Brandy May Be Cleared In Fatal Crash

Brandy R&B star BRANDY is all set to start 2008 on a high if new police reports suggesting she was not to blame for a 2006 fatal traffic accident come to fruition. The singer has spent the past year in the spotlight following the December, 2006 traffic accident, which left one woman dead – but no charges have been brought against her. And now it seems the reason why potential vehicular manslaughter charges have been delayed is because the evidence suggests the dead motorist may have been at fault. A California Highway Patrol insider tells that Brandy may have been the victim of a bad driver.

Reports suggest the dead woman, Awatef Aboudihai, struck the car in front of her before Brandy made any contact with her vehicle. The source suggests Aboudihai was driving too close to the car in front of her and when she slammed on her brakes, Brandy could not avoid a collision.
Meanwhile, Los Angeles County Coroner spokesperson Capt. Ed Winter tells the website that toxicology reports show Aboudihaj had “slight traces” of marijuana in her system at the time of the crash. The City Attorney has until Friday (28Dec07) to decide whether or not to file criminal charges against Brandy.


UPDATE: It’s official, Brandy is now a free woman.


  1. Wow I knew their was more to the story. Good for Brandy. I hope she can carry on with her life without people throwing this in her face for the rest of her life. :hmph:

  2. You could really tell this situation was taking a toll on Brandy, I hope this all comes to an end soon so she can get on with her life. It is unfortunate that the women died.

  3. accident happens wether it was her fault or not it’s not a contest i’m sure she is sincerely sorry for what happened and she’ll learn from her mistake

  4. I wish her peace of mind. I heard the family of the victim wants to file a law suit against her. I hope they don’t get one penny. I hate when people do that, it doesn’t bring your loved one back.

  5. I sincerely hope Brandy can finially move on with her life,and close the charpter to this horiffic and unforturenate accident,I hope she can finially begin the long healing porcess and maybe make a comeback to the music seen once again. 🙁
    We all miss you Brandy and love you dearly,Keep your head up B it’s gonna be aright. 🙂

  6. This was a horrible accident and it will take some time for both sides to properly heal.

    Brandy is a really good artist and actress. I hope to see more from her in 2008 :brownsista:

  7. I hope Brandy can come out of this alright. And my love and blessings are with her. I am ready for her o return to the enetertainment industry.

  8. I hope this ends today so brandy can get on with her life. I feel bad for the woman who lost her life and the family who lost a wife and mother. It was a terrible accident and it’s time to stop pointing fingers and start healing.

    Now for all of those who jumped to conclusions and was calling her a murderer…dont you feel stupid?

  9. Clear or not it’s still and horrible thing to be in an accident i’ll be glad if she comes back with an album and move on with her life she is not trying to be superwoman and i saw her in an interview she looked so sad, and i know guilt is one of the worse feeling to deal with so
    i hope by being “cleared”she can move on and live [for the lady that lost her life] drive carefully people :brownsista:

  10. Good for her. Although the situation is a sad one for all parties, I too hop Brandy can move on and get past this incident. It’s got to be really tough to feel that amount of guilt and regret over such an accident. With all the sincerity I have I hope she comes out of it all in a good mental state of mind.

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