Brandy Says ‘Beggin and Pleadin’ Is About Freedom

BRANDY BEGGIN AND PLEADINBrandy recently invited Billboard magazine into the studio, where she shared a bit of background info on how her new single Beggin and Pleadin came about.

“This particular song is freedom,” the Zoe Ever After star told journalist Adelle Patton. “Beggin and Pleadin” represents the liberty to express myself in the most interesting and edgiest way possible.”

According to Brandy, the blues-inspired tune is the by product of a lot of hurt and pain, which she attributes to her 2014 break-up with fiancé Ryan Press. Brandy says she and writer Lauren Kirby crafted the song after she shared the pain of not having truly dealt with the reasons behind the break-up. “I told her my story, just a bit about what I experienced and how I went through a really tough period, and how I wasn’t able to just let it go and get over it.”

Brandy goes on to call the single “cathartic,” and says she looks forward to touching a lot of lives when she takes the song to the stage. As for when she’ll release a new album and hit the road, Brandy says nothing is set in stone, but that she has been in the studio crafting new music for almost a year.


  1. I love this woman so much and she is a testament of never giving up! You can always overcome and it shows how much she has grown. =)

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