Blondes: Bombshells vs. Grenades

What sparked our inspiration to create this post was seeing photos of singer Amerie’s new bleach blonde hair.

Amerie on why she went platinum:

“I’ve always wanted to go platinum blonde, and I figured I’d finally just do it,” she says “One of the things that inspired me are photos I’ve seen of children in the Solomon Islands. They are very brown-skinned, and a lot of them grow white-blonde hair naturally. The contrast in dark skin tone and extremely light hair is really beautiful to me. So I just went for it!”

Then, just last week, photos from a recent Erykah Badu performance surfaced on the ‘net, revelaing her new blonde ‘do as well.

We were so unimpressed that we chose to speack on it. Below are a few more sistas who attempted to get a blonde (or blonder) upgrade…but FAILED!

 FYI: Because I know you’ll ask, the latina underneath Beyonce’s pic is a singer named Talia Coles.

Now, these following ladies got it right!….

From seeing the different ranges in skin color, I do believe a light hair color such as a shade of blonde can look good on just about anyone. You just have to research the science of which shade goes with what complexion best. It has a lot to do with skin color, undertones, hair style, and natural hair texture. If you keep all those in mind, you can’t go wrong!

Wrap-up: The sistas featured in this post are all beautiful none-the-less, but like they say…“everything ain’t for everybody!”

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  1. Yeah, I don’t care for the bleach look on amerie. I always thought her raven colored mane fit her perfectly

  2. Amerie and Keri Hilson look like fools! SMH. Everyone is not fit for blonde hair and you basically hit it right on the spot with who failed. But I actually do like Beyonce’s styles. I never like Keyshia, Kelis, or even Ciara blonde. SMH. I’m not really a BIG fan of blonde! =/

  3. A blonde Ciara is a piping hot mess, as is Amerie & Christina Milian. PIPING hot, smh.

  4. I personally dont like when black women sport blonde hair. Thats why Ive always admired Janet Jackson for not going blonde. I think thats dope. She has wore blonde wigs though for photoshoots and videos, but she never went there for an actual image. Kudos to Janet.

  5. Black women have no business running around with black hair, It screams insecurity IMO

  6. Why are people so hyped and judgemental about the color of a woman’s hair, or if they wear weaves or not? It doesn’t scream anything but personal preference.

    But with that said it doesn’t mean some colors and styles are not ugly.

  7. @Get real : LOOOOL Girl! I was saying something to my man about black people and i must have typed black, Thank you For the correction yes i meant Blonde, And like i said it screams insecurity to me.

    When i see a black woman with blond hair i assume she is trying her best to fit in in this white wash society,For a long time having bright yellow hair, colored eyes and white skin was a sign of beauty use to demean mostly women of color .and now you turn around and embrace that image proudly? what I’m i supposed to clap ?


    PS: This is a gossip blog, As in judgmental, opinionated gossip, I am sorry if my opinion hurts anyone but i will not apologize for being an African woman proud of her heritage and disgusted by white washed, wanna be white, misguided “black” women.

  8. SHONTELLE- I respect your opinion, but I guess that means every woman who has blonde hair has insecurities, and wants to be…white?
    (Mom is that true?)

  9. @Get Real

    I agree with you. Hair color is a preference, not a deep lust to be someone else. Hair is the perfect vessel for transformation. You can change the color, length, or style to suit your mood. The great thing about hair is the ability to go back to the original if the look you were trying to achieve didn’t work for you. I definitely don’t agree that “blonde hair scream insecurities” because if that’s the case, are we saying “black hair screans I’m secure”. I sincerely DOUBT IT…

    The ladies classified under “Bad Blonde Makeovers” lacked the correct shade of blonde to enhance their complexion and undertones.

  10. Hair color is hair color. What gets me is that folks who change their color or style do so to be different or because they want to experience something different. But how is it ‘different’ when everybody’s doing it? LOL. I think Oprah asked her audience that same question on an episode last season. But that conversation dealt with YTs and how they like to go blonde.

    I say go terracotta or full-on prism-spectrum if you want to be different and stand out from the rest. LOL. But really, I think it’s cool to do whatever you want. I went blonde for a season, but not platinum blonde; it was more a honey blonde and it worked well with my skin color. It’s just the effects were so damaging that I ultimately went back to black. I’m thinking of going red; maybe a burnished orange or nutmeg or something cinnamon colored. I was born with red/dustyblonde hair, so I think it might work well with my undertone. #youcare LOL

    agree with SEPIASTAR.

  11. I think that many black women can look ok and JUST OK with blonde hair, but I have NEVER, ever seen a black woman with blonde hair that made me think, “Now that sista is working that blond hair. It looks really nice”. I think dark hair is rich, beautiful, and adds depth to any woman’s features. I do think shades of brown look good on many black women depending on their complexion and the shade of brown.

  12. I think keyshia cole looks like a fool everytime I see her with BLONDE or Red hair. ciara should stick to the black with the soft brown streaks thats pretty but her career been flat lined. so changing her hair wont help the situation. Amerie looks possessed with that blonde hair gheeese! Kelis is a one woman freak show and amber rose is not worth the mention.

  13. I don’t like blonde hair color on dark skinned people. I don’t even like it on a naturally brunette person whatever race she is. I think dark hair looks best on us, that’s how G-d made it and HE knows best!



  15. People getting upset over a choice to dye their hair are forgetting something. There are some black folks who are born with light colored hair. I happen to be related to several. They dye their hair darker or lighter or sometime choose not to change it. Every black person with light hair is not “trying to look white”.

  16. Actually I’m african american , with a tanned based caramel-golden undertone , an I’ve always kept my hair platinum blonde b/cus it looks better on me , then dark hair. which washes me out. so rather then think I’m downgraded my race b/cus I keep my hair lighter is crazy to me. I get compliments on a daily basics. from my own race , but it’s how you rock it. I don’t wear it like a barbie. I add my own flavor an twist to it. kinda like keyshia cole’s hair in no love” video. it’s expensive an hard to manage but I love it

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