Brandy Performs “Right Here” On TRL

As many of you know, Brandy was originally scheduled to drop her Human CD on November 11th. However, after a slow start for her first single, Right Here (Departed), her label made the decision to move the release date back to December 9th, hoping the later date would spur interest in not only the song but the album. This of course affected Brandy’s promotion of the new single and not until this week did the singer actually start performing the new track in public. One of those performances came earlier today on MTV’s soon to be defunct video show, Total Request Live.

Rocking a pair of suede thigh-high Fendi boots, Brandy gave an impassioned performance, which you can see below- as well as pics.



  1. Wow i’ m first 😆 I love B-rocka she has my vote, I love her vocals and personality and this song combines with jennifer’ s tragedy makes me cry like a baby, or maybe its my hormones 🙂

  2. Look at Bran Bran!! She looks cute!

    Too bad about her album having to be pushed back but hopefully it all works out for the best come December. I’m hoping to support her by purchasing the album…. we’ll see.

  3. She’s so skinny and knowing that she’s had problems with eating..I don’t know…I feel weird about her being so thin. She looks great, though. The song..oh yeah – the song isn’t great and I don’t know if she seems to be telling us she’s confident in her 90s R&B vibe because Keyshia Cole is still working the sound but it’s just not a sound that works now. Keyshia does well because she’s almost a character…people almost hear gangster rap when she sings.

  4. I meant her face, hair, and ensemble…not her body…I wouldn’t say I feel like she’s anorexic again and then compliment her. Her body isn’t great looking

  5. I love Brandy. I mean, I was never 100% into her music but I loved ‘her’, seeing her on “Moesha” and in movies. She’s talented and likeable and wish her the best with this new record 🙂

  6. @ Rizza. Really I like her with meat on her bones!!! She really has a ba-donk when she has weight on her body! I love this song and I am so glad she is back. I don’t really watch 106&Park but I saw that she was #1 on the countdown last night!! Go Brandy, no matter how much or little she sells she always puts out quality. Good luck!

  7. I wish Brandy the best w/ her new album :thumbsup: . I too was never 100% into her, but I can’t deny that I liked many of her past singles. However, I think that part of the problem is the target market that she is tryin to hit… 106 & Park & TRL? I would vote no for those 2 places. Brandy has long since outgrown that type of audience, I think maybe she should try to focus on a BET J kinda crowd. No you can’t stop different age groups from listening to the music, but I wouldn’t put all my eggs in the basket w/ the group that is lovin the Rhianna’s & T-Pains of the moment. Some of those kids might not even know who Brandy is :bag: . I still wish her the best & I hope that she reaches the goal of success that SHE is striving for.

  8. i’m glad she’s gotten over her psat issues and can finally move forward. she’s definitely got talent and it’s nice to see her back on the scene.

    now, i just wanna feed her. lol

  9. I’m feeling Brandy’s look. Her hair is perfectly styled to fit her. I’ll be honest, I’m not really feelin’ the single “Right Here (Departed)”; but it’s nice and different.

  10. i use to be brandys biggest fan when i was younger in the 90s…i still like her but i NEVER LIKED THIS SONG UNTIL NOW the perfromance did it she sounded better live to me…at first i thought it wasnt really live and maybe pre recorded thats how good she sounds…she looks great and im proud…thats how you do it make someone interested in your album buy doing a great performance because i wasnt interested till now…thank you… :bowdown:

  11. nesh nesh maybe because she always look so natural? I don’ t know even with a weave she looks natural it’ s a blessing

  12. I happen to see her yesterday. I heard the song on the radio, but, did not know that was her. That just made me like the song even more. She seems to be a very natural and spiritual person. I wish her well.

  13. she had that crowd jumpin she always had a nice voice i hope her album is coming out soon :thumbsup:

  14. Not a Brandy fan, don’t care for departed….BUT I LOVE THE OUTFIT and boots. To me she’s smaller now than she was before a baby!

    Dayam those boots are HOTT!! Nice pics of her though.

  15. FAB pics and performance….they were going crazy for Brandy! :thumbsup:

  16. I’m a Brandy fanatic!! She makes the best music. All her cd’s have been great. Even though she don’t get as much play as she should. B has always sold me on her cd’s and her acting ( especially Moesha )! She sounds so good. I love Brandy. That is the one someone I have always idolized besides Aaliyah!

  17. She really has been on a journey in the last couple of years. I wish her so much luck in all that she does. Brandy is a very talented young woman. We have watched her grow from teen to a woman with a beautiful little girl, and a voice blessed by God.
    Brandy good luck in all you do!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. This song is HOT! It can cross over to many genres so she will do good with it. Departed- could be R&B, Soul, Gospel. It is a great song to bring Brandy back. I for one am glad to hear her real vocals over a highly fleshed industry. She is definitely in a class of her own-has all ways been-happy to see her again. Now, when are Monica and Shanice going to make a comeback.

  19. Yeh, Ms Brandy! Show em what you got, girl!

    I feel you about Shanice. Recently I googled her and found she released a CD called “Every Woman Dreams” on her own label a couple a years ago. There are 2 videos on YouTube: the title track and a song called “Take Care of You”.

  20. well, I really like Brandy and I wish her the best. You go Brandy rock the house and the vote.

  21. really missed this girl. although some said she was a brat during her success to me she was always likeable

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