Brandy Makes Her Return to TV

According to TvLine, Brandy is heading for the hills… Beveryly Hills, that is. Word has it the 32 year old singer/actress will be joining the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 when it returns to the Fox line-up this fall.

Brandy will reportedly play Marissa Jackson-Lewis, an up and coming politician who is running for congress in California. A source close to the show described the character as a cross between Hillary Clinton, sans the pants suits, and Barack Obama.

90210 is due to return on Tuesday, September 13th. Brandy’s first appearance however isn’t scheduled until sometime in October.


  1. Brandy need to hurry up and strike while Kelly Rowland has made it ok for black girls to be played on the radio again.

  2. I love, love, love Brandy!!! Great for her. I with Brandy the best of luck with this role and we need a cd soon…

  3. I love her acting, moeasha was my show, I’m happy that she is still blessed.

  4. Brandy is a good actress, dancer, and singer. She better beat down that door of opportunity before she’s too old to do it.

  5. t.v is a good career move for Brandy she was Moesha before the music..

  6. Congrats.

    Watched the original 90210…because I’m old. LOL And it was the bomb! David Silver! Brenda and Brandon! Kelly and Dylan! Donna! Andrea! That blond surfer dude with the curly hair! The Peach Pit!

    But this 90210…Congrats to Brandy 🙂 I’ll completely understand if she has a hard time when/if shooting scenes with Tristan Wilds *rowr* *fans self* Oh the cougar in me just… *shakes head* LOL

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