Brandy Debuts ‘Beggin and Pleadin’ Video


Beggin and Pleadin Video

Brandy is officially back you guys. The Zoe Ever After star unveiled the visual for her Beggin and Pleadin single as a BET exclusive yesterday afternoon. The video is Brandy’s firs since 2012’s Matthew Rolston directed clip for Wildest Dreams.

Brandy stepped outside the box with Beggin and Pleadin, allowing photographer Mike Ho to helm the video, which sees her paying homage to the Shug Avery juke joint scene from The Color Purple.

Via Instagram, Brandy called the video her most “personal,” saying her performance was “freeing and unencumbered” by other people’s perceptions of her.

Check it out below to see if you agree. (Updated with official HQ version.)

Sorry for the quality. The video is no longer on BET, and the clip below was ripped and uploaded to YouTube by a Brandy fansite.

By the way, when will artists ditch the website “exclusives?” They serve no one except the website. BET has terrible embed codes and their videos are generally slow and full of ads. Now Brandy, a struggling artist, has found her video removed from BET and there is nothing left of it online except a poorly ripped clip on YouTube.

Your team has gotta do better, Brandy.


  1. The video is too grainy to bother watching, but her performance of it on Black Girls Rock was the business 😆

  2. You’re like the first site I’ve seen to accurately say Brandy is doing the juke joint scene from The Color Purple. Brandy had to put up on a pic on Instagram to set some of these folks straight. Most white sites like Pitchfork and Jezebel were way off the mark. Like seriously, who hasn’t seen The Color Purple by now?

  3. I wish she would have gone with a modern black white rocker like video. Shrug Avery did a great job. I didn’t need to see this again. Sooo disappointed. Why can’t these girls get things right? Times are changing people like hip fresh ideas and here comes vet Brandy with… Never mind?.

  4. The video is okay, but Brandy looks amazing and the song is still pretty good 🙂

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