Brandy Celebrates 20 Year Career

Though she is only 34-years old, Brandy is celebrating her twentieth year in the entertainment industry. It was 1993 when the R&B diva first came to our attention as an actress in the short lived ABC comedy Thea. However, it was her self-titled debut album released the following year that really put her on the map.

To celebrate her milestone, True Exclusives gathered a number of industry powerhouses to tribute the singer, who seemed genuinely shocked at the amount of love she received.

Quiet as kept, Brandy was quite the trailblazer when she hit the scene, landing endorsements and magazine covers usually reserved for pop actsts like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.

Check out the tribute video up top- and my favorite Brandy video below: Sittin’ Up in My Room.

The jam and the video totally stand the test of time.

Love you, Brandy.


  1. The super talented Brandy was number 1 in singing and acting for a long time. She messed up when she put that jealous sheryl lee ralph on her tv show.

  2. She deserves it. She’s done well for herself. God bless Brandy. #AlwaysAFan

  3. Dang what you got against SLR? Lol. Congratulations Brandy. She is probably one of the few artists that I have purchased Every album

  4. Love her!!pity she doesn’t get much support n recognition she deserves.

  5. Love, love, love Brandy!!!Bran is at the top of my list of all time best artist. Congrats to her.

  6. In response to the Sheryl Lee Ralph situation, there apparently was some kind of rumor about “beef” between them on set where on one season, Sheryl Lee Ralph wore braids and Brandy supposedly got really upset about that because she wanted to the only wearing braids on the show. But hey… even if it were true, I am pretty sure they have both put what ever “beef” or disagreements to the side and found all of it to be immature. I am just glad people are showing love to Brandy.

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