Body Peace Breakthroughs

Last Week I recieved the latest issue of seventeen magazine in the mail. Flipping through the pages I saw an article entitled the Body Peace Project, I thought was very inspirational. Seventeen Magazine asked some of your favorite brownsistas what body and self image issues they struggled with growing up and how they overcame it. Their responses were very interesting.
Platinum- Selling R&B artist Ciara discussed with seventeen about her insecurities with her masculine legs. “I was very insecure about my legs I thought they were too muscular, too strong, I wasn’t comfortable with them, now I love my legs they are one of my favorite body parts, I’ve learned to love them they won’t change, I’ve learned to except that.”

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks discussed her weight. “When I was younger I wasn’t part of the group that guys thought were cute, I was a lot taller, bigger and thicker than other girls, I was always wishing, Why can’t I be like them? The first time I got over that was when I did a modeling shoot for plus size girls, I realized that I could wear cute clothes that fit my body, I love my curves. It’s a daily struggle to wake up and be like. You know what? I’m okay with myself today. But if we all looked the same, everything would be so boring.”

Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland also discussed her weight. “I was uncomfortable in my own body, one of my body insecurities was being really really skinny. I remember all the guys wanted curvy girls and I wasn’t that. Beyonce’s mama Tina helped me get passed that, she would pull me to the side and say “girl you better love your body”, and now I do.”

R&B Soulstress Solange also discussed her previous weight issues. “There’s a lot of focus in the media on weight, I remember growing up being a double zero. Actually I was a double zero until just recently, I was picked and teased on while growing up. You have to learn to embrace yourself as you are.”

Whether you realize it or not we all have flaws, imperfections, and insecurities. It is our imperfections that make us beautifal inside and out. Nobody’s perfect we have to start embracing and appreciating ourselves. Stop complaining, life is too short. Every morning remind yourself no matter what I’m beautiful. Visit for more celebs Body Peace Breakthroughs.


  1. Okay, Ciara is so fake. She thinks she’s the ish and she knows it. If you think you’re legs are too muscular why loose so much weight and make your legs muscular.

    Sorry but Jordan could stand to loose a couple of pounds. I don’t make the rules but I know she would be more successful. She’d probably get movies and ads and everything, she really pretty though.

    Kelly is fabolous, shame on Matthew and Tina for making her feel she wasnt beautiful b/c she didn’t have cellulite like Beyonce.

    I think Solange looks great. I wonder if she felt pressure being Bey’s little sister.

  2. Kelly Rowland is constantly nitpicked for being skinny in the Black community. Cassie gets a pass though… just something I noticed.

  3. @ SISTA

    You are right, but that’s that light skin dark skin thing. It’s kind of like the black white thing, alot of things are acceptible for a half black sista and is out of the question for a darker sista. It’s pathetic, I blame BET.

  4. Sista,

    One of the reasons Black Women with Kelly’s frame constantly get nitpicked is because of the generalizations some in the Black community reinforces.

    We talk about the negative generalizations associated with the Black community, but what about the supposedly positive ones like LJ Knight’s “6 reasons Why Black Women Are Amazing?” I say all generalizations are negative because you cannot put individuals in one box.

    Kelly and other Black women with similar slender body frame fall victim to constant nitpicking because they don’t reflect the generalization that Black women are naturally curvier. As a result,some get teased,alienated, and feel insecure about their bodies.

    It shouldn’t be this way. We should be able to recognize and admire the individuality and the diversity within our communities. To all the ladies, I say embrace your body as long as you’re healthy.

  5. Great piece. I always thought that Kelly had an awesome body, even before the breast implants. I actually preferred her without them. She and Ciara have lean, muscular physiques. Nothing wrong with being in shape.

    I think Jordin is sexy as hell, and Solange is really pretty too. She’s lucky she has a body that bounced back so quick after giving birth. I guess that’s one upside to having kids at so young an age. Beyonce better get on it (if she wants kids of course)!

  6. Kudos to Brownsista for presenting more content than just celebrity photos, sightings and news…that’s cool too!…But, to offer a variety is even nicer and something to help people in their own lives is even cooler!

    Self-image can indeed be a struggle, until we get over it!

  7. jordin is so pretty…if she lost too much weight, she’d look like a bobble head…

    people don’t realize that the light skin/dark skin thing is also offensive to light skin – 100% black – females…we get treated like the devil by our own because of our complexion. it ends up going in a circle – dark skin ladies feel left out, discriminated, or whatever so they knock the light skin girls. women should bypass the media’s “preference” and began to uplift each other as all being black women…

  8. A double zero? Word?

    Never heard of such a thing (never BEEN such a thing…sighs)

  9. @ LALALA

    I couldn’t agree more about the light skin/ dark skin thing being offensive. I’m a dark skin sista, and I have never disliked a sista because of her color, that kind of stuff just makes no sense to me, I was just talking about the way some ignorat a55 black men see things. What you said is absolutely right though. I wish we could all let go of the nonsense.

  10. its funny/sad how nobody can believe that tina helped kelly overcome something.

  11. I wish that all sisters could get along.I’m the oldest of 10 kids and there are 5 girls and 5 boys.Being the oldest and being born with my fathers complextion I notice in my early childhood that being lighter made people treat some of my bothers ans sisters different.It use to hurt so bad when I noticed a difference in how we where treated by strangers and even though its awful to say family treated us different as well

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