Blue Eyed Soul: Sistas & Contacts

Last night I got an interesting e-mail from someone concerning pics posted in the Brown Sista gallery. This person berated me for filling the gallery with pics of Black women with blue contacts. Now the term “filling the gallery” was a bit of a stretch as most of the pictures posted there are of sistas without contacts. Still, they were upset about two sistas in particular- Meagan Good and Blu Cantrell. Now I was aware that Blu Cantrell wore blue contacts, but not until closely looking at this pic and few others did I realize that Meagan Good wears them as well. Still, I saw no harm and told the e-mailer that I would not be removing them and considered their use of contacts a non issue.

Later on the exchange I had with this anonymous person crossed my mind again and I decided to seek the opinions of the thoughtful and intelligent men and women who post here.

As a matter of fact, I think it is time for a poll which we have not had in a while.

The question is simple. Are Black women who wear blue contacts simply exercising a fashion/beauty choice or are they subconsciously displaying a form of self hate?


  1. Total non issue. I used to think otherwise but truly everything that we do or wear that isn’t considerd Black or Black looking cannot be considered a form of self hate. I think Blu Cantrll may wear blue contacts because of her name. As for Meagan I knew she wore them from time to time but I doubt she did it out of self hate.In that particular pic you posted she had blue hair and probably wore the contacts to match.

    Sistas hardly want to be White women.I think we may be some of the most securest women when it comes to our looks.Plus, are Whitesa trying to be Black when they tan, get lip or booty implant? Actually they are but we ain’t them. :lol2:

  2. Why does the media and really society in general spend so much time trying to convince the world that Black women aren’t happy with how they look? Caucasians women by far seem to have more hang ups with their looks than all the other races combined.

    For women who are told they are the pinnacle of femininity they spend quite a bit of time trying to change themselves into something they not. So Black girls wear weaves, well White girls as poster #1 says go far beyond fake hair. They are actually trying to build new versions of themselves.

    They are going under the knife to physically change their appearance and oftentimes to gain features that make them look less White.

    Permanent tans, full lips and the newest craze, butt implants are all features associated with Blackness and yet no one ever claims White women actually want to look Black. Why not?

    Tell the anonymous e-mail complainer to kiss your ass and get a life. All blue contacts mean is that the store was probably out of hazel ones. 😡

  3. [quote comment=”6090″]Why does the media and really society in general spend so much time trying to convince the world that Black women aren’t happy with how they look? Caucasians women by far seem to have more hang ups with their looks than all the other races combined.
    [/quote]Trying to degrade and humiliate Black women is an American past time. It also helps to sustain White supremacy by teaching Whites that we want to look like them.In the meantime White women like Jessica Beal continue to get Blacker and more famous with each passing day. When her ass grew out of nowhere (she said it was exercise) White men went crazy and White women recently voted her in US Weekly magazine as the woman with the butt they most wish they had.

    Who is really copying who in the beauty business? What besides straight hair do women of other ethnicities have that some Black women wish they had? Nothing really and the only reason Black women wear weaves and lust after straight hair is because Black men want that.

    Generally Black women tend to be extremely satisfied with their bodies, lips and noses. Can we say the same for White women or many women of other ethnicities?

  4. What a waste! We have so many other things to be concerned with right now than who wears blue contacts. Who cares…really? I mean, think about it. At the end of the day, does it REALLY matter?Please tell that person to get a life and consider investing that time and energy into something more important.

  5. if the question is do we think blu and meagan are trying to be or either look white then i would say no. what i do think they are trying to do though is fit into a certain hollywood beauty aesthetic that black women in particular must adhere to.

    h-town nothing is too small for us to talk about as black women when it comes to the pressure so many of our sisters feel in hollywood to fit in.maybe had we talked more little kim wouldn’t look the way she does today.maybe if we supported black women minus the fake hair, eyes and nails so many of then wouldn’t end up lost, dazed and confused looking like chocolate coated barbie dolls.

  6. Meagan and Blu both look pretty. But I cannot help but talk about their changes. Anyone who has seen pics of Blu in Blacktail Magazine knows that she is a pretty girl with short Black processed looking hair. Though pretty light complected her Blackness ia very apparent. Looking at Blu today however you would think she was a Latina or even biracial.

    The same goes for Meagan.The changes in her as well are all designed to make her look less Black and more European. I guess the blue eyes were the final step to bringing about the desired look.

    When will Black women ever make choices that bring them back to Blackness rather than push them farther away from it? Never yall because the price a Black woman pays for fame is Hollywood is her Blackness. She must relinquish it before success comes.Then and only then will she be allowed to move up the ladder of success.

  7. I see nothing wrong with these ladies wearing contacts. As long as they don’t look ridiculous (picture Lil Kim) while they wear them. In the photo above, Blu Cantrell looks good with her contacts. If she wore hazel or brown or green, she would probably look good with them too.

    I don’t think she is trying to be white or deny her ethnicity, she is simply creating an image that will enhance her entertainment career.

  8. Why should “creating an image to promote one’s career” be at the expensive of who you really are? Is that really the image that you want to promote for younger black women. It gives the impression that being black is not good enough. From the fake hair to the fake contacts…it’s all sad!! I wish black women would accept themselves just the way they are.

  9. Why are they considered sad? We all project an image to the world, sometimes it helps and sometimes it harms us. In my line of work I rely on my education, marketing experience and computer language skills – if a new technology comes out, I adapt to make myself better in my career. These ladies do the same, they rely on appealing to as large an audience as possible to sell music and box office tickets. If that means changing up the hairstyle or trying a new look with contacts, they will adapt to capture that audience.

    I do not think they are denying their heritage if they choose to wear contacts. The truth is, being black comes in all colors. Black women range from ivory to ebony with eye colors in all hues. If a sista with brown eyes wants to try blue, go for it. If a sista with green eyes wants to switch to dark brown, good for her. If Blu Cantrell wants to wear blue contacts and it looks good on her, I say it’s her choice.

  10. I think with Blu it is because of her name and the image she wants to continue to associate with it. With Meagan, I had no idea she wore them. Fooled me.

    But these are just contacts and are superficial things, like hair weaves, wigs, fake nails, etc. I can only hope that the wearing of these things are not a practice of self-hate…that’s actually weird for me to even think about. Makes me not want to have faith in the sista that wears them because of this.

    But on the whole, I think it’s just a matter of image and switching things up a bit. Look at Beyonce (yes, I mention Beyonce ha ha), she wears wigs as we all know, but it’s to portray a certain image, one that she has created, one that is heavily influenced (my opinion) by Tina Turner and Diana Ross and her mother, Tina Knowles (ha ha) and their ‘dress changes’, their status as ‘superstar’ and their ability to always keep the audience on the edge of their seat with ‘what will she do next? how will she appear this time?’

    It’s costuming.

    Now for the Black women who in their regular, everyday, non-superstar life change out contacts from green to purple and change their lacefronts from a deep wave to bone straight, then, I say too, it’s just a matter of self-expression. At least it is for me, although I’ve never worn color contacts and have no desire to do so (unless I get a part in Thriller: The Remake circa 2007) 😆 Also, I’m biased in this in that I’m an artist and love to change my look from time to time. It’s just show business, at least for these ‘stars’; as for all other women of color, it’s something ‘else’, but I can only hope it’s ‘not’ self-hate. I’d like to think we’ve moved ‘beyond’ that. 🙂

  11. ummm Blu cantrell’s eyes are REAL blue eyes, not contacts.

  12. Her eyes weren’t blue in Black Tail magazine. I saw the pics when they first hit the net and she had dark eyes.Blue adopted the blue eyes later on her career.

  13. Megan does not consider herself black. So why all the drama.

  14. First of all colored contacts are not just worn by black women and there are some black women that naturally have blue or even green eyes.(Vanessa Williams and Stacy Dash) Contacts can’t make you look white anyway, nor blonding your hair. Like others said what about white women who tan thier skin, get implants or lip injections? I don’t think black women are trying to be white and the speculation of one trying to be white or any other race is one of the most ignorant thing to say. What is acting black or white? you only perceive of what that is because of what society says what’s black or white? People are who they are and it’s not an issue of race. Now I can’t speak for Meagan Good but considering the fact that she’s always wore her natural brown eyes, I really think this is a fashion statement and for Blu I think it is too.

  15. It’s merely a fashion thing, IMO. What about Tyra Banks? I’ve seen photo shoots from the beginning of her career in which she had in dark brown contacts. I really don’t think wearing coloured contact lenses indicates self-hatred in anyway. Maybe they just fancy a change sometimes, at the end of the day when they take the contacts out, their real eyes will always be dark brown. White people wear coloured contacts too, without anyone giving them grief. Paris Hilton and Katie Holmes spring to mind. Google it if you don’t believe me.

  16. I am not sure about it…but I must say that I absolutely do NOT agree with the idea that black women are content with their looks, especially being a black woman who grew up in the south.

    Now, big butts and thick thighs and luscious lips are the ish and have always been revered in our community, but it has been my experience that black men and even some other women have been more comfortable with seeing those things paired with long straight or wavy hair, light skin, and “pretty” eyes. Those are the women that some people choose to call pretty. My best friend is a beautiful dark-skinned woman, but she feels like she has to work extra hard not to be overlooked in a room full of “those” women. Not saying there is anything wrong with looking that way if that’s just how you look, but where does it end? Weave, not just for a style, but that people pretend is their own hair, colored contacts, perms, SKIN-bleaching creams?

    True, white women get tans and butt implants and all that, but they would never try to be as dark as some black people are…that’s unheard of. Personally I think that America’s new ideal is a hybrid of both cultures, black and white, like Beyonce or Alicia Keys, or Rihanna. Now they are all beautiful women…but each has been advertised as not just black. Always part black AND…

    We accept them as our own because they are a part of us. But, we are being programmed to think that’s what’s acceptable. If you are just black, you have to be exotic to be accepted by America. Either that, or you must be mixed. And little girls emulate this. No, black women are not comfortable themselves…my senior thesis paper was on cultural concepts of beauty and its psychological effect, and the things I found were saddening.

  17. Why should Meagan Good limit herself? IF she wants blue eyes it’s her right. she doesn’t look More White or less Black because of it..she looks like MEAGAN GOOD. people need to stop turning everything into a race issue.

  18. I think it’s just a fashion statement. Eye contacts does not define who you are. :mrgreen:

  19. if these women want to wear blue eye contacts then let them! the women who have a problem w/ the contacts are probably walking around with a 3ft silky weave in their head…nobody’s trippin off that though,huh?

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