Brandy Suing Her Record Label


Brandy Suing Her Record Label for Breach of Contract

That Slayana album Brandy has been talking about releasing for the last few months may be put on hold indefinitely. The 37-year old Zoe Ever After star is reportedly suing her record label, claiming they are holding up its release in order to double-dip into her earnings.

In documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Brandy says Chameleon Entertainment won’t allow her to release new music unless she signs a new deal that would allow Chameleon to release her music through Epic Records. Chameleon CEO, Breyon Prescott, also works with Epic, so signing this new deal would allow him to profit from her twice.

Brandy asserts that her 2011 deal with Chameleon obligates them to release four more of her records. She’s suing for $1 million dollars in compensatory damages and is asking the court to void her contract.

Chameleon released Brandy’s Two Eleven album back 2012. It spawned the top ten R&B hit Put it Down and has so far gone on to sell almost 300,000 copies.


  1. People are just so messy these days. These labels are getting worse and worse. I wish Brandy luck. She never disappoints and her Human album is still majorly underrated.

  2. Damn. It’s really hard out here these days. People just not buying music anymore. I thought Two Eleven at least went Gold. 🙁

  3. She should go Independent… or join tidal… let all the good artist be under one umbrella…. and when is that Beyoncé releasing, Kelly is a mess…

  4. These labels are not helping or benefitting these artists period. I hope Brandy get her record out and it’s messed up how things are now.

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