Boadicea the Victorious

amber-rose3 Amber Rose is slowly becoming a household name. She’s proving she’s more than just Kanye West side piece, or should I say arm candy. It was announced today she would be the new face of Micheal Bodi’s fragrance, Boadicea The Victorious. This is Bodi’s first fragrance collection. It is set to launch in October 2009.


  1. She’s so much prettier when she smiles and she has a sick body. Go Amber.


  3. Was she a model before. Because I just don’t understand the fascination with this person. What makes her so special? Just because she is dating someone famous.

  4. Maybe it’s me running on E the last few weeks but someone think fast and explain the bare minimum standards of what makes you a household name please.

  5. Stop the hate! Amber Rose is eclectic and beautiful. She has courage to rock that fabulous hair style instead of buy weave to look like Whitey. Kanye and her are in love – from what we can tell. They hold each other more and show each other afection more than Jay and Bey in public. She one of the many random colors of OUR rainbow and she is a Sista – so we need stop the hate and celebrate. They owe us – so we need to get ours by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. She aint’ selling azz or causing harm to our community – leave her our Sister alone!

  6. I don’t think its the “hate” but the question is why do we (Black women) sell ourselves to get ahead with someone famous?

    Who owe us…by any means necessary?
    Lets stop finding & using excuses to get ahead.

    We all have a journey in life, but be true to yourself, so when you look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t have to owe anybody but yourself. But be grateful to who all help along the way!!!

    Quote, Don’t ever forget who you are, Unquote!
    Words by Sistas!

  7. No one cou;d give me an explanation though oh alright. Definitely gonna have to give an oh please and whatever this time Renee.

  8. @EBZ- NUTHIN that’s the problem. People that hav no lives, worship other people who do nuthin. I am happy tho she has found time to slide from underneath Kanye and actually do something besides strut half-naked.
    I know Alexis(kanye ex-fiancee) feels good. sometimes when u break up with some1, ur payback is them not findin sum1 on ur level and Amber def ain’t on Alexis. i neva spoke 2 neither but just how they carry themselves… speaks volumes.

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