Brandy’s ‘Magic’ Coldplay Cover


In between working on the follow-up to her platinum selling “Two Eleven” album, singer Brandy has taken to recording unofficial covers of popular tunes by her fellow artists.

The latest, “Magic” by Coldplay, was unveiled late last night via Twitter and quickly became a trending worldwide topic.

In the past Brandy has also covered Rihanna’s Diamonds and most recently, Sam Cook’s classic “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Check out the full version of “Magic” below and a quickie version of Sam Cook’s song, uploaded to Facebook by Brandy earlier today.


  1. Sorry, but please provide receipts that Brandy’s 211 album went platinum because the last that I knew of her albums sells she didn’t even go “Gold”.

  2. WYS REALTALK…Don’t get me wrong I like Brandy but her lastest CD was released a few videos were shown and then nothing!

  3. I love me some Brandy,spent the whole of yesterday looking 4 a place 2 download the track!!! Found it and its been on repeat ever since, she is a vocal beast!!

  4. So, no one is going to admit that she sound terrible on this track? That ultra low voice she sings in sometimes doesn’t fit well with some songs and this is one of them. Toni Braxton does the same things these days, sings in this ultra low voice that lacks appeal to my ears.

    Still love Brandy and she can blow. But this song is lifeless.

  5. @Amy can you tell me where you found the download?

  6. As far as I know Two Eleven did not go platinum. I know cause I wish it had!

  7. I love Brandy! I love her voice! She is a true talent and I wish her all the best. She’s been through a lot.

    As far as the voice tone, I find that in time, after a women has a child/children and with age the voice changes and they have to sing where they are comfortable and sound good! IMO

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