Brandy Names Her New Album

While performing at The Factory in Hollywood, California over the weekend, singer Brandy Norwood revealed to the crowd the name of her upcoming sixth studio album.

Set to be released in June, “Two Eleven” says Brandy, is in honor of not only her birthday, but the day singer Whitney Houston passed away.

Brandy says the album will be a return to her R&B roots and hopefully a reinvention of her sound and who she is as an artist.

“I’m reinventing myself and I feel fearless,” Brandy told the crowd. “I haven’t done R&B in a very long time. This album is rooted in R&B. The sound is different, it’s about love. It’s mature, it’s gritty, it’s edgy.”

As for the album’s lead-off single, the infectious “It All Belongs to Me” which features fellow R&B singer Monica, well Brandy says it too is a statement about who she is an an artist today.

“Monica and I have a bond as women and as mothers, working with her doesn’t feel like work,” Brandy says. We’ve helped each other through bad situations and this song… this album is sorta talking about all of that.”


  1. YAAASSSSS….bout dang time!! I love her and MONICA to glad they’re bringing back real Music! others will have to step there cookies all the way up!

  2. See ya’ll female rappers, here are two WOMEN who can work together and make great music.

    Beef is so wack!!!

    Can’t wait for Brandy and Monica’s albums, they’ve always been real.

  3. OK B! Dont hype and not deliver. Money is too tight in this economy to be buying beautifully packaged junk. I am rooting for ya.

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