Brandy Shoots New Video+Poses For MTV

R n’ B veteran Brandy stopped by MTV Last week to talk about her upcoming album, Haman, and to perform her first single, Right Here (Departed). The singer also took time to let her fans know that she is in the midst of shooting the video for her second single, Long Distance. The mid-tempo ballad deals with the hardships of sustaining a long distance relationship, and like many of Brandy’s greatest hits, was co-written and produced by longtime collaborator Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Now word yet when the video will premiere but Brandy’s latest CD, after being pushed back from it’s original November release date, is now scheduled to hit record store shelves on December 9th.

Pics from Brandy’s MTV TRL photo shoot can be seen below, as well as images from her new video.


  1. Brandy looks Fabulous, Can’t wait for that album to drop, Iv’e been waiting a long time for this. :thumbsup:

  2. Awww….Brandy. I haven’t heard any tracks that I’ve fallen in love with…..but I’m going to still support her. Brandy and Monica hold a special place with me :brownsista:

  3. Now hear is a young lady that carries herself with such class and dignity. Always has. Even now when it seems that most young women want to look no different than the women see on the street corner she has determined to not be like that. She has maintained her dignity.

    We look at our young ladies at the way a lot of them carry themselves and we always say what is wrong with them? Not realizing that they are just imitating what they see. Well I hope they start imitating her and stop trying to be so grown and sexy and maybe then they can’t stop getting HIV and dying of AIDS. African-American women number one victim of AIDS. We have got to start taking repsonsiblitly for the images we allow our young women to see and immulate.

  4. Normally the drag-queen weave is a hot mess on brandy but in these pics it doesn’t look too bad.

  5. I love her song that is out now. Im right her with you. That my you know what lol. I going to buy her album real music with substain.

  6. @MARIO
    i thought i was the only one that use to get piss about those braids :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    i’m gettin that cd to i think it goin to be hot

  7. One thing i love about brandy is that she has emotion in every picture she takes, She is very beautiful and i love her voice and style, She is such a classy sister :thumbsup:

  8. I’m so sorry I used to clown brandy back in the day. I thought she was so funny looking, but she really is a beautiful “brown sista.” I’ve only liked two songs by her “sitting up in my room” and “wanna be down.” She’s not my cup of tea musically, but I wish her new album well.

  9. This is the first time I have noticed her lips and smile. Nice.

    @ the fellas

    I loved her braids. She made them a trademark like Susan Taylor the former Editor of Essence mag.

    Has Neferteria been heard from of late????? I miss her point-of-view.

  10. Lovely pictures. Definitely one of my favorites from waaay back. 🙂

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