Bobbi Kristina is Not Here for Angela Bassett


Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is not very pleased with “American Horror Story: Coven” actress Angela Bassett.

As previously reported, Angela will be helming the upcoming Lifetime biopic on Whitney, which will see former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Yaya DaCosta take on the role of the iconic singer.

Bobbi Kristina’s gripe with Angela apparently stems from Angela’s decision to cast Yaya to play Whitney, instead of herself.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Angela was asked if she ever considered casting Bobbi Kristina to play the role of her mother, to which Bassett responded: “No, I did not think about that. I did not think about casting her. And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft. It’s an attempt to illuminate the complexities of human behavior and life. And this is a very fast-paced schedule; we have just 21 days to tell this story. It’s more than just saying lines and turning the light on. You have to drive the story—there’s a technical aspect.”

Bobbi Kristina apparently got wind of Angela’s comments and proceeded to go on a small tirade against the Oscar nominated actress, calling her a “bitch” and perhaps worst of all, asserting that Angela somehow looked like a man.

Since her mother’s passing, Bobbi Kristina has been constant fodder for the tabloids and bloggers. Some of it has been warranted, but in my opinion, most has not. However, I have long believed that BK does a disservice to her mother’s memory by acting out and speaking in a way I am sure her mother would not be pleased with.

From her public battles with her grandmother and other family members, to this recent disgusting attack on Angela, BK looks like a child who wasn’t raised properly and that in return makes Whitney look bad.

Bobbi Kristina needs to grow up and most of all, shut up. She is too vocal and public with things that are better left unsaid and kept out of the spotlight.

Angela was a friend to Whitney, and Whitney said as much in her own interview to EW after they wrapped filming on “Waiting to Exhale” so many years ago. We all know Angela’s character and know she would never in any way defame the memory of Whitney.

If BK’s only gripe with Angela is the casting of Yaya and not her, then she more so than ever needs to have many seats. Though Tyler Perry has thrown her a few bones allowing her to appear in several of his productions, BK is not an accomplished actress and is highly unlikely to be able to play the complexities that will be required to bring her mother’s story to life.

Hopefully Bobbi Kristina will continue to grow and eventually learn that the best thing she can do to honor her mother’s memory is not to go on public tirades against her family and friends, but rather to live well, succeed, be great and show the world that despite her problems, Whitney was still able to raise a beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful daughter.


  1. I’ve noticed that Bobbi Kristina likes to try to force on people that she looks like her mother. She doesn’t.

    Not gonna go in on her looks like some people, but I do think she has some self-perception issues. The fact that she doesn’t look like her mother isn’t the end of the world.

    I do wonder how she became so fame-hungry. Even at her mother’s lowest point, she never resorted to senseless antics. Perhaps that came from some of the other adults she was around growing up.

  2. The child did not have a stable home or anyone she could really turn to which is why she has turned to her brother/husband and essentially the public. Whitney and Bobby’s life/marriage was troubled and fueled with abuse and drug use. You know Bobbi Kris had to have been affected by that. I agree she should get off Twitter and hold her tongue. But let’s not be too hard on her and remember what her childhood was like. If any of you watched their reality show then you know Bobby and Whitney were usually in their own world and Bobbi Kris was on her own.

  3. I sometimes think that famous people feel when they have children they will just inherit all their talent and beauty. They forget that they have to still be parents. Just because you saw Whitney on the red carpet posing with Bobby Kristina didn’t mean she was parenting. Think about this for a minute. Bobby Kristina doesn’t play one single musical instrument. She has never had singing lessons or dance lessons. She cant act or speak a foreign language. She didn’t go to a school for the arts or participate in anything related to entertainment except for the reality show!. Whitney and Bobby were failures as parents, Whitney had money so this child could have done any of the things if she was exposed to it. How they could raise this child and she has not one thing to identify herself is a crime. She doesn’t have Whitney’s looks so she cant even be a model. All she has is the money that she was left and no direction. The family couldn’t control her and she is a lost soul right now. Unless she matures she could fall victim to the same demise as her mother. No one wants to say it but she has a lot of anger with no one to be angry at!

  4. We need not go so in on Bobbi Kris as she is still hurting from the loss of the only full time parent she has ever known, and we know Whitney was an addict and had her issues. This behaviour should not be condoned, but expected and at the least not surprising. BK needs assistance, guidance and some education. Enrolling in College could help her grow and develop her own career path. I feel Angela Bassett had no right to go into a diatribe about what makes an actor. We know why BK wasn’t cast, no need for a fake explanation. This kinda reminds me of when Paris Jackson went all in on the Jackson family for not obvious reasons. Unfortunately the guidance just isn’t/wasn’t there, and our beloved ICONS their parents were gone to soon.

  5. Bobbi Kris will be ok she has the love and support of her family. It’s understandable for her to be feeling this way! He mother was the world to her like any child would say. Angela I don’t think she handled it very well at all. It’s a touchy subject indeed and should of been handled in a different way.
    All the best to her and I hope that she does find the guidance that is needed to continue with her career.

  6. She is a spoiled think she is entitled to everything and someone needs to check her and tell her to get a job. Regardless of what was going on with her parents they both worked for what they have and had. She thinks just because she is the daughters of celebrities that she should be treated as one.

    You want to act get out here and act. Hone her craft and the first thing she needs to do is not put down a person who is distinguished and has earned way into directing this movie. Now maybe if she had handled that in a different way maybe she could have gotten another role but now she has even ruined that for herself. We don’t know what her home life was like and we need to stop assuming. She grew up very priviliged even though both her parents had issues she wanted for nothing and everything was given to her and that is probably the problem now she thinks she doesn’t have to work for anything. I said all that to say this little girl trying to be a grown woman needs to grow up.

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