Tamar Braxton Reveals New Album Cover


Tamar Braxton Debuts ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ Cover Art

After an almost two-year hiatus, R&B diva Tamar Braxton is ready to once again shake up the music world. Via her various social media pages, the 40-year old Love and War singer shared the title and cover art for her upcoming fifth solo album.

The follow-up to 2015’s Calling All Lovers will be Bluebird of Happiness, and like most artists, Tamar swears it is her best work to date. “I know I keep saying ‘coming soon,’ but I promise you I cannot wait to share this project,” Tamar captioned the album’s cover art on Instagram. “Best believe, Bluebird of Happiness is my best work to date. Pre-order and official release date will be revealed before you know it.”

Back in April Tamar released the buzz single My Man. Her emotionally charged performance of the track at this year’s Bet Awards would help it eventually peek at #3 on the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart.


  1. I’m going to get her new material. She has delivered substance with her previous material. Regardless of her personality on certain occasions Tamar definitely possess her talent in a solid way. “Calling All Lovers” was really solid. I’m just intrigued how this new material will be. She’s capable of pushing her artistry. I’m into the r&b genre where artists do actually have vocals, harmonies, and runs. The auto-tune in today’s r&b (some) isn’t appealing to me. Tamar has filled a lane of her own despite what some people think otherwise. But I want her to have success and she’ll eventually get it. Her fanbase including myself are excited.

  2. When Love and War came out I really thought Tamar was going to help resurrect black women in R&B music. But I think she started to take on too much and the music suffered a bit. Hosting a talk show and appearing on two different reality shows is hard work. Plus, Tamar allowed herself to become embroiled in needless online beefs that I think hurt her image with fans. I’m still rooting for her, but nothing she’s done lately comes close to Love and War. Having said that, she still got a voice on her and twice the talent as most of these chicks out here today.

  3. @Sista

    I agree with you. The unnecessary online beefs wasn’t cool for her. “Love And War” is a solid effort as well. I think “Bluebird Of Happiness” will push her artistry. In my perspective she did flourish in r&b however countless of other r&b females have resurrected the genre. Jazmine Sullivan, Elle Varner, Solange, are a few examples. Tamar has proved to be in her lane too. I’m very excited for this new material because she’s capable of releasing the authenticity of r&b/soul which is missing on airplay. I want r&b to get resurrected and get the support. I got exposed to the great r&b legends such as Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Brandy, and of course Aaliyah. Today’s records on airplay is garbage. And these “singers” don’t have any vocals, harmonies, or runs. They just use that auto-tune crap and it’s redundant. I think Tamar will make up for “Calling All Lovers”. I dig that album because she still managed to have the soul in her records. This new album should be it. I support her and I’m ready for her new era.

  4. You all want to know what’s really wrong with far too many singers today? They want to do everything except sing. Tamar can sing her butt off but she uses her social media pages for petty beefs instead of uploading videos showing that she is a powerful vocalist. She’s also been throwing herself pity parties online lately. Why is she looking for therapy via snap chat of all places? Too many drama queens out here and few people putting in the time to hone their craft. My Man was not a good single. It was generic and its poor chart performance is proof of that. If that song is any indication of what she has to offer, I will be passing. Get back to the music Tamar and stop posing on Instagram and acting like a cheap reality star. You’re a Braxton. Act like it.

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