Brandy’s First Week Sales for ‘Two Eleven’

According to one day sales reports, Brandy’s ‘Two Eleven’ album, which went on sale yesterday, is slated to debut somewhere inside the top ten with sales ranging from 65-70k.

The singer’s previous release, 2008’s ‘Human,’ sold 73,000 copies in its first week and to date has sold just over 215,000 copies.

Brandy’s latest single ‘Put it Down’ is enjoying immense success on the R&B charts and is the singer’s first top ten single in almost a decade.

She followed up ‘Put it Down’ with ‘Wildest Dreams,’ which is also climbing the R&B charts. Brandy showed off the video yesterday while visiting 106&Park- you can check it out below.

Fast forward to the 2:04 mark to get right into the preview.


  1. not feeling the new album but i wish her well

    at least those who like it are getting their moneys worth with 17 tracks

  2. Brandy’s promo has been lackluster in my opinion. Anytime an artist comes back into the spotlight with new music after being gone for a minumum of 3 years their promo needs to be overboard. You almost have to reintroduce yourself because the music scene is so throw away these days. You don’t stay on people’s mind long at all and you especially don’t stay in the media long unless you got a scandal to go with your album. For example Taylor Swift’s album comes out on the 22nd. I just read an article that was talking about how extensive her promo is. She got 2-3 appearances on major networks/radio everyday for the next 2-3 weeks. Brandys agent/camp should be working overtime getting her seen everywhere.

  3. Just had to add the new host her hair is horrible, way too much hair….

  4. KOKO
    You must not b on twitter. It was filled with #twoeleven promo. Maybe too much promote.

  5. KOKO…she was on everything this past week: Good Morning America, Wendy Williams, 106 & Park, Fashion Police, Live with Kelly & Michael, Piers Morgan Live, Watch What Happens Live w/ Andy Cohen, VH1 Morning Buzz, and a concert in NY…

  6. Brandy’s Album is the R&B album of the year… its that good!

  7. i love brandy but this album is over hyped and not that good. she has about only like 6 songs that are good “wish your love away” “without you” “wildest dreams” “put it down” “no such thing as to late” and “scared of beautiful”

  8. Two Eleven is a AMAZING!! album to me. She really brought her A game to this project. Anyone not feeling it you must not like real RnB music because that’s what she is giving us on this album but hey everyone has their own opinion. Some of My favorite tracks are without you, wish your love away, no such thing as too late and music. Her vocals are fantastic on all these songs. Congrats to her for put it down being the #1 song in the country on urban charts RnB charts right now.

  9. New Billboard rules killed Brandy’s chances of getting #1 R&B for PID. I did my part as a fan got the album and the two singles 🙂

  10. This Album is it! This album is a true reflection as to why she’s a multiplatinum-selling recording artist. I commend her on a unique and pure structure of Real Music! ComeBack of the Decade! Brandy remained committed to her own sound on this album, and connected with each track! She sounds dedicated to making Hit Records again! This is what your fans need! (The #Starz @EuroYellaDude on Twitter)… She didn’t attempt to cross over to PoP, She keeps it 100% R&B!I can respect that!

    I love Brandy’s Raspy vocals and how she understands and knows her control of her powerful lower registry! Alot of people have posted opinions about the track “Music” but its actually one of my favorites. I wouldn’t be surprised if the track “Music” became a single, She showcases her appeal to use her falsetto, and give brillant Ad Libs with an old school funk to this Great Song!She gives me a mixture of Maze & Franky Beverly, with the soul of Anita Baker, and Hints of Aaliyah (with her ad libs)… I see a possible video! If you read this post, & you haven’t gotten #TWOELEVEN Yet, do yourself a favor and support this project! She delivered hands down 5 Stars! In my Rating!
    Love it Love It Love it!


  11. Her albums dope brandy just doesnt get the credit she deserves its sad all the songs are good and compliment one another

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