Brandy Finally Puts it Down Live

Anxious to see Brandy perform her new single live? Well, wait no longer. B Rocka played before a sold out crowd at DC’s Howard Theater last night and finally gave the public what they had been hankering for: a kick-ass performance of “Put it Down.”

We already know that for the video Brandy teamed up with choreographer Frank Gatson, so don’t be surprised at how very Beyonce-ish this performance looks.

Still, Brandy brought the moves and the crowd ate it up.

If the video is half as good as Brandy’s performance, I think the R&B veteran may finally have another hit on her hands.

Loved it…


  1. So happy for her. This is the performance Brandy needed to give the world in order to show she still got it.

  2. Where would female singers be without gay ass men?

    Seriously, all I see in Queens. But that is what Frank Gatson is.

    Love the performance.

  3. What up to the night crew 😆

    Anyway,loved the performance. Can’t stop watching it. She said in an interview the video is going to be a performance video so Sista expect her to be dancing her butt off.

    Frank Gatson is the man and has been for years. He worked with Brandy in the past as well as En Vogue and a whole host of other people.

  4. Loved the performance. Miss Brandy brought it big time.

  5. Go Brandy that’s right girl bring real 90’s music back!

  6. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE Brandy’s voice I don’t care what other people have to say about it. It’s beautiful!!

  7. Yes her voice is beautiful. You tube her bathroom singing. Loved this performance. You can tell she enjoyed doing it.

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