Brandy “Long Distance” Video Premiere



  1. this is a great video and song……. wow…. i love it…….wow… better then 98% of the songs out now

  2. She has actually made a real album. We have not heard young people in awhile make an album. They make cd’s but not albums. Atleast not in this genre. I think I will go and purchase this album because I have not heard one bad song.

  3. :bowdown: Yes bowdown to the original Queen Brandy. I love it!

  4. Nice song, much better than her last one. Brandy’s voice has really matured. I wanna hear more from her.

  5. you know what…im getting this album…this song is so nice and i love the video…she looks very nice and i like her looking sexy like that YOU BETTA SING BRANDY!

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