Brandy Covers Upscale Magazine

Brandy Norwood is covering the latest (Nov/Dec) edition of Upscale magazine. The singer is presently experiencing a career resurgence thanks in part to her stint on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. The show celebrated its 200th episode last night and is experiencing some of its highest ratings ever. Brandy has done extremely well this season and is presently battling actress Jennifer Grey for the top spot.

This issue has already hit newsstands and can be picked up now.


  1. I love this cover! Brandy is soo beautiful. It’s always nice to see the dark skinned girls represented.

  2. she’s only easy on my eyes when her face is half covered with hair and FULLY covered with makeup!
    why Brandi would think rapping would be the way to go if she never fully took ova the the R&B game each album she quickly fell off and got cornier….

    We all know brandi is not a cute girl shes like the token unattractive black girl. she’s the poster girl for ugly people lmfao ok sorry that was kinda harsh… but it may be a harsh truth.

    Watching her reality show she does seem like a really nice person a lil corny but a nice girl..

  3. Brandy did used to be prettier but to say she is only easy on the eyes when her face is half covered is kind of mean.

  4. i think shes striking enough for these high fashion shoots she doing now. glad theres more life in her career

  5. I think brandy is Pretty, People only like to pick on her because she is one of the only Brown skin sister that loves herself.

  6. Brandy is by far NOT the only brown sista that loves her self. Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Malinda williams vanessa williams, Megan Good, Jill Scott, Gabrielle Union Etc. ALL embrace their brown beauty! lol COME ON.

    And very sorry to all that took my opinion to Brandy’s “look” badly, its just my opinion. Im not trying to be intentionally mean. 🙁

  7. I think her looks change, she’s not ugly. She does look weird sometimes though, might be the hairstyle at the time, but then again her face shape has definitely changed since Moesha.

    Funny, this white lady was just telling me yesterday about how beautiful the girl on “Dancing with the Stars” is.


  8. @Princess Dev
    I said “One of the only”. Please Read Carefully Next time.

    @Endofdayz: White people always tell me how beautiful i am, I am very very very dark skinned, Like mid night 🙂 I love it, but Black people always have a problem with it… Yet white folks trip themselves over my locks and skin… It is sad on so many levels.

  9. Brandy is pretty. She is not biracial or have any questionable features that would make you try and guess her gene pool. I think some of yall are used to the cutie pie face pop stars that have been on the scene lately. If anything I think her body size slims down her face which sharpens her facial structure more then her Moesha days. With that being said she has the body of an African Warrior Princess (sorry if that is too much but I love her long lean frame). I certainly dont think she is ugly. Not even a little bit.

  10. Bull Sh-t. Brandy will never be as striking in person as she is in this picutre. Bottom line. There is alot of airbrushing, enhancing and lots of makeup involved in magazine covers. If she WAS this “striking” and or “beautiful” in real life she’d have a man! But more importantly her career would be much better place. Obviously by now we all know that in hollywood. LOOKs and Fashion get you very very very far and if you have the talent then it pushes you over the top. Brandy just doesn’t have it. Sorry.

  11. Wow PRINCESS DEV. So you think she’s unattractive… okay your entitled to you opinion. Just because someone is not society’s standard of beauty doesn’t mean they should stop living their lives. People like you make me sick. You act as though Brandy’s face is a personal offense to YOUR self-esteem. I guess to you Brandy has a lot of nerve to be doing things that are only reserved for pretty girls. “Who does she thinks she is…”

  12. @Blacksista

    You mean reserved for pretty light-skinned girls. People are soo hateful because Brandy is still America’s sweetheart. If Brandy was lighter this convo wouldn’t happen.

  13. @ CIDERKISS True, true, true.

    I also think she is a sweetheart and very likable.

  14. It is degudting ,how people say anyone that is not light skinned is ugly.. Brandi is so naturally pretty. I think she is just as pretty as Beyounce,or Ciara. She just has a darker skin color. And it’s not that I think light skinned women are not attractive,but so are women of different complextions. And I never really see a really dark skinned woman represented… Brandi is brown skinned,and that the darkess I see in the media…where are the dark skinned women like India Arie….. black women that don’t look biracial are beautiful too….

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