Boris Kodjoe Snags Lead Role

boris-kodjoe Gorgeous Boris Kodjoe will be coming back to our tv screens as the lead of a Mr.and Mrs. Smith style drama on NBC entitled The Undercovers. The show will be produced by JJ Abrams who’s behind Lost and Fringe. He plays the husband, but his wife has yet to be cast. I’m sure the NBC brass won’t go for an Afro American actress in the role, but I’m hoping they will buck traditon and cast one of the many black actresses out here who don’t work enough in my opinion.

(I would say Gabby would be perfect for the part, but she’s already on Flash Forward). Maybe Nia will finally catch a break?


  1. YES, YES, YES to Boris back on the small screen!!! (lucky azz Nicole)

    @Yolanda6- NO! to Gabby and un un to Nia. I’m tired of seeing both of them. I hope they go for someone like Rochelle Aytes, (but isn’t she on some show already?) Jill Marie Jones or even Kerry Washington.

    Either way, I watch quite a bit of television and this show seems like something I’d surely tune into. Hope to see it on air soon with Boris most definitely casted.

  2. Sounds good so far. Some actresses I think would be great are Stacey Dash, Elise Neal, since it doesn’t look like “The Game” isn’t gonna work out Tia or Tamera Mowry.

  3. That’s awesome. I’m glad JJ is bringing a new show with a black male lead–and hopefully the female is at least a woman of color (wouldn’t it be interesting if the wife was Indian like Aishwarya Rai?)! I haven’t watched TV in years but I definitely check this show out.

  4. COOLIO!

    I love JJAbrams work. ALL OF IT. Good luck to Boris 🙂 Can’t wait!

  5. I do not understand why all these new shows does not have one black person and the cast can be 10-12 or movies for that matter. I’ve never watch an episode of Friends, Seinfield, Fraiser,90210, Melrose or I can go on and on because I do not understand how do you cast these shows and not have one minority? Not one!

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