Brandy Calls Off Engagement

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“The Game star, Brandy Norwood, has confirmed to US Weekly that she and fiancé Ryan Press are no longer engaged.

Brandy and Ryan, a record executive, became engaged back in 2012, but haven’t been seen with each other since mid-2013. Rumors of a break-up started whirling earlier this year and finally the singer has released a statement.

Via her rep: “They [Brandy & Ryan] are no longer together. The engagement is off, but the friendship is still on. They decided to take a step back and re-evaluate the relationship. Brandy is 35 now- that’s what the whole #35 on Twitter is about, becoming her own woman.”

The rep goes on to say that Brandy is very busy these days and is back in the studio working on new music.


  1. I am saddened for Brandy`s break-up. However, Brandy was smart enough to not follow through with the marriage when she probably knew something wasn`t right. Good for her.

    I am excited for Brandy`s new Album. Since 1995, Brandy has been my fav female singer (well, her and Toni B.). Brandy is severely underrated, the woman is a GEM! SHE PAVED THE WAY FOR A LOT OF THE SINGERS IN THIS GENERATION.

  2. I’m not surprised, he didn’t seem that into here. While I like Brandy, I foresee this as a continuing theme in her relationships. She has been over protected/controlled all her life. It’s why I was surprised to read she recently turned 35 as she continues to give off little girl vibes. Most mean ain’t got time for that. Also, why do these folks make albums then don’t promote, them, then talking about they back in the studio making a new album. Her last album was solid but she didn’t promote it. Kelly Rowland also does that ish,smh. I wish Brandy well, though.

  3. @TANIA 1. learn how to write first before you insult someone. 2. She did promote the hell out of her album thank you…. it’s her management and the fact that no one wants to hear true R&B music they like gimmicks like Beyonce & Rihanna. 3. Kelly on the other hand did not do much promotion.

  4. Thank you Joana for getting this kid together! Lol.

    Anyway Brandy and Toni B are my favorite singers as well! And Brandy is a gem she loves hard and seems to let herself enjoy love; good, bad, or indifferent I can respect that. She is no dummy. She is not a fool in love. I think she would make the perfect Sex In The City character or could star in a Jennifer Aniston-like movie.

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