Brandy’s Dream Role is to Play…

Though actresses Meagan Good and Vivica A. Fox have both expressed an interest in playing singer Whitney Houston should a biopic ever be made about her life, fellow singer Brandy says none of them can do Whitney the way she can do Whitney.

According to Brandy, who cites the 80’s icon as a huge influence of hers, she has studied Whitney’s mannerisms over the years and feels as though she can bring something to the table that no other singer/actress can.

“I would love to play Miss Whitney,” said Brandy during an interview with “I have her entire personality down pat… her isms down pat. Like no offense ladies… it’s a lot of talented ladies out there… but nobody can play Whitney Houston like me.”

I have already let it be known that Vivica is my first pick to play Whitney should her life story come to the big or small screen.

However, because the singer is so intensely private, I doubt she will ever co-sign any project about her still evolving life and career.


  1. Vivica is too old now though … If they had done this years ago I think that may have worked. I’m not sure about Brandy though … I don’t think she looks enough like her.

  2. I’m trying to imagine both Vivica, Meagan and Brandy singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” while wearing the strawberry-blonde poodle curl hair, brightly colored gloves, a tank dress and colored pumps…like Whitney in the video. LOL. I don’t know about any of these selections.

  3. Unfortunately Brandy, while a pretty girl, looks nothing like Ms. Houston. Totally different features. I mean I know they can do wonders with make-up and all. But ummm I just dont see Brandy playing that role.

  4. The ultimate best person to play Whitney is no other than Kelly Rowland.

  5. Its just good to see the confident, secure Brandy i use to look up to as a teen. I dont care if she gets the role or not its good to see her say “Hey this is what I can DoU!”

  6. Disagree 100% with the “other” Samantha. Brandy’s always been pretty. But agreeing with Merciful Love, she and Whitney look nothing alike. Plus, despite Brandy’s feelings that she can mimic Whitney’s mannerisms, she really is too much of a lady to play her. No one can deny Whitney’s talent but she DOES act like a hood rat sometimes. Vivica would be a better choice.

  7. SORRY BRANDY, you dont have it either. Although Joy Bryant would give a good replication of Whitney, the ONLY PERSON that could portray AND sing the parts VERY SIMILAR TO WHITNEY is the one and only, “KELLY ROWLAND”!!! remember folks, while with Destinys Child, the vocal coach HIMSELF, said that Rowland has the range VERY SIMILAR to Whitney! THINK ABOUT IT!

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