Blue Ivy Carter’s SNL Debut

Did you guys catch Saturday Night Live last night? If you didn’t you missed one of the funniest skits since Rihanna‘s first “Shy Ronnie” routine back in 2009.

SNL alum Maya Rudolph returned and showcased the vocal pipes she obviously inherited from her mother Minnie Ripperton, in a skit that lampooned the hoopla that surrounded the birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first child Blue Ivy Carter.

Joining Maya was Jay Pharoah, whose Jay-Z impersonation continues to be spot on.


  1. HILARIOUS. She sounds like Beyonce 😐 ha ha

    Justin Timberlake, please stick to comedy and to music. You are NOT an action hero or dramatic actor, boo. 🙂

  2. I’m so tired of seeing punk a. s. s. Justin Timberlake. Can he stop riding black folk’s coattails now. He never misses an opportunity to hitch a ride to the Beyonce train when it pulls into Saturday Night Live.

    Lord why didn’t you take Justin and leave Osama Bin Laden.

  3. Maya’s funny! The skit had its moments. I didn’t expect this SNL debut so soon. But, I guess you’re open game when you grab big headlines, for better or worst!

    Justin is funny, for sure!

  4. @Jenna,

    That is disgusting. Some of you really need therapy.

    The skit was ok. If anything, it proves that SNL needs more black people

  5. It sucked..they should have done the prince show sketch ..they should of came harder~

  6. @ WOHOO i agree that SNL needs more black folks…namely BLACK WOMEN, but eh, they’ve been “limited” for a minute.

    @ Jenna, Justin doesn’t wait to “hitch a ride on the Beyonce train” on SNL. Dude’s been in more skits sans Beyonce for a minute now. He should just join the cast of the show and be done with it. And how in the heck can you align Justin Timberlake to Osama Bin Laden? LOL Ridiculous.

  7. She captured that ghetto accent and hood rat neck roll to the t, classless her and jay z both, I wish blue ivy the best in life

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