Brandy Disputes Being Dropped By Label

Has 90s pop diva Brandy been dropped by her record label and her management company? According to BV Buzz the singer was let go by Epic Records because of poor sales of her “Human” CD, which was released back in December of 2008. To make matters worse, the singer also reportedly split from her management company, Roc Nation Management, over supposed creative differences. Neither Epic nor Roc Nation have responded to the reports, however Brandy quickly took to her Twitter page to shoot down the rumors. Telling her fans “Don’t believe everything you read or see.”, the singer went on to say it “Looks bad when so called journalist spread false rumors without the facts”.

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  1. well whatever the case maybe i still believe that Brandy is still having a hard time coming to grips ever since that car accident she caused.

  2. :hater: Look $ignature Barbie Brandy Did Not Cause That Wreck But Keep Ya Head Up Brandy I Love You Got All Your CD’s :dance1:

  3. I am not a :hater: john that is my opinion and im stickin’ to it 🙄 here comes the the Bullsh*t

  4. Brandy’s ‘Human’ CD is good to listen. I love couple of songs and thought she delivered the album impressively. I don’t think dropping by or leaving a label because of your low selling is as hurting as making an album that sucked. Brandy has done her great job. She just need another chance to prove.

    And I wish her the best, as an old time fan of her! 🙄

  5. I think unfortunately she is too classy for the record industry right now to be a black woman. Look at the top so call black female artist and how they carry themselves on stage. They all look like over priced strippers and unfortuantley Brandy just does not fit into that image.

    She may have to do like Kelly Rowland and make her living over the pond. Because right now is not a good time to be a black woman in the music industry in a Amnerica if you want to carry yourself with some decency.

  6. @ bee…
    That’s not true for all of them. Alicia Keys has sold more records than Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. but she ALWAYS has her clothes on, makes songs with substance/meaning, and acts like a classy, articulate woman at all times. Not all of women have to be naked and shaking it to sell/be poular/get noticed in the industry

  7. Brandy was DROPPED because of POOR sales, bottom line. But it’s okay. She wasn’t dropped because she has no talent, it’s just that the industry is so different from when she was a teenager. Regardless of whose fault it was, that accident hurt her. Her lying about the marrage didn’t help,and she made the mistake that many artist make, she just waited to long to give us something, and what she gave us was weak.

  8. @BEE….in a way :iagree: with you but if she run away she better run where the money is gonna be powerful years from now,THE EAST PART OF THE WORLD :thumbsup: ,thats right aim her work at asians or work with some to help them with their music cause they are the next in line to rule the world economically!!!!

  9. Those who come out denying extra hard make me thinks it’s true but um….. Human was pretty good but hmmmm given that incident she was in the cost that woman her life maybe that hurt album sales. *shrugs*

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