Quick Bits: Brandy, Keshia & Fantasia

Brandy Brandy is headed back to the small screen. One of the true singer/actresses of our generation will reportedly join the cast of the ABC Pilot “This Little Piggy”. According to published reports, the show follows the lives of two adults (Jeff Davis & Rebecca Cheskoff) who are forced to move in with their oldest brother because of financial hardship. Brandy will play the high-maintenance wife of Jeff Davis’ character. Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam and singer Fantasia are also coming back to the small screen- via reality shows. Keshia will be coming to the Oxygen network with her live in boyfriend, entrepreneur Kaseem Penn.

“Keshia & Kaseem will chronicle the life of the young rich couple as they adjust to living together after two years of dating.

As for Fantasia who made her worldwide debut via a reality series, she’s heading over to VH-1 to star in an as yet untitled show that will chronicle her life as a recording artist and single mother. Fantasia’s show will hit airwaves in early 2010, while no definitive date has been given for Brandy and Keshia’s series.


  1. It’s official. ANYBODY can get a reality show these days. I need to pitch an idea.. 😆

  2. Say goodbye to sitcomes and scripted television. These networks know it’s cheaper cut out writers and just film anything that breaths… Don’t get me wrong, Keyshia and Fantasia are my girls, but I don’t think they need a reality show. Both shows sound boring to me. I’ll watch Brandy’s show b/c I’ve liked all her shows. It’ll probably be kinda funny.

  3. boy reality tv has completely taken over the airwaves! what people can’t come up with good sitcom ideas anymore?

  4. Glad to hear Brandy will be back on the small screen, they probably wont be showing that over here in the UK unless it does really well in the USA.
    I’m slightly disappointed as her last album ‘Human’ barely got any response from the media and yet it was one of my favourite albums from last year! Such a shame when theres so many average albums out there which get so much hype and so many good ones get overlooked.

  5. im tired of reality shows, they are soooo fake! anyway im happy for brandy i want her to continue with moesha lol but ill be checking out this show!

  6. @Angel UK you are absolutly right brandys album was so grown but its a shame it didnt catch on. i feel bad because she really puts her all and it didnt do anything and its a great able, i hope she at least was happy with where the album went

  7. Good for all of them Brandy and Fantasia are wonderful musicians,Keshia is a great artist Love all of them and wish them luck

  8. I am really proud of Brandy…I’m glad she didn’t jump on that bandwagon and do the reality television thing..I think it(reality t.v)is gonna played out after a while…I haven’t seen any good sitcoms in a minute so I hope that these MadTV producers bring it on because they’re the ones writing the show…It would be so great to see Brandy step out of her element and play a role like this, I can’t wait…

    I’m proud of Fantasia, but I’m not a big fan of reality tv…However I’m fan so I will definitely be watching..

  9. You guys are right, reality tv has taken over and it is a wrap for situation comedies and other dramatic shows. It is a sad state of our times now that what is original and creative is now being replaced by stereotypical behaviors and things that don’t need to see the light of day. But if people did not watch, they could not keep it up. Besides that I am happy for Fantasia, Keisha and Brandy. They have to make ends meet as well.

  10. I don’t watch reality show ’cause they’re so dumb. My favorites are court shows and The House of Payne (Spelling ?). Fantasia and Keshia ? I don’t know about that. We already have too many reality shows. The Brandy show sounds like it might be interesting.

  11. Smooth Thug: I love the house of payne and your spelling is right I watch it all the time i also watch Moeasha late at night on the N

  12. brandy she is my girl and i have to agree her album is amazing and flawless,i dnt know what went wrong but i think she still has a chance to re-release it becoz she creates timeless music…. her sweetness is authentic and used to enjoy moesha,i love reality shows,i just dnt know why but they have to be competitive like idols,suvivour,big brother,amazing race,apprentice, biggest looser,give big,the bachelor,etc…. Fantasia i realy wish her the best i love her and her music is fantastic,i buy it and listen to her everyday but she comes across as a struggling artist and i dnt want her to befriend j-hud they are getting closer,i dnt know why maybe i feel she will be bitter in a long run coz she is the real idol winner and j-hud is getting all the attention…..i love her,she is great but her aura is not clear….i wnt stop supporting her i just dnt want her to have a friendship with j-hud.

  13. @Lizz
    I agree..Fantasia has been unfocused for awhile. She is looking better these days. I saw a picture of her recently and she looks like she lost weight and is taking better care of herself. I thought she went back to the cast of The Color Purple, but with her new show coming up, I don’t know..

    I am looking forward to seeing Brandy back on television. 🙂

  14. I have to admit something. I watch about every reality show on TV, from the serious ones (if that exists lol) to the trashiest ones (y’all know what I’m talking about lol!). Well, guilty pleasures! I have to say my favorite is Keysha Cole’s show “The way it is” cause it looks more real and they are not trying to make their family look better for the sake of TV unlike the Kardashians. They really show that they have issues, love and they are REALLY trying to work out their differences to be a close family. I actually get myself emotionnally invested watching the show that sometimes I get mad at her family. Crazy, I know! The thing about those shows is these days, they are not “reality”, they are more scripted. The ones on E drive me nuts cause they are so fake and scripted (Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Denise Richards, etc…). They would have a huge family problem and by the end of the show, everything gets resolved.

    I will watch Fantasia’s show cause my husband and I love her story so we will support her. I just hope that she is not going to do embarassing things on TV, that’s all. Cause honestly, I pity those VH1 girls from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, etc… But knowing how inspirational Fantasia’s life is, I am sure everything will be in good taste.

    I don’t know if I’m gonna watch Brandy. My household is a huge fan of her music but we don’t watch primetime TV that much anymore.

  15. I will check out Brandy’s show. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. I really liked her when she was on “One on One” before it got canceled. I just hope they keep Ray J off of it! It seems like they always have to have him in the mix of anything she does.

    Keshia and Fantasia’s TV shows don’t sound that interesting. I might just check out the first episode just to check it out. I wish more scripted sitcoms would come back, I miss Girlfriends, Half and Half, Martin, and oh I can’t forget New York Undercover!

  16. l luv brandy, wish she can do a tour abroad. fantasia voice is just breathtaking :bowdown: l like her alot, brandy good luck on your new album.

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