibi : Spoken :bowdown:

  110. I have read that all over blogs and my friend has said it too. I have a temper but I now how to control it. I see that soo many girls black girls are defending Chris saying she provoked him when we have yet heard a statement from neither camps and we don’t even know if it is going to court. I am still going to support Rihanna because I like her music. This is the one thing that scares me is to get caught up in a relationship where a man feels like he needs to put his hands on me. Now, I do have a mouth on me but any man would know to walk away. At least I hope otherwise he will be in JAIL.

  111. Hopefully the truth will come out soon; the fans of these individuals have a right to know what happened.

  112. why does everyone think he is all that, he is straight up ugly with his cro magnon eyebrow, i remember his fresh songs he was singing about “lay you down” and all this. Lord what obeah is he workin’ on her. :bag:

    well i can’t fathom why 2 adults would be hitting on each other, this shouldn’t be the necessary route for 2 adults, i can’t even blame it on youth, well i hope they part ways and go on with their lives.

    as far as the island women comment, all i can say is ” TOUCH A BUTTON ! “

  113. I don’t think everyone would be taking rihannas side if the situation was just a minor fight between two lovers. The reason I think people are sympatizing with rihanna is because of the brutalness of the attack she was beaten badly and choked to boot. If she did hit chris or provoked him, and he had slapped her back or simply pushed her maybe people would not be so enraged, not that i am saying its okay to ever hit a woman, but the rage in the attack speak volumes, and no one deserves to be beaten period, let alone to that extreme. did anyone stop to think that chris also reacted heartless when he choked her into unconsiousness then fled. It was either he didn’t care, or he thought she was already dead. Either way its just bad.

  114. Rihanna went to Africa and said some shit about Africa.I hate her since then.Like Barbados is better than any African country.I wish C B had removed her two eyes.Good job C B

  115. Gee, I don’t see any kind of logic in what you say because you contradict yourself. First you say, “… Chris Brown was dead wrong to beat Rihanna”. OK, fine. Then you turn around and say, “She is to blame for provoking Chris…”. If Rihanna did provoke in any way, Chris could have been a man and walked away; that would have worked too. Then you call Rihanna a “Foreigner”. That makes her less than human? That makes her less deserving of being treated with respect and dignity? That means that she doesn’t feel pain? That means that she doesn’t suffer because of that pain? You then further state, “Those Island women can be crazy.” Let me get that one straight: so in other words, what you’re trying to say is that Chris Brown is so God damn stupid that he don’t have enough sense to 1) see that Rihanna is a “crazy” island woman and 2) he should get away from Rihanna and leave her alone? Is that what you’re trying to say? That’s beyond pitiful. Gee, educate your thinking.

  116. You can defend your self many different ways hold her back, grab her arms she could have been tring to kill him yes I do agree he should have walked away.

  117. You can not clasify all island women as the same thing. But people saying thats she is bitchy and calling her all kind of name is wrong. She is from a small island where she is use to having her privacy and i do not think she will ever like having all of these cameras and people all up in her face 24/7. I know that having no privacy come with being in the spot light but sometimes we as fans want too much and do not respect them. That is why i think she rarely smile and there by come off as being bitchy. In the real world no one walk around with a smile on there face all day long and that is what a lot of people want her to do. Like people saying that she provoke chris it goes both ways. I like both of them but i like rihanna a lot more.

  118. @arrested you sound so stupid and ignorant. So what if rihanna said what she feels about africa. If she is giving a honest critique so be it. You don’t know what barbados is like so shut up. when you go there and visit, then you can also come back and give your honest critique. Until then just STFU and realize that everything about africa will not be seen through rosy glasses rihanna was not the first or the last to say something negative about somewhere they have traveled. If thats how she feels , thats just how she feels.

  119. All of u need to shut up yes she is bitchy and all i am from barbados and rihanna community and a liitl girl was dying sick amd ask rihanna an autogragh she was with chris brown and she said just hold on it take her 45 mins to get out of the car and sign that autogaragh .yea she aint no sweetbread rihanna has her ways and can be one blames rihanna but she should hold responsible too she is hottempered ask any one of her class mates.No one knows the whole story why isnt she talking ,she didnt even call the cops,There is something wrong with this suituationAnd her mom said it is not as bad as the media is making sound.

  120. Lets just assume the rumors are true…that Rihanna is all those negative things…why in the hell was Chris still with her? The injuries Rihanna suffered are not typical of a first offense or a typical physical reaction! The injuries were too severe for this to be an …oops, I didn’t mean to hit you like once, possibly ~stretching it…twice! Wake up people and realize that Rihanna could be your sister, daughter, a future positive influence on young ladies, and you mean to tell me that this is the vibe you want heard; that its her fault…and its okay to be abused because another soon to be ex-role model is involved…there are no two sets of rules in this case…I am sorry! Search your hearts…this girl could have died! Don’t make light of this…this pain will last with both of them for some time to come! I am not saying Chris should be fed to the wolves…but if he wants to behave like one, being a positive role model doesn’t coincide with his behavior and he needs to face the consequences of his actions! I am sure that the more he reads folks taking up for his behalf…no lesson is being learned, perhaps it will result in the same fashion as it did for OJ! OJ didn’t learn the first time around…I would hate to see Chris not treated here and now and to have the chance to turn around and to live a positive and productive life…I would hate to read this story again, yet with a more negative outcome! None of us are perfect, however, you cannot ignore the truth or turn this into a popularity contest…this is some real sh**!

  121. Just like i tought rihanna is never speaking to him ever again… :hifive: go on girl
    : Pop star Rihanna has told her family she has split with boyfriend Chris Brown and vowed: “I’ll never speak to him again.” Singer and actor Brown is alleged to have beaten her up after a pre-Grammy’s party in Los Angeles last week. She has fled her LA apartment and is at a secret hideaway with her mum Monica Fenty. Last night her angry dad Ronald, 55, who is separated from Monica, said: “The relationship is over and I am pleased. She doesn’t want to speak to Chris. She is being very brave about things and said that she will be back on stage performing soon.” Brown is alleged to have blacked her eyes and bitten her face after claiming she cheated on him. But reports suggested she went mad after he flirted with Leona Lewis. Brown’s father Clinton said his son was “very remorseful”.

  122. Rihanna went to Africa and said some **** about Africa.I hate her since then.Like Barbados is better than any African country.I wish C B had removed her two eyes.Good job C B
    i’ m african which part of africa are you from? and you know you’ re lying don’ t you ?

  123. :stop:

    Yo whats going on all this MAN bashing on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol2: Look NOBODY Man or Woman has the right to put there hands on anybody. There isn’t a victim here cause non of yall knows what happen its all speculations for now. If she hit him or he hit her first or whatever it was wrong. But Chris is finding out in todays world as a Man you are guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of the uneducated.

  124. And to those that skipped school to learn hip hop choreography let me school you for a minute
    If Rihanna had hit him first I’m sure Chris’ lawyers would have tried to file a case against her. & FYI retaliation according to the law isn’t considered self-defense. You’re only allowed to hit in an attempt to get away from imminent danger. so Chris is GUILTY ,,, now go get your GED

  125. An again to the uneducated to not confuse self defense with retaliation. Retaliation is a act of revenge and self defense is a plea of justification for the use of force or for homicide
    2 : the act of defending oneself, one’s property, or a close relative. So in reference in the case of Chris and Rihanna until the truth comes out you wouldn’t know which word to use.

  126. and again u are dumb since punches and bite marks are sign of either attack OR RETALIATION so shut up

  127. Have you lost your mind, putiing your hands on anyone is a sign that you can not conversate to that person and come to an adult agreement. My heart goes out to her and him, domestic violence is nothing to play with. and for him to actually find a whole in the system that is to assist with domestic violence shows you how much of man his parents raised. this is crazy, fame or no fame, he should be prosicuted accordingly.

  128. Greetings All,
    I really wanted to leave a comment on a site where many black women read it daily about this sitution!

    1) Abuse is never OK.
    2) I wanted to say i realize that everyone has their own opionion about the situation with Rhianna and Chris (including me)! but no while everyone is either on chris or rhianna’s side, no one not even me knows the whole story. Every one is speculating on what happened and noone really knows the truth. I would like to say please stop speculating with what happened, wheater it is true or not that chris may or maynot have hurt rhianna. No one knows for sure what happened and all of the blogs and websites are reporting what they think is true or what they have heard is true from family memebers but not from the two people who are in this situation. Abuse from either end of the rope is wrong! If rhianna hit chris and he hit her back they both are wrong. But for every one to conclude that chris is the person to have hit her is wrong and to believe that rhianna provocted him is also WRONG!! No one knows what happened for real but CHRIS and RHIANNA and until they make a statement the the truth of the situatiuon please stop standing up for either one of them because the way I see it they both are wrong in this situaiton and we will never know the truth.

    Many people want to say Rhianna hit Chris first, and other want to say Chris hit her first. We just dont know!! I dont know what is true about the situation but while everyone is saying chris is wrong but what if the speculations are false and he did not do what everyone is saying he did? His career could be over because of what someone said out of anger, if it is not true. no one has seen rhianna or chris with bruises on them so noone knows. And if it is found true i can see that Chris will do the right thing, when the speculations were first put out there he turned himself in so please let it go and allow them to move on and work this out. And remeber ABUSE is never OK no matter who is the victim!!

  129. I hate this situation no one deserves this :hater: Chris will miss out on alot i,m from jamaica the most violent caribbean island n i’m not like that. If any 1 should b bithcy is american women plz stop hatin
    luv u riri :iagree:

  130. :stop:

    So you are saying Chris retaliated on her. So in that case he was seeking revenge on her for what??????? You don’t make sense in what you are saying you speak like you are actually apart of one of there camps an you know facts. So its back to what I said in the start it does not matter who hit who but you can’t just start pointing fingers at anyone if they both hit eachother then they are both WRONG!!!!!!!


  131. I am really sick of this whole situation. Media has blown this way out of control. Everyone is proven innocent until found guilty. I say that to say that “NO ONE” has the right to put their hands on each other physically. With Chris being the man he should have been smarter to walk away. But in reality what did Rihanna do to him. There are two sides to the story and when u get pushed to that level you snap. No it’s not right but at that time at that moment u don’t be thinking. Rihanna u can see that she has a jealous streak in her. All islands girls that i know are jealous. Quote what i said before you comment. “The island girls that i know”… Abuse is abuse man, woman, boy or girl.

    Chris you still have a fan out there. Be strong!!!

  132. well I think the media is really blowing this thing up. Now the media has come out with excuses about Rihanna and Chris about why what happened went down. Alot of kids saw their parents being abused but that does not mean that all kids go and abuse the person they are with. Now people trying to blame Rihanna heritage for her behavior, that’s bull too. People, no one really knows what happend all yall going on is he say, she say. Yes it is two sides to every story so until the story comes out of either one of their mouths who is to say what’s true or not. Sure I’m sure an altercation did happen between the two, but who are we to say what happend if we were not there..But on the other hand if CB did put his hands on her then he needs to be punished correctly. I’m tired of all these famous people who get slaps on the wrist for innapropriate behavior. The whole situation is sad but people need to stop blowing it up…

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