Brandy Wants to Reinvent Herself

Brandy hit up ‘Access Hollywood Live’ yesterday morning to talk about resurrection and re-invention.

The 90’s R & B diva, who once had a thriving acting and music career, says she is ready to reclaim her throne in both arenas.

The singer has already lined up several acting gigs: ‘Drop Dead Diva,’ ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and says she next has her sights set on releasing her next album.

According to Brandy, the music will be classic R & B and feature a side of herself she says few fans have seen.

Could Brandy be talking about her rap alter-ego Bran Nu or something completely brand new?

Check out the video to find out…


  1. For one she should go natural inspire you black girls. The rest will follow

  2. So talented!!!…she just need to make the right moves at this time…take authority of her career…Brandy should do a tribute album, rn’b classics…something on PBS for their subscription drive…”Brandy and Friends” and bring out some interesting artists…a duet with Adele…blow people out of the water and remind people that she can really SING…SANG…then do something for her rn’b fans…she has to widen her demographic…she can because so many grew-up with her through her television show…her mother is biased because she also manages Ray J…Brandy needs to do something outstanding and she can!!!…she’s a 90s music icon…with strong name recognition and a brand…two hit billboard singles will bring her fully into 2011 – 2012…Brandy has to link all of her projects and come out with rapid fire, do not cease…you have to bombard to make it today…why sex sells…scandals, lies and reality TV…I wish Brandy well!

  3. Wow, Cynthinia….Brandy needs to totaly hire you on her management team and PR staff. Girly, I LOVE reading your posts cause as an aspiring artist myself you always give me super great insights on what to do. Love ya girly, and like everyone else is stating GO BRANDY@@@@!!!!! I’m so happy for her and I wish her much success. She is super talented, and her hair is natural..she just wheres weave….also, I like her 90’s music but she really hasn’t had any real good albums since Never Say Never. Full moon had FEW decent singles, but for the most part I need her to get a MUCH better writing team and dump music producers like Darkchild which she’s already done, but at the same time, she needs to find some better ones that are HUNGRY to establish themselves….the guy who did Kelly Rowland’s motivation and Melanie Fiona’s 4am would be PHENOMENAL!!!

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