Blast From The Past: Tina Turner & David Bowie

With the announcement that singer Tina Turner would soon be going out on tour after a seven year hiatus, I thought now would be a good time to whip out a clip of my favorite Tina performance of all time. I can’t be sure, but I think the year was 1985 and it was the Private Dancer Tour. Tina was on stage singing one of my favorite songs, “Tonight”, when she was joined by fellow rock star, David Bowie. The chemistry between these two artists is what makes this performance so great and the reason why it has become a classic amongst Tina fans like myself.


  1. All hail the mighty Tina! Thanks for the clip. Tina’s sax player loves those pelvic thrusts don’t he? LOL I rented her ‘Wildest Dreams’ tour some months ago, and he was there, playing sax and percussion, all glistened up with sweat and baby oil with his hair pulled into a ponytail and his crotch successfully strapped with the leather harnesses. LOL. But he wears that saxophone out, greasy man that he is. LOLOL.

    And look at Ziggy Stardust. LOL Got sistas throwing bum-rushing the stage just to lay hands on him. LOL. Thanks for this clip! I love Tina!

  2. Dang, the girl tried to get a PIECE of David lol!


    Whenever I see Tina perform I always feel lazy, lol. I have to get up and go do SOMETHING PHYSICAL. She is damn near 40 years older than me.

  4. you’re right sister, but what was up with the caera guys in the eighties! why was he constantly shooting the keyboard-guitar players balls the whole clip? gross.

  5. What’s up with David Bowie and sistas?

    You see that sista that ran up on the stage. And Iman is crazy about him. He must have a magic wand 😉

  6. Tina know she can command a stage. Did anyone see her and Cher on Oprah? The woman is 68 years old and still rocking the stage. Now that is how I want to look at 68! Hell, I’ll take that when I’m 38! Sistas do love them some David

  7. Tina is lucky she existed when she did. If she was out today the Black bloggers would be hating on her for sure. The way she dressed and showed and shook her ass would have the judgmental women out in force demanding her head be put on a platter.

  8. Since no one else will say it I will. Tina Turner is too old to be touring and looks it. She moves like an old lady now and that’s because she is an old lady. She has been looking stiff for years but most media outlets had too much respect to say it because she is a legend. Her performance however at the Grammys had bloggers telling the truth on her though. Tina needs to stay in retirement. Her and Cher who even worse than she does.

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