Brandy Opens Up About Fake Marriage

R n’ B diva Brandy recently admitted to Us Weekly that her marriage to producer Robert Smith was a fake- something Robert admitted to nearly five years ago after he married another woman. The singer also talks about how she didn’t tell her daughter Sy’rai about the fatal car crash she was involved in that killed a woman nearly two years ago. In February 2002, Brandy announced she and Robert had married the year before. At almost the same time, she also publicly revealed that she was expecting her first child. In June the same year, she gave birth to daughter Sy’rai and had the event being documented in MTV reality series, called “Brandy: A Special Delivery”. However, Brandy then reportedly divorced Robert.

In a radio interview in 2003, she claimed her marriage to Robert actually never happened. Opening up about that matter to the newest issue of US Weekly, Brandy explains, “I lied because of the fear of what people would think and the pressure to be a good role model,” but “Our relationship was very real, we just weren’t legally married.”

On not telling Sy’rai about the fatal traffic collision, occurring in December 2006, Brandy says, “It was a very tough time, and I still have never talked about it with Sy’rai. I had to be a mother and stay strong for her. I’d cry when she’d go to sleep so she wouldn’t see me like that – I had a responsibility to her.”

Despite all the struggles, Brandy manages to stand still and face her future. She is having her fifth studio album “Human” to hit the U.S. stores on December 9. And above all, she has a very positive sense about the forthcoming LP, gushing “I think this is my year because I’ve decided that I’m going to go with the flow in my life. The purpose of my life is music. it’s my responsibility to give the fans something they’ve been waiting for, something they deserve.”

Brandy’s tell-all interview can be read on US Weekly’s newest issue, already on newsstands.

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  1. I love Brandy, but I sense an attempt to garner interest in her album by talking about stuff that is long past. If you’re going to move on, move on. Don’t rehash ancient history just for the sake of hyping your newest project.

  2. I love Brandy too!! I wish she would have admitted it a long time ago, then maybe people wouldn’t have given her such a backlash. The reason that she gave is very understandable so I don’t think she would have been brutally attacked. Any way God bless her and good luck

  3. I love Brandy, Can’t wait for her new album to drop. But In my opinion she should have never lied about getting married. She was worried about what people think of her, having a baby out of wedlock and her image as a role model. You can’t please everybody. She should have just kept it real from jump. Now bring that good music back B-Rocka !!

  4. @ Baron- you just made me question Brandy’s motive behind talking about the fatal car crash… I hope she didn’t do that for publicity. I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. I’ve always liked Brandy, but I was annoyed with her when she lied about her marriage. The lie was worse than her being an unwed mother. I understand being afraid of ruining her image. We all go through that, and her fans would have gotten over it. I still pray for the family of the deceased woman, but I pray for Brandy too because I know she meant know harm. I’m sure she would take that day back if she could. The whole thing is really sad.

    I still look forward to her album because the music industry is in shambles, and I miss her sultry voice. I just want to hear some real music because my ears hurt from the crap that plays on the radio right now.

  5. I love Brandy too, but yeah, the whole marriage thing was dumb. People gon find out eventually anyway, you make it worse by lying. I was more upset that she was messin wit that gorilla lookin dude at all! Yuck. But I hope they don’t keep pushin her album back too. Unlike some of these other pushbacks, Brandy is actually talented! :thumbsup:

  6. I love Brandy and I’m glad to see her back on the scene but I really wish she would stop talking about these things that have been so “hush-hush” in the past. I think it’s safe to say we ALL knew she wasn’t married to Robert and that was a sham. I think it’s also a sad publicity stunt for her to suddenly want to talk about the accident she was involved in, especially since she really refused to speak on it previously. If she wants to put out an album, garner attention by singing like we know you can, not by drudging up these attempts at “celebrity”.

  7. I really think that whole lying about her marriage thing killed her career – it hasn’t been right since. It just confirmed what people who were teens during her rise to fame always thought about her – that she was fake and letting her mom pull the strings in her life. Nobody is gonna tell me that wasn’t the work of her notorious stage mother Sonya Norwood. That was a really really bad move.

  8. Why do entertainers rehash old news when they have a movie, album, book, etc coming out? It is so not interesting and their talent should just speak for it self. It seems so desperate :stop:

  9. I still see Brandy as a “good girl”. So what she lied. Everyone lies. She made a mistake and she paid for it. I’ll support her in a heartbeat.
    Brandy is looking these days and even after that fatal car crash, she still glowing. Good for you Brandy and I wish you the best of luck!

  10. @Nia too funny. I think she could come back from that. I love her new song like TEEDA said we need that good music back and she know how to do it. Ok she lied about her marriage. Yes alot of people judge her but god forgive her and now she all about her career and raising her daughter. So brandy do you im going to get her album when it comes out.


    Why do these young girls get knocked up and think we’re stupid enough to believe that their getting married for the right reasons. Just suck it up and deal with the fact you made a mistake.

  12. Well, she didn’t have to lie. No one expected her to be anything but human. Humans make mistakes all day long. No one is perfect. We can only continue to strive for perfection. She may have fallen and became a single mother but she rose to the occasion and gave her daughter life. How easy it would have been to abort her child and carry on like nothing happened. God bless her for choosing life and taking great care of her little person. Rock on B-Rocka. In the end you are a role model for young women every where. Welcome back to life. :thumbsup:

  13. Okay Brandy lied about being married, we know that. If I was interviewing her my next question would be: so why didn’t you just marry the guy? That’s what I want to know.

    Brown sista,

    Do they have a “scratching my head” emoticon? I think that would come in handy because these celebs confuse me the heck out of me! Lol

  14. we knew that marriage was fake years ago, i don’t think it’s something that still needs to be discussed, especially since sy’rai is about 6 years old now. I’ve listened to snippets of the music from brandy’s album, and i must say i’m kind of dissapointed. there is none of that old schoole r&b brandy that we used to know. Her total album is contrived of pop tunes, and every song pretty much sounds the same. What happened to the days of real r&b?? it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s like everybody is jumping on the bandwagon just so they can get the international appeal. i don’t understand. I”m 21 years old, and i would much rather listen to old school music more than the new stuff that’s out nowadays. The music industry is just getting kind of depressing. As a person that aspires to be part of this industry, it’s kind of discouraging to see everybody copying off of each other, and trying to sound alike. there is no individuality out there anymore. can we please bring back the good old days??

  15. I wanna know why she and kelly rowland aren’t friends anymore? 🙄

  16. Hello Dark Sista!

    To Mrs. Jones,
    I wholeheartedly agree with you! I don’t listen to any of today’s music at ALL and I’m in my early 20’s too! I love music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. People look at me like I’m crazy because they may throw out a recent song title to me and I’m lost. Now drill me on a song from the 50’s or 60’s and I’ll be happy to tell you what it is! The music today is so boring. No soul, just straight pop music. No creativity whatsoever- everyone has altar egos these days, everyone sounds a like… It is depressing. Wait a minute… Let me go put on my “What’s Going On” album… Flyin High in the Friendly Skies…

  17. :iagree: with all of you!

    Everyone knew that marriage was fake and why she lied. But that’s old news. I hope she has been able to talk with someone about her “guilt” over that accident. Especially since she is still being sued over that. I look forward to hearing the CD, I’m a big fan of Brandy’s. I think I will pull out “Never Say Never” just for old times sake.

  18. Hey zeph How are you girl,Yall are going to laugh but i didn’t know about the fake marriage 🙁 😆

  19. Why so judgmental? She probably was pressured by managemnt, label, self to do that stuff. Most of what the public sees is marketing and image. You really think TI, Beyonce, Ciara, etc had alter egos before needing to sell records?

  20. the guy she had before was ugly and not husband material. I remember when MTV followed the around and I was mad and frustrated with his behavior. Thank goodness she didn’t marry him lol. i’m glad Brandy is back though but she is going to have to re do this album. Rodnyey Jerkins is not as hot as he used to be back in the “Never Say Never” days. However, “Afrodisiac” was the most slept on album real talk.

  21. @Loveroflife yes i remember when he did not say nothing at all. He was not happy at all. I if im not mistaking i think he rodney jenkin cousin.

  22. Hello Brownsista Janet Jackson was spotted in Dubai for the grand opening of the new Atlantis resort looking FLAWLESS I was wondering in you can past the pictures of her up. Go borrow them from concreteloop or mediatakeout lol. @ Dark Sista congratulations….

  23. Baron, I think you hit it on the head.
    LMAO @ Nia!

    @ Dark Sista,
    According to Kelly it’s b/c Brandy tried to come between her and her “sister”. However, she wouldn’t elaborate further.

  24. Yes this is “old news”, but I don’t recall Brandy ever speaking on it HERSELF. I think that finally talking about the faux marriage publicly(sp?) is something that she needed to do to help her psyshe(sp?). Personally I don’t get why these celebs do this… Solange is another one. They get knocked up & then try to fool the world that they weren’t just screwing & had a slip up WITHOUT the marriage bands… by gettin married. Last time I checked they are human too, so what u got money & you’re in the public sphere. Last time I heard a woman is a woman is a woman, which means ALL females who are REALLY born female can give birth. These chics won’t be the 1st or the last to have a kid w/o a hubby. So I wish they would get off the high horse & keep real… cause these “shotgun” weddings are NOT the biz.

    As for the car crash.. once again I don’t remeber her ever really speaking on it. Maybe this is another thing that she needs to get off her chest so she can finally heal. I would hope that Brandy would not just be doing this to sell records.

    @Monie… the reason the 2 never legally married is b/c they really didn’t want too. If Brandy & Robert REALLY wanted to be man & wife… nothin in the world woulda stopped them. They were just to ppl who cared about each other & got caught up w/ a kid.. plain & simple.

  25. Kelly Rowland is a follower she’ a typical stan, Brandy stand up for herself so they have no business hanging together no way
    I knew that marriage was fake :lol2:

  26. Does anybody knows how the interview went? Maybe they ASKED her about that fake marriage since she had never really addressed that until this year. Maybe they ASKED her about the car crash, and maybe she wants to let her fans know that she’s doing okay, Lord knows what she’s been through emotionally and psychologically after killing that woman accidentally. She could have easily LOST her mind and never recovered from this experience.

    Personally, I’m GLAD she’s addressing the fake marriage, even if it’s past. People are really not aware of all the pressure these stars go through to keep their image intact, and maybe Brandy JUST wasn’t THAT strong back then. These artists are the reason why some folks can pay their bills, if they don’t generate money, a whole CREW can turn against them, that’s the reason she felt the only solution for her to sell and save her career was to lie. Bad move, but hey, she made a mistake, she’s human, you live and learn. I don’t know why some folks are still mad at her for lying, $h*t happens, I wasn’t even mad back when it happened, just a bit disappointed, but I knew somehow why she felt trapped. Most people would make up ANY story to preserve a flawless reputation, especially if the money they make depends on it and they have a child to feed and a whole crew to pay as well. Your boss would, your parents would, hell maybe I WOULD have if I was in her situation, who knows the pressure she had. I know she learned her lesson and that’s what matters. HELL if people can forgive people for cheating, this lie who didn’t hurt anyone but Brandy herself should be easy to forgive.

    I love B-Rocka regardless of her mistakes and flaws, her soul is beautiful, she’s deeper than most people know.

    Human in stores December 9th, I’ll definitely get me a copy!!

  27. She said the purpose of her life is music. As a mother I have a real problem with another mother saying that. How about the purpose of your life has something to do with your child!

  28. LiveNLearn :iagree:
    brownee : Kelly is too loyal, and way too nice for her own good, I hope she learn someday :thumbsup:

  29. I love B-Rocka regardless of her mistakes and flaws, her soul is beautiful, she’s deeper than most people know.

    :iagree: :iagree:

  30. :lol2:
    I just think it’s a :lol2: in this day and age, when regular citizens are having 1,2,3,4+ babies “out of wedlock”, people in “immoral,ultra liberal Hollywood” are having shot gun marriages and lying about their marital status.

    Back to Brandy – don’t know how this album will fare, but if all does not go well, Brandy should start to use her ‘fake marriage’ to get cast in the Lifetime/Hallmark Channel movies about all those neurotic women desperate to get married. Her real life has already provided her with all the emotional homework.

  31. The sad thing is that celebs have to divulge personal things in order to sell their products. Hollywood should be like any other business , or job. Just sell your product and that’s it. There really isn’t a need to create a life, or pretend to be someone else to sell the product. Just like a person who works at Burger King, when I pull up to the window, I don’t need to know the cashier’s life story. I want my food that’s it.

    This whole thing about Hollywood and wanting to create images is the reason why there are stalkers. People become engulfed in someone’s life, because of the interviews, movies,etc, and can’t seem to realize that Hollywood is one big lie, to make money.

    Brandy is a singer and actress , I don’t need to know her daily routine, or who she broke up with. I got my own problems.

  32. @Bohwe I totally agree. I think Keisha Coles need to re-think that whole reality show thing. I think that is just putting to much of your personal life out there. It was okay the first two seasons, but, now it seems like it’s time for them to actually start having some private business. That Frankie is a mess. I know this is about Brandy, but, your comment made me think of her. Someone close to her should tell her that this should be the last one.

  33. Just because some of these publicity wh0res fake relationships & other silly things for attention *cough* RihTard… doesn’t mean EVERYONE does. Gosh! Brandy is being honest & people STILL talkin ish! :loser:

    I’ll be buying the new album Brandy because I like your music. Not because of your personal life. :thumbsup:

  34. I dont see her no different whether she married or not. SHe still gd ppl.I grew up with Brandy since her braids and “I wanna be down” Days!! :brownsista:

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