Brandy Says Blogs Hurt Her Feelings

Brandy is blogging for and the singer recently wrote about how tough it is to read the many negative comments aimed at her, her friends, and family. Brandy placed a lot of the blame on the blog owners whom she feels purposely look to portray celebrities in a bad light so they can get hits and make more money.

Excerpts from Brandy’s Vibe blog:

People just go too far. Way too far. But people are going to be who they are. As long as I’m not like that, and even if I wasn’t me and I was tweeting about another celebrity, I would never say anything bad about somebody like that. I’m glad that I’m that type of a person.

If I was running the site, I wouldn’t post a bad picture of another person. I just wouldn’t do that. All to make money. For what reason? There are other ways that you can make money. Why do you have to do that at the expense of somebody else? And then the hard part about it is you take a picture of me, I don’t get a piece of that at all. It’s just weird. I just think people should have respect. We have feelings.

It’s real. It affects us. Trust me. It really does. We’re people at the end of the day with feelings. You know we’re sensitive because we’re artists. You know that stuff is going to hurt sometimes. It doesn’t mean we’re not strong.

Brandy is clearly aware of the comments made about her and Kelly Rowland a few weeks back. Both singers showed up for an event in lace front wigs only their mothers could love and indeed the net was on fire with negative comments about them both.

Read a great article written on this issue by Mrs Grapevine…


  1. Brandy support the hater blogs just like Gabrielle Union who also complained about them. If they read MTO and Bossip why shouldn’t the rest of us? Maybe they need to give some shine to blogs that don’t hate.

  2. People are really mean when it comes to Brandy I dont know why but people dont like her. She was one of the few “it” girls in the 90’s and people weren’t used to seeing that type of commercial success from someone like her. I’ve always been a Monica and Aaliyah fan but have come to respect Brandy’s success. Although I have opinions about people I try not to attack them to the point where it’s hurtful. Some people take personal offense to people just trying to make their dreams come true and follow their hearts.

  3. I guess Brandy is right but like she said people are going to be people(ignorant, jealous, hatful etc.)

  4. 8 out of 10 people are online bashing celebrities (Personal attacks, Unfounded comment, weak arguments)To feel better about themselves, Even the hardcore fans they most likely lash out on others, Because they will never be whoever they are advocating for, Never in a million of year, So defending that person to their very core is a way to make themselves feel somewhat important.I don’t need to join neither party because I love my life enough not to fall into those extremities, but how many people are like me? In this recession “Celebrities” are buying the most futile things, their lives are lavish and out of the ordinary,Diamonds underwear,expensive watches and what not, While the poor people that scrap their money together to support them are starving, Yet when something happens they want to be humans? I say make a choice, You can’t act like a super hero and expect people to treat you as a fellow flesh and blood 🙂

    Personally if i am going to get on a celebrity it will be for a specific reasons, and i do not get in anybody’s personal business unless it has something to do with my point, I don’t care how many awards or lack there off someone has, If i feel like speaking on something wrong i will,Just like if i feel that someone is doing something good i will applaud it, regardless of how many people agree or disagree, I do not work on other people opinions, Solely Mine 🙂

    Now what amazes me as a woman that has been blessed with many things in life, is why would someone be offended for something that comes with their lines of work?Further more Celebrities especially The African American ones, Have been put on a pedestals so high, that somewhere in their mind, They should be above the Very core of human nature.

    Brandy an average working woman, has at least 1 or 2 people talking about her , whether it is good or bad, That is human nature, Yourself were the one trying to break a friendship apart because you deemed it damaging to one party right? Who told you that you were running that function? It was simply your opinion right? Further more you are a celebrity did you really think that you would be exempt of criticism?When your life is on the spotlight?

    Are people Right for being as cruel as they are?
    No, Not at all , Especially Towards sweet people like you brandy ;), But in that case people should also stop idolizing you,buying for things just because your face is on it , and stop even caring about you 🙂 You can’t have your cake and eat it too sweet and if you don’t want to be talked about then disappear 🙂 As far as i am concerned Just like you don’t deserve nasty comments and pure hatred, because you didn’t kill anyone (Purposely of course), You don’t deserve praises and admiration because you aren’t helping save the world neither Love

    It is what it is, and if you let a few comments reach you that deep inside than maybe you need a tougher skin, or another Career 🙂

    Sorry about the rant, I’m just so sick of celebrities and their “we’re human” Bull crap,I’m tired of people trying to dictate what people should or shouldn’t I’m also tired of underachiever fans that get on anyone with common sens, just like I am tired of underachiever critiques that need to stop throwing rocks in their own glasshouses.

    (Thinking to myself)I’m in the wrong country.Everything is backward here…

  5. it’s true…i feel if you see brandy in a horrible outfit, her hair looks wierd, she makes a terrible movie, a terrible tv show or her album sucks. say something about it. personal attacks calling people gay and all sorts of of other things are too far.

  6. Then how should beyonce feel . I think she gets teh most negative comment in history.I hope she doesn’t read the comments.

  7. The hatred shown on the internet should be taken more seriously. Words hurt whether they are rolling off someone’s tongues or shouted loudly off of a computer screen. In recent years a number of young teens have committed suicide after falling victim to cyber-persecution. Brandy has thousands of people saying she whack, shes ugly, she this, shes that. Its really sad, just because they are celebrities doesnt mean they have superhuman skin… especially when their success rely on how the fans perceive them. I think it would be a shame if she never gets another shot at fame.

    Beyonce does get her share of hate, and I hope the girl continues to keep it together because like Brandy she is very sensitive. However Beyonce can name check her accomplishments and milestones and have earned alot of respect. Brandy on the other hand has her own successes and milestones but people do not care because she has been unfairly kicked to the curb… Despite everthing that has happened the girl is humbled and just wants another shot at her dream. I can never hate on that… no matter what she looks like.

  8. I’m in agreement with Iris.

    And yes Blacksista, Brandy was a superstar in the early 90’s. Acting, dancing, singing. She was a great entertainer. But when other singers came out, she had to make room. People do want to see new things.
    I like her though. I hope she doesn’t read into these blogs too much. She needs to focus on positivity.

  9. It’s crazy how you can go from having millions of devoted fans, to being worried about what one measly, RANDOM online junkie has to say. Honestly, the Internet can be a blessing and hinderance. Without it, I promise I wouldn’t know who half these fake, overnight celebrities are, blowing up for the wrong reasons. I pay bloggers NO mind. Most of the time, they THEMSELVES have no lives.

  10. The world wide web is truly another universe you don’t have to enter, some people just choose to take in the negativity

  11. Well just like Brandy think about how many people haters diss Mrs. Beyonce and Husband Jay-z. She’ll learn to get over it. Do you and think positive.

  12. People are going to be themselves and sadly some folks are just hateful and ignorant, point blank.

    In this day and age it’s got to be tough to be in the spotlight cause the internet, camera phones, technology is just crazy, ppl have 24hr access to folks lives.

    I’m not a celeb by all means however being a family member of a popular HS basketball star I have gotten a taste of the “fame” or notoriety. I mean ppl can be so evil and they have this view of who they think you are and it’s not true. It is hurtful especially when they attack you or your fam but at the end of the day you just got to brush it off, suck it up and let the haters hate because really they are the ones that are in such a bad place that they feel the need to put you down to make themselves feel better.

    So B Rocka, keep your head up and do you, cause truth be told some of these hateful posters would jump at the chance to experience your success.

  13. Maybe late, but here are my 2 cents:

    Ppl have ALWAYS talked smack about celebs. For every 10 that loved them there were 10 that hated them. I am quite sure during the days of Diana, Aretha, & Chaka & etc someone had something bad to say… the only difference was there was not a worldwide platform for those feelings to be expressed until now.
    Now celebrities can see & read what everyone says & some can’t take it. It’s like they lived in this bubble where they thought everything was gravy & no one had anything to say, but the positive. I can remember when Brandy 1st broke out, ppl would say alot of things negative, but as was stated before, it was only known amongst the general public.
    The fact is that there is & ALWAYS will be mean spirited, evil, & hateful ppl in this world, if this was not so we would NOT see horrible cases of murder, rape & other tragic things. Do ppl REALLY think that these mean spirited ppl have no access to internet? Of course they have access & just like they talked their trash on the streets they bring it to the net. Alot of these ppl could really careless if they hurt someone’s feelings are not, they are gonna give it raw & not think 2 secs about it. So my advice to ppl like Brandy is when u see a headline lookin negative don’t read. Honestly, if these ppl would be busy thinkin of how to stack their money up, they wouldn’t have time to think about bad energy. If you want to be in the industry, you gotta have thick skin & keep it pushin… hate to say it, look @ Beyonce & Rhianna.. doubt they really care.

    P.S. sorry if this is soooo long =) lol.

  14. I loved reading everyone’s comments because everyone is right. but i believe that you can’t just take the good things people say about you and then when someone offers constructive criticism or negative criticism, then it is offensive. take the good with what is considered bad because it shows balance. no one is perfect and no one should expect someone to agree with everything they do or say. some people can be mean spirited, but so what. they did the same thing to jesus and we gotta learn to roll with the punches. love this article and comments from everyone.

  15. Oh Well she better get some alligator skin like her mother…I’m going to keep talking about her lying a — — She lied and said she was married to her daughters father for her image and career.. Now the child is here and you don’t see her,’s sad !!!!

  16. Blogs are full of crap talkers talking tough from the safety of their desktops. As someone in the public eye she ought not to pay them any mind.

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