Brandy Appears at the 2006 Bronner Brothers Hair Show

Brandy signed autographs and performed at the Bonner Brother’s Hair Show Sunday in Atlanta Georgia.I hadn’t seen a Bonner Brothers ad or product in so long, I had no idea the company still existed.Below are several images from the event, some include a number of Asian faces who look like they are running things and not just fans or participants.Considering the almost draconian take over of the Black haircare market by Koreans, I can only hope and pray that Bonner Brothers is still a Black owned and operated company.

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  1. Those have to be the first pics and a long while where Brandy actually looks pretty in them.Her make up is nice and her hair looks cute.She looks vibrant and happy in those pics.

  2. I so agree.Brandy used to be pretty back in the day.I dunno what happend to her.She does look good here and I’m glad to see her with Black hair again.

  3. I see Brandy is finding ways to make a living outside of music and acting- good for her.

  4. Brandy is looking so natural in these pics- love’em 🙂

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