Brandy Previews New Music for Fans

Brandy - New Music - Patterns

New Music: ‘Patterns’ by Brandy

Via her Instagram page, R&B diva Brandy just blessed fans with a snippet of what is presumably new music she’s been working on for her upcoming album. With only the caption “#Patterns” accompanying the video, we’re going to assume that’s the title of the song- which is giving us all kinds of Angel in Disguise type vibes.

It’s been over a year since Brandy released new music; the bombastic Beggin’ & Pleadin.’ Since then she’s kept busy in front of the camera, taping two television shows (Zoe Ever After + My Kitchen Rules) and most recently, returning to the stage to play Roxie Hart in the Kennedy Center’s production of Chicago.

Brandy’s release of Patterns may be a sign she’s one step closer to freeing herself from Chameleon Records. The singer sued her label in 2016, claiming they tried to strong-arm her into signing a new deal by refusing to release her new album.


  1. Just stay on the road Brandy. These labels will try to tie your hands until people forget about you. But keep touring and you’ll never lose your fans. Us the internet to your advantage and continue release your own material through your own site or Sound Cloud. Learn alternate ways to promote yourself. Labels are quickly becoming obsolete anyway.

  2. Brandy’s artistry is on another level. These labels nowadays don’t support these artists and want them to release microwavable material. To be honest I think some of these artist will end up going independent. I’m excited for new material.
    Of course and she’s going to be able to have creative direction with this new material. These record labels don’t promote these artists and Brandy going independent will allow her to have that creative expression. I will always support her because her records impacted myself in so many ways.

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