Brandy Likes Her Skinny Frame

How awesome has Brandy been looking these days?
The 34-year old R&B veteran is celebrating twenty years in the business, and still doesn’t look a day over twenty herself.

Recent candid shots the singer posted to her Instagram page show her looking just as svelte as did when she was a teenager. Sadly, Brandy’s toned look caused many of her followers to lash out and accuse her of being “too thin.”

Brandy has admitted to battling anorexia and bulimia in the past, saying the pressure to be perfect in Hollywood drove her to not like herself for a long time.

However, the singer said in a recent interview with that those feelings are long gone. “I just stopped caring,” she told the magazine. “I woke up one day and just no longer cared what anyone thought of me except myself and my family.”

So what do you guys think of Brandy’s super toned new look? Personally, I love it. With a wedding to prepare for, no doubt the R&B diva wants to look her best.


  1. She looks ok. Too skinny on some folks don’t look good. If she loses anymore, she’s going to look like one of those bobble head figures.

  2. Brandy can do no wrong in my eyes. I simply love this girl. Since topic is appearance I’d say I am one of those people who like Brandy with the natural look. I don’t like the way wigs, weaves, lashes look on her or on most black women to be honest. We are most beautiful without the “drag queen “look that seem to be popular these days

  3. um….isn’t she also a vegan? i think i remember her saying that she was one. i hear when you eat right according to the vegan diet that you do lose a considerable amount of weight. Couple that with exercise and she is surely going to be slim. true, is she lost any more weight she’d have people worry but hey….i can only hope she is healthy regardless and happy.

  4. Brandy looks amazing. She know she cant pay attention to haters, who hate just for the fun of it. Evil is real.

  5. If she is truly healthy, I don’t see a problem. However, when she is thicker her shape is even more beautiful.

  6. For her to be vegan she has great muscle definition. Must be good genes.

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