Brandy Is OK!

AT 27, Brandy is already a Hollywood success story. She topped the music charts, had a popular TV sitcom, and is a single mom to an adorable little girl. Now she’s back in the limelight as a celebrity judge on the addictive reality competition show America’s Got Talent, and tells OK! that she’s prepared to find love again. “I think true marriage is the bond between two people,” she tells OK!. “The more I develop and the stronger I get as a woman, I will automatically attract what I need and want in a man.”

Thank you to Brandy Fan for providing the scans to this article.



  1. I’m sorry but Brandy looks hurt.Her face looks like it has gone through hell and back.She never looks good anymore and hasn’t looked presentable for about five years now.Ugly poses, ugly lighting and just overall ugly.

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